Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guest Post on Franchise Pick (dot) com

I recently posted a question, "How would you like your business opportunity? Well-Done or Raw?"

The first comment came in the form of the following question from "Kaybots R Coming"

"Question for you and your readers:
Is resistance to Mary Kay futile?
Are Kaybots coming for my daughters?
Or are the Pink Truthers just lazy whiners looking for someone else to blame for their own lack of motivation?
I appreciate balance, but what's the answer?"

I followed "Kaybots R Coming" to Franchise Pick where I was offered an opportunity, by that blogs owner, Sean Kelly, to write a guest post.

So, I got to work and sent over a considerably comprehensive breakdown of what Mary Kay is, what Pink Truth is, and what THE Truth is. It is long. So he split it into four separate posts and has been posting it over the course of this week. All four pieces are now up, so I thought this would be a good time to ask all of you to go check it out.

You can find the posts:

Mary Kay Cosmetics: Hot or Not? (1 of 4)
Mary Kay Cosmetics: Hot or Not? (2 of 4)
Mary Kay Cosmetics: Hot or Not? (3 of 4)
Mary Kay Cosmetics: Hot or Not? (4 of 4)

Please take a look and let me know what your thoughts are. There have not been many comments on any of them, so it would be great is some of you wanted to get some conversation going over there. I believe that that site does not look too kindly on MLM style organizations, so please try not to be "obnoxious tourists"!!

Thanks to Sean, and everyone please have a great weekend!


  1. hi,im going to be a marykay consultant and i was wondering if you could tell me all about it.

  2. site is

  3. David, I LOVED your sentence, "Mary Kay is just a company. Get involved at your own risk."

    BTW, there was a comment by "Name", who referred to a "Jon". Who is Jon? And "Name" sure did sound a lot like, uh, we all know who!

  4. David...those were GREAT. I think you laid it on the line. I think that many will agree and many will disagree it just depends what side you sit on.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  5. Nice job David.

    I'm off to Seminar tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

    And "name" . . . well, not so tough to figure out who that was.

    It's funny . . . with all the complaing about saturated areas, and the business model not working, I decided to really hit the phones this week before seminar and booked 3 parties, 2 double facials, a few single facials and took a few phone orders. All in about 13 phone calls and a few emails.

    It took effort, time, phone skills, and, well, WORK.

    THen I took Friday completely of to play with the kids, happy that I now had a full datebook.

    So, when I return from Seminar I am ready to jump to it!

    Yes, MK is a company. Get involved at your own risk. And yet, risk nothing (live off a fear of getting on the phone to ask folks to get their opinion of the product) and GAIN NOTHING.

    Happy Day!

  6. That site doesn't like MLM?

    Woohooo... sounds like my kind of guy :)

    Seriously, you know what I'm like.. I'd already found your posts over there and read them.

    I for one will go and kickstart some discussion for you..

  7. By the way David, good job on getting a guest post on that site - I see they are part of Darren Rowse's B5 network so you should get yourself a nice bit of exposure.

    I've dropped a comment on each of your posts btw.

  8. Scam,

    Thanks for the kickstarts... you know how much I love good discussion!

    RE: Guest posting on a Darren Rowse (anything)... I KNOW!!! pretty cool huh?

    I was also quite thrilled at the opportunity. Thanks for your support!

  9. Unfortunately, I don't think any of your readers will be as impressed as me.. they probably don't know who Darren is!

    I've just exchanged emails with Sean regarding a possible collaboration - seems you put my name forward?


  10. They probably are not aware of who he is... nor does their "impressed with me" level matter much! I don't really care to be "impressive"!!!

    Of course I floated your name out there... You do really good work and have a similar "professional" courtesy ethic to him.

    We (you, me, him) share the rational realization that we don't have to agree with each other to get along and be productive in our desire to share information with the general public!

    I hope you guys are able to collaborate... and when you go "big time" don't forget about me!!!!


  11. David, you do yourself an injustice - your the one whos built a loyal following and the one who has the marketing skills.

    I just got lucky with search engine traffic ;)

  12. You are so effective with your flattery skills... I would love to have your search engine "luck" that we both know is not luck at all, but a very studious approach... I need to take lessons from you in that regard.

    Thank you though! Most kind.

  13. We'll have to find a time when we can talk on Skype and swap respective tips David.

  14. I've just signed in but I'm not sure how to identify you on there...

  15. David, great job!!

    And how sad is it that our beloved pot stirrer must hid behind a name other than his names that he uses on our blog and pt! hmmm, who is he calling a hypocrite??

  16. cecila, welcome!!

    Just start reading over all the great info on this site, then ask away!

  17. Mk4me,

    Evening. A writing style can at times be almost like a fingerprint. Although I definitely agree with the message posted, “name” on the other site is not me. Take another look at the style.

    Now, brace yourself for this next thought. There are, in fact, many out there beyond just me who believe the MK MLM fiasco is the product of much more than merely the unethical behavior of a number of IBCs and directors. There is a growing community of Mary Kay Cosmetics Survivors who have concluded this curse, the MK MLM, is flawed by design. Many of us Mary Kay Cosmetics Survivors have witnessed the way the MK MLM paradigm treats women like co much cannon fodder.

    I’ve witnessed it, I’ve lived it, and I’ll be talking about it for some time to come.
    Just my two cents to promote proper attribution to a very sound, rational, and valid observation; I look forward to seeing more from “name.”


  18. hmmm, are you telling me that that post is not from you??

    we know J**, and yes, I did assume that it is you, and I do believe it is your style plus the little "J**", blurb was telling.

    So can you honestly say you did not post that?

  19. Deleted,

    Might great timing on your behalf to be posting over there and reading and posting over here at the same time!! And you did not deny that it was you, you just questioned whether it could be someone else.

  20. mk4me

    Yes, I can honestly say I did not post the note from "name." (I agree with the post though)


  21. Last thought, you have posted as an over the top Mk Consultant on this site and then under other names, so you have left your credibility in a questionable standpoint. And posting a comment to make a pro-mker look ridicuilous and over the top is not very proper or professional either.

  22. Deleted, my apologies then.
    I was mistaken.

  23. Mk4me,

    No big deal.



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