Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Work Time

Good morning and Happy Monday to all!

Contrary to some of the anti MK sites, many of us enjoy time off from MK - because I always do my open houses the beginning of December, I elect not to do a Black (aka Pink) Friday Sale and actually take Thursday thru Sunday off during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I admit one of my sister in laws requested to pick up a couple of items she needed when she came over to eat...but until Sunday night that was the extent of business I conducted. It was awesome checking my voicemails last night to the tune of several hundred dollars which will be delivered or shipped on Monday. Today, I will wrap up month end and also I am doing a display at a Nursing Home Holiday Craft Fair.

So for all readers, whether you are a consultant or a director, please realize, one does not need to work 24/7 to make Mary Kay work and understanding that knowing when to enjoy some time for yourself will keep you happy with your business and not burnt out and knowing there is a time and a place to discuss or "sell" MK will keep people around you and not running from you. Respect yourself as well as others.

I find it very amusing that there was far LESS activity on the "pro" mk sites than on the "anti" mk sites. lol, I am beginning to understand why there were problems for many of them while they were in MK and why people ran from them. Even out of mk, many of them can't enjoy time off from Mary Kay during the holidays. It is now spent complaining about it as oppossed to marketing it!

Obsession with anything will cause problems. A healthy balance will make a happy consultant!

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  1. Seriously. When I'm done with my day job, it's over 'til the next weekday 8 AM. Now granted I have two other jobs, but they each have their time slots. There is no 24-7 job. There is always me time. Sometimes less than others, but always some. People who do not do this end up going bugnuts.


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