Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't think of me as dishonest? Excuse Me??

Wow, just took a few minutes to sneek a peak at pt, and this just makes me shake my head in disbelief. How does everyone else feel? Would love to see some chatter. As many on pt profess to be so honest and upright and tear down everyone associated with Mary Kay as evil, I was appaulled when I read this comment just now and just had to question her reasoning. Does the saying not go: Two wrongs never make right. The poster implies it is perfectly okay to screw Mary Kay and misuse and abuse a system put into place to assist those in the business. The Product Replacement is available so that all of us consultants can honor the 100% satisfaction guarentee without loosing money..at this point in time, we don't even need to spend money on shipping the used product back to Mary Kay (years ago we did) - we only need to hold the product 30 days and then we can pitch it unless MK askes us to return it to the Company and that is usually because they are looking into a defect or manufacturing problem.
So if people start abusing the system, they are going to destroy it for all the rest of us that use it as it should be used.
What gets me the most is... most people would have the conscious that they would not be proud of unethical, dishonest, or illegal behavior, in her case she seems proud of it. If one can be that proud to boast about this type of behavior - do you think she was any more "honest" while in Mary Kay?

"company sucks
2009-11-15 20:04:36
If MK wants to get money twice, so can consultants that are getting out. Maybe not as fast, but there is a way. I have thought about it and know it works. Please don't think of me as dishonest, I never misled any of my team and never pushed anybody into ordering, that is why I decided to step down as a director. Anyway, when you decide you are going to quit, have your half price sale. Then take your people you have sold to and take orders from them for 50% of what they want also. Take the products you didn't sell and do product replacements for what they want. They will have their product cheap and you will have your money back. Then box up the new product you used as product replacemet and either sell it on ebay or on a garage sale. When I received my letter from corp that said I had 30 days until I was terminated, I did a product replacement everyday ($50 or under) and sold everything on a garage sale. I ordered things my customers needed and then took the original product and sold it really cheap on a garage sale. I know if sounds bad, but they deserved it. My former SD was really ticked, she had a "Mary Kay information booth" not far from me, it was a city wide garage sale. I was selling away and she couldn't! "


  1. OK, WTF? Ugly, ugly hypocrisy. Abusing the system results in losses for everyone else. How's it ok for THEM to outright cheat, but wrong for a person in MK to do anything that promotes their business?

    The other thing I noticed today is them claiming the products don't work...based on an obviously bogus application method. Who in their right mind is going to load 5 different types of moisturizer on their face at once? The different types exist to fulfill different needs. In the AM, I cleanse and then I use my regular moisturizer, then foundation and color. Certain evenings, I do microderm and then I use the serum that goes after it. I do not pile on more different moisturizers on top of the serum. Not necessary. Maybe you use one kind in the AM and another kind at night before bed. Maybe you have a summer one and a winter one. Maybe you have a specific eye area product you use. Then that's what goes in the eye area and your regular moisturizer on the rest of your face. Not globbing them on in layers. If I'm using vitamin C serum a particular day, it's plenty moisturizing enough. My foundation goes on next. If you really do need 2 things at once to address a need, you can just mix them in the palm of your hand and apply the one layer.

    Seriously, doesn't it sound insane to state "oh I put 5 layers of different creams on my face and then my foundation looked gross over all that, which goes to show that MK is crappy!" No, it goes to show that you have no idea how to put your makeup on. Good lord.

    Look, if you have microfiber undies for every day, cotton undies for exercise, and lacy undies for romance time...would you put them all on at the same time, one on top of the other? Jeez, I hope not!

    "Do I put on my eyebrow pencil first or the gel?" *bangs head on desk* This is a no brainer. The pencil fills in color. First do that. The gel holds the hairs in place. So second, do that.

    no brainer.

  2. Miranda I am so glad you pointed out how they word things over there to make the unsuspected believe it. What is so funny is that if someone even goes over there and AGREES with them but says they are making money and they are not associated with a bad director, or they are happy with their business (director or consultant) the first thing you hear is SHOW ME YOUR SCHEDULE C!

    If someone is making an extra 400 or even 600 a month and it comes out to 6000 or 7000 a year the first thing that will happen is the old phrase "That is not executive income". There is a sentence and a backlash for everything positive. Im not trying to say that we have the best blog going on here and I wouldnt even say that PT doesnt serve a purpose (depending on how you feel) but at least here and Pinklighthouse and a Yahoo group that I know of you are not chastised if you hate the products, the company or love them as long as you are civil. Im glad MK4ME posted this because even though it points out a certain character nobody here and not even MK4ME states that the way she feels is the majority of the folks in the company or on PT. It is one example. As far as abusing the system whether she ever did that or not (and she states as a director she didnt) it gives other people ideas! MK4ME I really didnt understand the emotions of how you felt about liquidators taking your business and I really didnt think it would put that much of a dent in it but now after reading this nonsense I think Im tending to side with you now about the liquidators. I still think they serve a purpose but with actions like this and people frontloading (which is wrong) I can see how this could put an honest persons business in jeopardy (no offense Alex Trebek)

  3. One of the things I have always wondered about Directors is what they do in the daytime? Do they sell to older women, or stalk the malls or what. Most people (who have other jobs) are working in the day so what does an MK Director do does she sell to businesses? I would imagine if the clients are older she does daytime facials at their homes or nursing homes or something like that. Im not trying to be sarcastic I am really curious because I cant see women holding classes in the evening Monday-Friday.

  4. Colleen,

    I work my business full-time and I can tell you that I hold MORE appointments during the day than in the evening.

    I work with stay-at-home moms, women who work part-time, retired women, and even professional full-time working women. A lot of women who work near me like to get together during their lunch hour or have me come to them for a quick appointment. Sometimes I even do parties in the break room during lunch or after work for a client and some of her friends.

    I was truly amazed to discover how many women work a non-traditional schedule - nurses, cops, anyone in retail, anyone who works any place that is open in the evenings often has mornings free.

    I stay really busy. And I also attend at least one networking event a week to meet other women. That said, I DO NOT warm chatter. I've never had to.

  5. As far as what else is promoted (or even mentioned so it gives someone the idea) I was truly offended when I read of a consultant that was sending product back and another consultant wanted to add her return to consultant #1 's return because she wanted to get more than she was allowed to send back to MK.

    doing that will cause a larger chargeback to the recruiter and then director than they should receive. Sadest part was consultant #1 said her director had never been anything but good to her, she just didn't want to do Mk any more.

    I guess as long as they get what they want, it doesn't matter who they hurt in the long run.


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