Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The trouble with Mary Kay - Is Pink Truth on to something?

There is a common consensus, it seems, that Mary Kay is not perfect.

Recently, "objective1" pointed out:

"I never believed Mary Kay should "implode" but I did believe that the injustices, such as those that Judi and Blessed's wife encountered, should be addressed.


"I know there is still work to do but this blog and each of your involvments in it is a beacon of hope to finally resolve the issues"

Well that got me thinking.

I guess one way of looking at this blog is that it is the product of me being a guy, and as a guy, I feel the need to fix things.

Maybe that is the case, maybe not. Maybe this is meant to be a place where people can get together and air their differences, maybe it is meant to be more than that.

Maybe, over the course of getting things out in the open and having some genuine back and forth discussion, we have come to a place that we can identify what the problem (or problems) is (are) and fix it (them). Maybe not.

My response to "objective1" was (and still is):

"However, we are still quite a way off.

First, we need to determine exactly what the problem is.

Then, we need to determine a course (or courses) of action that could fix the problem.

Then, we need to get mass support. A few hundred people on a blog is a good start, but 70,000 beauty consultants all saying, "we want _______" is a much stronger voice!"

So, I put it to all of you.

This blog is not even a year old yet. Is it time for us to start "figuring out" some problems? Or do we still need to have open conversations? Do we need more structure? Or is our current style working out well?

What does this website mean to you?

What do you like? What would you like to see? Would you miss it if it was gone?

Digging deeper, what would it need to look like for you to tell your unit about it? If I said, "I want every consultant in Mary Kay to know about this site", what would it need to look like?

If Pink Truth can (effectively) accuse Mary Kay of harboring great secrets because of an unwritten policy of always thinking positive, there must be some truth to it. It would not register if it didn't have an edge. What would it take to create a niche that everyone knew about, where ideas, concerns, and even criticisms could be shared without fear of ostracism?

Think carefully, because, obviously, a free-for-all forum where anyone can say anything is no more the answer than a closely guarded forum that reflects only the opinions of the guardians.

Please, please, please, do not think that you have to wait until you have the perfect solution to comment on this. Please realize that your idea may be shot down here. I am not proposing that this will be easy. Say what you feel. Allow other people to say what they feel. The internet is a powerful tool and I believe we can utilize it to effect some real positive change.

The question is, "How?"


  1. Blessed/Deleted,

    I am going to go ahead and preempt you here.

    Rah rah rah,
    Mary Kay is blah,
    Rah rah rah,
    Pink Truth is _____ (rhymes with rah)

    Ok? Now can we talk about the topic above?


  2. Good morning, I think that this blog is a good place that you can get both the good and some of the bad. However with the bad some don't tell their bad experience they just say that it is bad.

    I believe that people that want to bring down MK should think what an impact that would have on so many lives. I think that if you have had a bad experience express it and then move on. I know that their are some in MK that don't do thing ethically however even when they get out of MK they still don't do things ethically.

    I think that we have a good forum here. It is respectfull for most. Some come here just to start stuff, and that is find to I guess. You don't just want it onesided.

    I would think that if those that get out of MK want to heal then they should be allowed to share their stories and then have all side respond. I know that my MK experience has had it's ups and downs however I like being an IBC and I want to be a director and I will. However I will not mislead people while doing this. I will give them all the information.

    I think one of the problems is that people want instant fame and fortune. I can tell you that without hard work and constant work that will not happen.

    DAIVD SAYS THE TROUBLE WITH MARY KAY-IS pink truth on to something? Personally I think no. There are a lot of post on there from supposed ex directors how do you know for sure. How do you that it is not tc just making up names and posting so that her site is popular. I know that there are some that think that they have been wronged and want to express that however "WHY DIDN'T THEY STAND UP AND SAY I WILL NOT DO THAT?" This what I don't understand? If you know in your gut that what you are doing is wrong then why continue it?

    Do I tell people about this site the answer to that is yes I do.

  3. This site has absolutely served a purpose for me. I came here from PT after being kicked off of that website. At that time I was bitter towards MK and I was bitter towards PT. So pretty much I was just fuming inside. When I got here I read and read and read before posting anything. Amazing think happened; my bitterness and blame towards MK started to change into an appreciation of personal responsibilty and my anger towards PT became sort of a combination of pity and amusement and intrigue about those who still post there. I continue to read the blog there sort of as a personal study on human behavior (psych student here). I keep reading here to but for a totally different reason (lol you all are not my lab rats!). I read here because when I do it keeps me in check in terms of accepting responsibility for my choices not just in MK but in life in general. For that I am much appreciative.

  4. No blog is the answer to everything.
    The only thing we can do is expose the bad and the good and then tell people if they want change is to contact corporate. On this blog both sides can be presented in a fair and just manner. The ultimate solution is to contact corporate if some unjustness has been done. I dont think any one blog can bring down a company unless there are TONS of fradulent practices going on that are life threatening to ones physical and financial security (Enron, Mortgage Companies..things like that) The little things that go on inside of MK can be fixed because unlike Corporate America MK depends on their consultants and directors for income, therefore they have to listen somewhat. When NSD's and directors and even consultants sign their agreements it says they can change the pricing or commission plan at will.

  5. Hey all, I am baaaack!! Wow, what a great Seminar. Needless to say I have loads to do, I have alot of orders to get out and lots of consultant calls to make as well as make sure I close the month.

    I will catch back up on everything and then provide an article on Seminar.

    I need to catch up on what went on here, because after Day 0 - I was just having too much fun and was too busy to get on the laptop.

    I should probably read this article more before posting but I just had to say, to
    praying for courage, thank you for your post. What she expresses, is one of my reasons for believing in David's blog so much.

    It isn't about making everything perfect or shutting everyone down, it is about helping those either in or out of Mary Kay.

    My hopes that if I can share how I operate my business with the "success" I have for both myself and my unit members, I can lead by example.

    The saying, "I can not teach what I do not know and I can not lead where I do not go" has always been a very powerful statement to me.

    We will never be able to help everyone, we will never be able to save everyone but just reading praying4courage's post shows how we can make a difference - even if it is just one person at a time.

    Gotta go get some MK done.
    Have a Great Day everyone.

  6. Praying for Courage here is an example of what I mean MK4ME is a busy director (just back from Seminar) and she took the TIME to encourage you (and the rest of us) and when she is done she is going to let us know what happened at Seminar!! THIS is the kind of encouragement you get here on this blog! She didnt have to do that and also when you meet Speaking the Real Truth you will see she is the same way. This is a great environment..thanks David

  7. If it makes anyone feel better I saw on a public board (like ours) on the Internet that MK had many terminations due to illicit activity! I DONT know if this is true Im just pointing it out. I didnt want to name the board but I will say its a civil board like ours. I will name it if Dave wants me to I just didnt want to bring any attention to it thats all.
    IF this is true it shows that although MK is for profit they do care or they dont want to get into
    any legal entanglements. If these many consultants and or directors were terminated I can tell you
    there HAD to be a lot of proof.

  8. Okay, took a commercial break from the calls with all the reorders, it is so fun to be gone and come home to loads of orders.. but I couldn''t keep quite once again.

    In our director's meeting, the Company told us that over the last few months they took the largest investigation in the Company's history of illegal activies and as a result over 900, yup over 900 agreements were terminated. It was not done lightly and without alot of investigation and solid evidence. Bottom line was no matter how much money they may or may not have been making the Company, they could not turn a blind eye to those doing it illegally. They reassured us that even though we may feel at times that they are not doing anything, to do things properly and not unjustly accuse anyone of wrongful behavior and to make sure they are on strong legal ground, to correct issues such as these, it takes time. It is not a quick or easy decision.

    I couldn't have been more pleased at hearing this statement.

    Had to share this great news!
    Now back to work...

  9. Mk4Me thank you for your reply to my post. Everyone here is great. It continues to impress me that on this blog it is more than okay to address multiple angles of issues. Things change only when a thorough assessment of the problem is done. If a problem is only looked at from one side it is really hard to come up with a reasonable and sustainable solution. I think that the problems that do exist within MK will be resolved more quickly in this type of environmen than in "the other site" where only one side of the issue is addressed.
    Thanks again!

  10. Ok MK4me validated what I saw on the other proMK board that 900 agreements were terminated. I just wanted to make sure it was true. Its a work at home mom board by the way.

  11. I think the thing about PT is that they want it both ways. First, they complain (constantly) about all the things wrong with Mary Kay. And according to them, that's everything. They hate the suits (which I gotta say, are so stunning, words can't describe - the pics simply didn't do them justice). They hate the illegal activity. I could go on. But then on the other hand, they whine and carry on when the company takes a stand on things and says "no more." They seem to want people to be able to continue doing things unethically. They scream "But I'm the president of my own company! MK can't tell me what to do! If I want to sell on ebay (etc.), I should be able to do it!"

    You simply can't have it both ways.

    They also love to take all the credit when MK does make changes. I've got a newsflash for PT: MK isn't coming to you and your gossipy hearsay site for advivce. By the time you are writing about something, MK has known about it for ages. How do I know? Because MK doesn't make changes on a dime. MK makes changes by thoroughly investigating and vetting things first.

    Does MK have problems? Sure. But there are some amazing people at MK who are working hard to fix them. Consultant training continues to get better and more expansive and so does Director training. For the first time ever, MK had classes for consultants based on their longevity in MK. More than just the top 3-4 NSDs spoke in the general sessions.

    From my perspective as a Team Leader and consultant for 10 years, who has been to Seminar 6-7 times, I can tell you that without even knowing about the terminations (although my director told me yesterday), changes by the company were obvious at Seminar.

    I'm prouder today to be a MK Consultant than I have ever been.

  12. Sounds to me like Mary Kay Corporate is taking the right action. And, it is true, it takes time to do a through investigation of these types of allegations. And, companies won't share this info until they are ready to do so. 900 terminations. Wow. They are doing the right thing and getting things cleaned up. This is great news - things are heading in the right direction!

  13. I cant wait until MK4me and Speaking the Real Truth come back with their reports!!! I sometimes Do wonder if PT and this blog and some of the pro blogs and other anti blogs had a small part in the change....hmmmm!!!

  14. Since Im not a logical thinker Im going to try to make (einstein AKA Rebecca proud of me) I was wondering WHO these offenders (the 900 were) IF we are to assume MK is on the up and up here is my analysis.
    1)Ebayers who were warned (I heard this from a director who just got back from Seminar so that must be true)
    2)Consultants and or Directors who have a history of stealing recruits from others and its been documented
    3) Illegal import and export of products
    4)Directors who have proven frontloading and or bullying tactics.
    5)Arising new consultants from the dead and using their credit cards without their permission or using phony names.
    6)MK copyright infringement.

    That is all I can think of. Im assuming MK did this for the right reason!! If they did this purging just to cover their a** the only
    reason I can think of is the RBD
    case (the national who was ousted from the company who was huge in the company) so she couldnt slap a big suit on them and say they have not gotten rid of other offenders.
    I know for a FACT that they warn
    consultants/directors at least two three times before they terminate.
    Especially if its a producer. I have heard that people who had shady dealings in NIQ are given a warning before they do anything.
    Lets face it the company does not want to lose money so these offenses had to have been investigated! If anyone can think of any or would like to add feel free. I think the company is on the right track. Its better to get rid of 900 offenders than have huge chargebacks or risk a lawsuit.
    If MK did it for the right reason or to cover themselves in the end it was the right thing to do. Rebecca I hope this illogical thinker has made you proud. I think I have learned something from you.

  15. darci consultantJuly 31, 2008 at 7:54 PM


    I'm just guessing, but it may also have included directors who had not been meeting production requirements, but they'd been given many opportunities to get back on track and didn't do it.

  16. Darci
    I dont know thats a good point but even with all of this going on I dont think MK would include those who were not making production especially if they are new directors. Getting rid of someone for not making production is different than doing something flat out wrong and unjust and they KNOW it's wrong. The company has to bend the rules for that I mean
    life happens. Maybe I misunderstood your statement do you mean directors who were not making production like 5 times in a year consistently and the company let them go? If they dont make production they just roll back to team leader. Or did you mean directors who were not making production and they resorted to
    tactics that were not ethical to make production?

  17. Colleen,

    I said what I meant, which was directors who over and over and over again don't make production. Yes, life happens, but I wasn't talking about extreme reasons for not being able to make production (living in flood ravaged Iowa, for example), but more about directors who don't have those extreme circumstances who can't make production over and over and over. Maybe the number includes termination of their directorships. I didn't mean they were terminated as consultants, but as directors, which would be one reason the number of directors are down.

  18. Im sorry Darci!!! I understand now....LOL Yes I would venture to say those people might fall into the group. It will be interesting to see what our other directors think as well. I just didnt want to offend you and misunderstand thats all.

  19. Im an internet junkie I know. I was sitting here thinking that there are many people being laid off before their 25 year retirement. Im not saying women or men should join MK and become Nationals for the retirement plan.
    What Im saying is Dacia, Allison and any other National who has reached that pinnacle is very fortunate. IF MK stays around as a company (even if they didnt have the NSD status) if they are good money managers they make enough to sock away a good chunk of change
    for retirement. This is why I say there is NO shame in working full time and doing MK part time or vice versa. Do you realize that even if a women works MK for six months and puts away an extra 100.00 a week that is more than what the average individual is doing. I do envy those Nationals who got in young or hung in for 20 years because now they can retire
    knowing they will have some income.
    If the house is paid for they have won half of the battle. Shirley Hutton here we come!

  20. Colleen,

    I think you make an excellent point.

    That being that some people may not be coming into MK to set the world on fire, but they are coming in to earn an extra $100-$200 a week that they simply want to put into their retirement. I don't care what any PTers say, a part-time job, even at Starbucks (which pays well in my area), is gonna want you to work 10-20 hours for $200 a week and it's their hours. We enjoy the beauty of consumable products, so the longer we've been in MK, the less we have to work for the $100-200 per week thanks to reorders.

    I was sitting with a brand new consultant in our unit at lunch after the end of Day 3 and she was going on about how much I must work my business because I was #1 in sales (for the 2nd year in a row! and also Miss Go Give for the 2nd year in a row!). Being brand new, her reorder business is almost non-existent. I explained to her the power of reorders and what they do for my business. I've been a consultant for 10 years and I just have always worked consistently. And my client base has built up slowly but surely.

    Don't get me wrong, I had my best sales year ever (Go Give Princess Ct of Sales for the 2nd year in a row, but higher sales than last year!) and I do work hard and am always adding new clients, BUT the reorder business is the best. On Day 0, every time I turned around, my cell phone rang and I had to stop what I was doing to take write down another reorder. I sold over $200 in reorders in less than 1 hour, while walking around the Seminar Expo.

    To me, reorders are retirement money. My goal each month is to earn enough in my new sales to new clients to pay all my bills and then stick my reorder money into my IRA or other savings.

  21. Darci,
    As promk as I am (I hate to admit this) when my director (who is honest beyond reproach) told me that reorders were a good income I didnt believe her. When I left the first time at least twice a week I got a call saying do you have any more Angelfire or do you have anymore foundation? I had left MK (Im in again now) and I could have kicked myself. Im 44 years of age (most people think Im 32 or 33) and that was 15 years ago! Can you imagine what I would have been doing in reorders now!
    She told the truth! That is why Im sure that directors who have been in a long time have a good reorder
    business. If you get 300 a week in reorders that is more than just PIN MONEY!! I have to say MK has loyalty when it comes to customers
    A girl on another board who sells Avon said that some of her clients use MK skin care and wont change!
    She sells them everything else (non cosmetic or perfume) I have never been a big fan of MK colognes except for MK Tribute and Angelfire. I can see MK is good part time income you are correct, for full time there is much more work involved unless you are a director (not that directors dont work) or if you have a huge team and you are selling this stuff 30 hours per week. I can see how a VIBE driver who is not a director could make a full time income from this if she has good reorders, a team who is selling and ordering consistently and she is doing 3-5 classes a week that average 250-300
    dollars a class, but that would take a good year of consistency. Thanks for your input.

  22. There's a thread on another MK "truth" website that I have been participating in and I just wanted to post here and thank people here for not behaving the way the people on the other site have been when we disagree. It's not the PT site, it's the pink lighthouse site which has always been considered pretty tame by me. The thread is under the seminar article. I've been threatened and called names for defending someone and I know that would never happen here- even when I disagree. Thanks all! =)

  23. Your Mom, Yup. That does indeed happen there. I've seen it; been on the receiving end of it. PT Lite, or maybe PT Junior. Anyway, IMO, the two sites are just alike.

  24. Darci intrigue me!!! How big is your customer base? Please check out my blog at

    I can not wait to hear back from you.

  25. I'm just wondering if the 6 points made by Colleen were the actual reason for the termination of 900 agreements?

    Are the reasons give a fact or just a guess?

  26. July 31, 2008 6:57 PM
    Colleen said...
    "Since Im not a logical thinker Im going to try to make (einstein AKA Rebecca proud of me) I was wondering WHO these offenders (the 900 were) IF we are to assume MK is on the up and up here is my analysis.
    1)Ebayers who were warned (I heard this from a director who just got back from Seminar so that must be true)
    2)Consultants and or Directors who have a history of stealing recruits from others and its been documented
    3) Illegal import and export of products
    4)Directors who have proven frontloading and or bullying tactics.
    5)Arising new consultants from the dead and using their credit cards without their permission or using phony names.
    6)MK copyright infringement."

    Yes, Colleen, I am truly proud of you! ;)

    I agree completely with 1, 2, 5, 6.

    1. Ebayers. Hurray!! It is a violation of the agreement to sell this product on Ebay. Sales force members who do so SHOULD be terminated.

    2. Documented history of stealing recruits from others. Nasty little habit some have. I had a customer recruited out from under me. (Well, more than one, really, but for the sake of my point....) The DIQ who did this, did indeed become a director. She did indeed continually "frontload" this particular recruit. This recruit ended up doing the repurchase. This director did not hang onto her director ship very long. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if I were to find out this former director is on PT. But from what I know of this director's tactics, she did it all wrong. Shame on her. Actually, this same director also stole a second customer from me.

    3. Illegal import and export of products. I'm not convinced this really happens. Maybe it does, maybe not. But, if anyone DOES do this, then oh yeah, terminate her IMMEDIATELY.

    4. Directors who have proven frontloading and or bullying tactics. I don't know how this one can be proven well enough to warrant a termination. Perhaps a large number of written complaints put into said person's file would cause enough concern.....

    5. Oh, yes! This is so very illegal! Definate cause for termination. I'm not even sure that any warnings should be given on this one. Using a credit card without the owner's permission - that's a bad thing and I seriously doubt ANYONE needs to have that explained to her. Using phone names, uhm, as in recruits? Very bad, very very very bad. Again, I seriously doubt ANYONE needs to have this explained to her.

    And #6, copyright infringement. Another good cause for termination.

  27. These reasons are logical guesses. The company does not provide for public knowledge the reasons for specific terminations.

    MK4Me wrote, "In our director's meeting, the Company told us that over the last few months they took the largest investigation in the Company's history of illegal activies and as a result over 900, yup over 900 agreements were terminated. It was not done lightly and without alot of investigation and solid evidence."

    "Illegal activities" meaning actually against the law? As in Colleen's points #5 and #6? Especially #5.

    Or "illegal activities" meaning against the law and/or in violation of the Agreement?

  28. Mary Kay, Inc., provides us with a great many resources. We have our Legal Department; Medical Relations department; Consultant Relations; product departments. Never mind InTouch!

    Over there, one of their prolific commentors "reviewed" the classes offered at Seminar. She was critical that there were no classes on how to do skin care, application, etc. Uh, true she's not and never has been a consultant so has never been to Seminar. The lack she critisized is covered very well in the, ah hum, drum roll please....

    EXPO! At Seminar! They're all there. All we have to do is walk up to the counter and ask away! Or just read the sign that tells us when the sessions start and (another drum roll please...) BE THERE to learn from the Make Up Artists themselves!

    But one can't learn any of this stuff if one goes off to the vendors, or shopping all around Dallas, or skips classes, etc etc.........

  29. Rebecca,

    I agree with you about what's learned at Expo. It's so great that we can talk directly to the scientists. I remember last year at the Expo, there was a specific presentation on Cellu-Shape. How it was made. How they did the study showing how much was lost, etc. It was fascinating.

    I seem to remember a skin care class at Career Conference a few years ago when they brought back the flip chart. And also one at Seminar a few years ago.

    Truthfully, however, there doesn't need to be one. We have some other tools for the learning the most fundamental aspect of our business: the flip chart, the DVD, watching our director and/or recruiter, AND practicing it ourselves using the flip chart. It's all there.

    One more thing I can't stand about PT: people ranting on MK who have never been consultants or ranting on Seminar if they've never been.

  30. I know that we have moved on from this post but after I read the comments that are on PT today (comments on the PT saves another from the MK cult post) I feel the need to speak on the behalf of those of us ex-mkers who are not rude, abusive, or just plain out in right field. I felt this post was the best place to put this message. I am directly speaking about the comment in which a PT member tells her story of having put her name in a facial box and then being extremely rude to the consultant when she called. After reading her conversation (as she recounted it including her own side comments about how she was "having fun" tormenting this lady)I find what she did to be absolutely unacceptable. I am personally embarrassed to even think that I was ever associated with that site if that is considered acceptable behavior there. So on behalf of the non PT type ex-mk community I apologize.

  31. praying4courage,

    I've actually done a great job from staying away from PT for a few weeks now, and for some reason, yesterday, I logged on just to see what was going on in their world.

    Upon reading the comment to which you referred, I was struck cold. The sheer lack of kindness to a stranger on the phone was so very blatant.

    In fact, I wondered, how what's her name's actions even help to further PT's cause. For to be rude to those of us who are "in the fog" is a bit counterproductive to their goal, isn't it? One would think that if this was really about their ability to save us from wicked Mary Kay, they would take a different approach other than being completely rude over the phone. Instead, she baited the consultant by filling out a card. She made the situation about HER.

    But there is no bitterness or vanity in her actions, right?

    This person could have made the choice to have a decent conversation with the consultant, but, no. Instead she bragged about how rude she was.

    That's such a great character trait to brag about, don't you think?

    I'm glad you brought this up.

  32. I didn't read the comment however if that women is doing to that, that is down right mean. I can't believe tha someone would be so ugly. I don't understand why in the world she would do that. If someone wants to do MK then that is their business. You know my momma always told me if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

    I try not to go over to pt because those ladies there are just mean. They think that we proMKERS are in a PINK FOG, well what are they in? I have read other there before and you know it is just the same old stuff. Hate MK this and MK proMKERS that. So I just stay away. However that is not very nice to do that to someone.

    If you don't want to do MK anyone then just stop and move on and leave it alone. That is just my opinion. Have a GREAT DAY

  33. I agree with the comment about saying nothing if you have nothing nice to say to an extent. I have no problem with someone making a website and saying anything that they want. That is, afterall, their right as a member of a free nation. Freedom and rights are things I'll stand up for a hundred times over. However, with that said, I believe that one person's rights end where another's begin.
    When that woman put her name in the box with the intention of harrassing the MK consultant and then went on to actually do so she was intruding upon the rights of the consultant in my opinion. I understand that many PT members are still bitter with MK but verbally attacking IBC's is not the way to solve "the problem". It simply makes them look foolish and childish. It is almost like the good old coping mechanism called "displacement" or "kick the dog". The PTer is mad at their director or national but instead of taking their grievances up with their old upline they instead take their anger and displace it towards other IBC's who they don't even know. Freud would have had a field day with this one... lol.

  34. Praying... I do agree with you about freedoms that is what makes our Country GREAT. With that said I don't like it when someone does something at someones elses expense. That is just like with comedians I really don't like it when they are trying to be funny at another persons expense. I think that it is them trying to make themselves look and feel better. I know that when kids talk about other kids and it hurts that kids feelings that is at the other expense and that is what I don't like.

    I think that people should use the Golden Rule whether or not you are in MK. Just treat people the way that you would like to be treated, that is alls I am saying. I know that those on the other side can sometimes be ruthless. And I think that is really sad, they are so hurt or whatever that they just want to hurt everyone. And with that it leads to others jumping on the band wagon regardless if they have been hurt or not. I too sometimes think that a lot of things over there are made up I truly do.

    Have a nice day

  35. Pink Bren, I think we are actually on the same wavelength here. I think we are just phrasing the same thought in two different ways. When I say that one person's rights end where another's begins I think I am essentially saying the same thing that you are when you say that people shouldn't do something at another's expense. If I am correct in understanding what you are saying then I think we are both trying to say that with freedom comes the responsibility of using the freedom for good and not to put down others. Am I right?

  36. Great responses ladies. I agree 100%. In the words of the great Rena Tarbot NSD, "some people think that by blowing out your candle, it will somehow make theirs burn brighter." And of course we all know, this is not true. These PT women just feed of being victims of MK. Oh PLEASE!!! Don't get me wrong, they have every right to share their story but once they have, move on! Get over it.
    That ex consultant who harrassed the IBC should beware of the bad Karma that is going to come bit her in the behind!

  37. This is a classic example of people not having INTEGRITY.

    And I thank you GOD that I have it! Doing Right because its RIGHT!
    However, if this sistuation truly happened, I pray that the IBC didn't give up her MK business, hopefully it became a great story that taught her yet another lesson on people.

    Always Haute 4 PiNK!

  38. Praying...we are on the same wave length. I just don't like mean people I really don't. I was mean for a long time and I didn't like it to much and now I am not. It is not because of MK it is because of the LORD. So I know first hand about being mean to people and it sucks it really does. I did it because I was hurt and wanted to hurt others PERIOD. Did it make me feel better NO, acutally I usually felt better bad after I had done it. So I am not mean anymore and I do have to check myself sometimes cause sometimes things come out mean and I don't intend on them being that way. Well have a Good Day

  39. Pink Bren, I can't imagine that you have a mean bone in your body! ;)


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