Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Bag for the Compact Pro

From one of our new members, Sun:

I stumbled across your blog after googling Mary Kay blogs. I'm not a rep, but I am a satisfied customer. Since your blog has a healthy following, I thought you might be interested in letting your clients and other readers know about a nifty protective bag that they can purchase for their Pro compacts.

Here's the backstory: when I purchased the small compact, it came with a nifty drawstring protective bag which I really liked. When I purchased the Pro, no bag, so I did some online sleuthing at, and discovered a seller from Wisconsin who makes KIP (knitting-in-progress) bags with handy drawstrings, cord locks, and nifty interior pockets sewn into the interior. I measured the Pro's box and emailed her the dimensions, and she recommended a modified mini KIP bag in my fabric of choice. She modified the bag in that she changed the orientation from vertical to horizontal, just like the compact. There are 6 interior pockets sewn into the lining (4 small pockets on the sides; 2 large pockets sewn on the ends), and it's in those pockets that I place extras such as a small tube of mascara, a small double-ended eyeshadow brush, a spoolie brush, and my eyebrow pencil.

The seller's name on is "Ruddawg" (click on the drop-down menu to "Sellers" then type "Ruddawg" on the search box. The bag cost me $7.50, plus $2.50 to ship. I picked out a very pretty fabric, Yun Qi, so I feel it's pretty enough to carry on its own, and if you select the wrist strap option, you can!

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with Ruddawg except for being a satisfied customer. Just thought other MK customers out there might be interested in something pretty but protective for their Pro compacts.

Here are 3 pics from the seller (pulled them right off my reserved listing from my transaction history). I hope the pictures give a good enough idea of what the drawstring bag looks like, although I should mention that seller took the pictures before adding the satin drawstring cords and cord locks. The bag works great. Besides the compact, I am able to carry the following in the narrow interior pockets: small tube of mascara (from Sephora); a double-ended eyeshadow brush; a spoolie brush; a lipliner; and an eyebrow pencil. I could fit more, but that's all I need, plus I have more inside the compact.

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