Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miranda's Makeup Holds up even under club conditions!

Her makeup help up under some tough testing! And it looks like you were having a great time!


  1. When I first saw this headline I cracked up it was like an infomercial. Mirandas makeup holds up even under "club conditions"....Like Shamwow!!!!

    All kidding aside it looks great and I cant tell is Miranda dancing or near a chair. I dont know if she is getting into a Stevie Nicks kind of groove.

  2. please ignore double chin. Photo was shot from below, which makes everybody look terrible. Plus I was dripping sweat.

    There are no chairs on the dance floor, Colleen. Bahaha! Yes, my clothing was Stevie Nicks like that night.

    Sham wow does not work. One of my friends tested it out and subsequently threw it away. Don't buy, guys! If it did work, I would be using it rather than bar napkins to blot the sweat off of my face.

  3. Miranda,
    Just so you know I LOVE Stevie Nicks and I used to want to be here when I was little (strange coming from a black chick huh)...Funny I thought Sham Wow would work Im glad you warned me. It did look to good to be true (just like those director checks) just kidding MK4ME....LOL

  4. Colleen - you are too funny, and since I know this will just annoy those reading from pt my highest ever check was just shy of $9,000 and that was before I sold over $3000 worth of products. I admit it was the hightest and not the norm - but it was an incredible feeling and if I was willing to do the work that I did to make that happen, I could do it way more often, I just don't want to be all work and no play! Even though, I do love what I do and feel guilty some of the time that I earn what I can and still love what I do and the people I work with! I surround myself with wonderful people and that is something I can choose.

    Trust me, I can spend as good as i can earn- but I just make sure I earn it BEFORE I spend it ;)

  5. miranda, do they beauty blotters help or would you need them supersized when dancing??

  6. For dancing, it's sweat and not oil. Trust me, I could sweat through a bath towel.

  7. colleen, dont evey try it..i loved Stevie Nicks! this black girl would sit in front of the TV just waiting for her videos to come on! I even loved her in her Fleetwood Mac days. Those songs are classics!
    So make that two lil black girls who wanted to be Stevie Nicks! even her name was cool!

    Miranda you look great!


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