Thursday, November 19, 2009

Advanced Sales

Who'd have thunk (lol) that PT would promote business for Mary Kay. Yep, you read the question correctly. I have never been a director that promotes advanced sales of products that are "being introduced" in the next quarter. The reason I don't is that I believe in focusing on what is currently available and not "borrowing from the future" because when the new Look Books come out, I want to sell what is in that book then not ahead of time. If we are always borrowing from the future, I feel there is going to be a time when it catches up and clashes with the present.

Likewise I feel the same way about production. If a consultant is selling the product, she will need to continually order the product but if she has so much inventory she doesn't know what to do with it, she will not need to order when she sells. Hence, putting directors on the hamster wheel that pt often refers to. Why set yourself up for that either as a selling consultant or a working director?

That was a long winded intro for my thank you to pt for promoting the new products that are being released in December. (lol, yes, we directors are fully aware of what is coming out and our unit members have been informed so that they can watch their inventory levels and now what to move and not stock up on or to stock up on )

I have a few clients and consultants that do on occassion read pt, because of the article on pt about the new products coming out , I have two advance orders with instructions that as soon as the products are available they want them!

It made me think of the saying that "No "publicity" is bad publicity" (as far as celebrities).

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.


  1. Is anything being discontinued? My director never tells us and I haven't seen anything on InTouch.

  2. Bah hahahaha it's me. I want the eyebrow kit and the fragrance stuff in gardenia. *makes grabby hands* Oh and I have to add a thing to that. By the time that stuff comes in I will be low on my liquid foundation (palest ivory color). I put it on my legs too when I go to the club 'cause I have all these brown dots on my legs from the frackin mosquito bites I got over the summer.

  3. I am so excited about the new products. Thanks for the head's up PT.

    I never thought I'd use the word "thank" and "PT" in the same sentence.

    Looking forward to the new goods!

  4. you and one other Miranda!! so fun!!

    Darci... on my way out the door but will give a little update later. :)


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