Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

For a little inexpensive gift, I love the "Gas Gloves" with Hand Cream:

Copy the Gas Gloves card below and print on card stock.

"Place these "Gas Gloves" in the glove box of your car. Put these on instead of your "good gloves" when you fill up with gas.
The hand cream will keep your hands soft and smooth all winter long. "

1. Purchase packs of stretchy gloves ( I have even found them 2 for $1)
2. Find pretty inexpensive bracelets/ribbon/pony tail holders, etc.
3. Put one glove on your hand and then put the other glove right on top
of it so they are together -
4. Tuck a Hand Cream inside
5. Put a little Holiday cello goodie bag under gloves ($1 for 25)
6. wrap a bracelet or pretty ribbon around the cuff.
7. Include the Gas Gloves card with each pair (see above)

A twist on this idea but with a different card is to find the cute fuzzy socks/slippers and use the Energizing Foot & Leg Treatment instead of the hand cream. (Tickle Your Tootsie) or (A Treat for you Feet) - you get the idea.

Both inexpensive useful gifts! :) I will do a few "Coffe and Creams" in our next idea sharing post.


  1. Nice Blog :) Enjoy reading it

    Cheers from Portugal

  2. Its nice to see we have some International readers from across the pond. Welcome and feel free to contribute.


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