Friday, November 20, 2009

So what does it mean to be positive?

"Positive" becomes a catch word in and out of let's explore the meaning behind the word. It isn't, or shouldn't be a stupid cliche.

First off: What it is NOT. It is not positive to stick your head in the sand, hide from reality, live in a bubble, or refuse to perform realistic financial management and life assessment. It's not positive to think that you can just wish things, or money, into being. Those things all fall under the heading of "insane." So that's out of the way now.

Positive, above all, means enjoying life. It's also taking a proactive stance in your life, business and personal both. It's being willing and able to learn and experiment and develop your abilities. And sometimes, it's also about knowing when to change course on something. If you've given some pursuit the old college try and discover it is not for you, then positively switch to something that is better in line with your needs and abilities. Many years ago I switched from karate to yoga because I developed arthritis. No good comes from sad sacking around and giving up. If you are positive, then you will find other opportunities for yourself and enjoy them.

Negative, in contrast, is dwelling on things that make you upset, and it generally also involves spreading (or trying to spread) this upset to other people. Why waste today fretting over yesterday? Why let the good things pass you by because you're too busy ranting? Giving up on yourself is negative. If you can't do a particular thing, or can't do it any longer, it's not The End. It's just time to do something else.

Positive doesn't mean you will never feel blue or run into problems or that you have to fake happy when you are having a bad moment. You don't have to regularly fake anything...that's getting back to insane rather than positive. It does mean that you will get over those bad times and go back to enjoying your life.

This session of Ask-A-Goth has been brought to you by black eyeliner, red lipstick, and Ivory 0.5. lol


  1. Nicely said!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Miranda,
    This was beautiful! I would like to add that from all of the books that I have read when it comes to being positive "it means not letting situations control you but you control them (your reaction to it). MK or non MK there are things that I am personally afraid to do that are nowhere near the risk of things that I have done and I dont know why. I guess FEAR is false evidence appearing real. When I read your posting it really hit home with me. Ask a Goth...LOL good one you make Dear Abby look like mincemeat.

  3. Well, fear has its place...if you are walking somewhere and you hear someone behind keeping pace with you, by all means be afraid. Act on it. Cross the street and step into a lighted place of business. If someone approaches you and they seem skeevy and set off warning bells in your head, you don't have to have a reason. Get away from them. Once again, acting positively on your own behalf and not becoming a victim if you can possibly help it.


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