Monday, November 9, 2009

Marketing - this time of the year!

Do things change a little in the marketing of our Mary Kay during different times of the year? Imho, the answer is "yes". As we start approaching the Holidays more people will be spending less money on themselves and more on others. If we don't let our clients know *all year long* that we can always put gift baskets together, provide gift certificates, gift wrap, deliver, etc... people don't always see the potential of gifts from us. Also if there are things they would like - they don't think to let others know that "on my wish list & here is the number for my consultant", ensuring they end up with something they want, as oppossed to another thing to dust or (lol) regift. The Holidays season can be a wonderful selling season or a big disappointment but each one of us is in charge of our own destiny.

When dealing in these areas (as any other time) be other's focused, make sound suggestions, don't be obnoxius, and work with your clients with their interests in mind not the all mighty dollar. My plans are to include different and fun holiday gift ideas in the next few posts.

Don't wait until the last minute or you won't be selling much. Don't forget to always offer Holiday party look makeovers, new look for the new year, etc.. the way we are most successful in Mary Kay is "future" marketing. - think about retail stores, ie: have you ever tried buying a bathing suit in August? You are far more likely to find a great selection of winter gloves and scarves.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. What specialty items do you have for the holiday season? I know about the body washes, but anything else?

  2. We have the body solids now, they come in Bellera and Bella scent. they are little square solids that you can fit into your purse. Also the body powders of the same scent.

  3. Hey Miranda, did you receive the Fall Holiday Look Book? if yes, it is the book with a "twist" if you look at the front it is more of the "personal" stuff, flip it over and upside down and it is a holiday gift guide! Also everything is on our websites, I know you know my address, for a generic website is the same as all consultants but not connected to anyone!

  4. My favorite is the Gingerspice Shower Gel and body lotion, yuuuummmy!! Peppermint is nice to but not as...

  5. I don't remember getting it...I wonder if Mr. Gothboy mistook it for junk mail?

  6. I tried to negotiate but the Post Office wouldn't open for me today, so one will be on its way to you tomorrow! :)


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