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Pink Truth: How much inventory does Mary Kay require?

There has been some considerable conversation on one of our recent posts "Are ALL Mary Kay ladies scary?" about how much inventory a new recruit should come in with and how much a director (who is supposed to be helping the recruit) should recommend.

The way I see it, the level of inventory that a person thinks is good will vary from person to person. So while mk4me, strt, or others may think that $6,000 wholesale is too much, the director that is recommending this seemingly insane level may actually think that this is a good level to get started with. So, if she really believes that it is in the best interest of the recruit that she is recommending this level to, is she really an evil, master manipulator bent on destroying someones finances just so that she can pocket a few hundred dollars, or is she just painfully unaware of the fact that not everyone can expect to sell that much merch. right out the gate?

On another note, a "who's to blame note", it seems that there are some that are so desperate to "get rich quick" that they eschew the advice of their director to "start small" and they "get crazy with the cheez-whiz" and find themselves in a world of hurt. Is it possible that there is a large "middle ground" of people that desperately want to put loads of cash in their pockets, and when the conversation about inventory comes up, their "eyes are bigger than their stomach" (or in this case they think they can sell more than they really can) and they, essentially, convince the director that they should buy a certain level of inventory because they "know" they can sell it?

I don't doubt that there are some directors that put pressure on their recruits to buy more inventory than they should. I am sure that some of these are selfish people that can't see past today to realize that this will hurt them in the long run. I am sure that some of them are not selfish at all and genuinely think a large inventory is the best thing for their new recruit. While some may fundamentally disagree with that position (and good reasons certainly exist to disagree) I don't know that it makes them wrong.

I also don't doubt that there are some recruits who, despite every warning from their director, throw caution to the wind and buy enough inventory to make the UPS man cry. I am sure that some of them do this because they know they can sell product quickly and efficiently and don't want to waste any time "finding out" something they already know. I am sure that some of them are just WAY too optimistic in their own opinion of their ability to sell and soon find themselves massively regretting their headstrong disregard for their director's advice.

But what about the others? What about the ones that were not this extreme?

Were you happy with the inventory level you started with? What did you like about it?

Were you unhappy? Why?

Did you feel pressured? If you were pressured (either to buy more or to buy less), were you glad you were pressured? Did you wish you listened to the suggestions and gave in to the pressure?

If you are a director, do you strongly recommend a certain level? If so, do you try to get people to "rise" to that level? Do you try to convince them to lower their expectations to that level?

Ex-consultants, were you "gently suggested" or "heavily pressured" to place a large inventory order? OR, were you told that a large order was mandatory?

"bonus points" to anyone that can accurately tell the group the answer to the question posed by the title of this post... "How much inventory does Mary Kay require?"

Happy Weekend all.


Directly from the "Ready Set Sell" brochure

Congratulations to "Blessed" for being the first to accurately answer the question! You get 10,000 bonus points. And since I have never assigned bonus points before, that puts you in the lead. Congratulations!



  1. Dave,

    Mary Kay “requires” no inventory. What will your bonus points get me?

    Here’s a wonderful illustration of the difference between the “May Kay Way,” and what all associated with the “opportunity” know is reality. You can watch the movie in your mind’s eye. I bet most all of you’ve seen it. Here’s the narrative from a portion of A Few Good Men:

    * * * *

    Ross: I have here the Marine Corps Outline for Recruit Training. I'd like you to turn to the chapter on "code reds".
    1. Barnes: Well, you see, sir, "code red" is a term we use, just down in Gitmo...
    Ross: Oh, then, we're in luck. Marching Orders/Standard Operating Procedure, Rifle Security Company, Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. I'm sure we'll find it in there.
    Barnes: You won't find it in there, either, sir.
    Ross: Cpl. Barnes, I'm a Marine. You mean to tell me there's no manual, no set of instructions that tells me, as a Marine, one of my duties is to perform "code reds?"
    Barnes: No, sir. No book, sir.
    Ross: No further questions.
    [As Ross returns to his seat, Kaffee gets up and snatches the Rifle Company SOP out of his hand]
    Kaffee: Cpl. Barnes, turn to the page in this book that tells me how to get to the mess hall.
    Barnes: Lt. Kaffee, that's not in the book, sir.
    Kaffee: You mean the whole time you've been at Gitmo, you've never had a meal?
    Barnes: No, sir. Three squares a day, sir.
    Kaffee: Then how did you find the mess hall if it wasn't in this book?
    Barnes: Well, sir, like everybody else, I just followed the crowd at chow time, sir.
    Kaffee: No further questions.

    * * * *

    There’s a difference between what MK “requires” and what are largely accepted practices. I find their closely woven written policies, which attempt to enable perpetuation of their veil of plausible denial ability, to be a lacking illustration of what actually happens in the MK MLM world.


  2. Instead of bonus points, any chance perhaps today you could tell me what a MK MLM victim is?

  3. I was not pressured.

    I wish I had started with MORE inventory than I did. I'm not unhappy about that, though, because I had total control and the abilibty to continue to order more product. As I saw fit.

    My director only did my very first order for me.

  4. To all my readers:

    Regrettably, some people will always ignore you in order to advance their own cause.

    As most of you have probably realized, the point of this post is to ask you to offer your opinions and experiences in regards to the discussion of inventory.

    How much did you purchase? How much were you led to believe you should purchase? What are the commonly accepted practices in the field (in your experience) and do they differ from the official written literature?

    As you can see, the above commentator chose to ignore those questions. He/She has informed us that he/she believes that there is a difference between what the company states in its policies and what actually happens.

    However, he/she does not submit any indication of what he/she feels the status quo "in the field" is, nor does he/she submit any reason that he/she feels that there is this disparity. He/She does do an excellent job using a movie clip to illustrate his/her point.

    Unfortunately, that is not what I asked for.

    And, because this particular commentator has proven consistently that he has no desire to participate in the conversation, I respectfully ask all of you to not engage him/her on any level until he/she chooses to participate in the conversation that we are having.

    To blessed: If you would like to participate in this conversation, you may describe your experience regarding inventory. Perhaps you have witnessed firsthand an exchange about inventory? I am asking for a discussion about what people have observed or experienced in terms of inventory. Feel free to weigh in about that.

  5. Dave, you are funny! Bonus points, huh?

    Okay. There is no inventory requirement in MK. People can be "order takers", or they can stock inventory - in whatever amounts they want.

    The only "requirement" is clearly stated on the Agreement.

    Section B, end of paragraph 2: "An IBC is considered "active" in the month a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 product order is received by Company and in the following two calendar months."

    And at the end of the second to last paragraph: "For record purposes, a Consultant must have a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 product order to update her last order date."

    And then we have the "Consultant Order Form". Page A1 is very clear. Page 10 is very clear.

    And then we have the "Ready, Set, Sell!" brochure. "Inventory Options for New Consultants." I LOVE this brochure!

    Page 3, "Purchasing inventory is an individual decision, and it's certainly not a requirement for you to begin your Mary Kay business. We always recommend that you determine what activity level you plan to pursue in your Mary Kay business. Then, if appropriate for your personal circumstances, invest in a level of inventory that supports that activity."

    Yes, I do know that there are members of the sales force who spend time and money creating their own literature. Some of it's good, some of it's really dumb (IMO).

    Professionally and personally speaking, my choice is to stick with the literature provided by the Company. It's beautifully done, easy to understand, inexpensive, and easy to obtain.

    I really do wish that the sales force would also stick with Company literature. But, it's their choice.

  6. I have never seen any literature from any sales force member, no heard anything at any unit meetings or events, that said a new consultant was required to have/purchase a certain amount of inventory.

    I've heard and seen recommendations, options. I've seen offers. i.e. if the consultant orders xxx amount of section 1, she will receive xxx prize.

  7. I started with 1800 inventory, my director said I should start with 3600.

    Needless to say, that much inventory scared me when it arrived. And my director was telling me to recruit, recruit, recruit. So I decided that I will figure this out on my own. After all this is my business not hers.

    For now, I am trying to sell down my inventory, not because I want out of Mary Kay. But because most people are ordering what I don't have and they don't mind waiting for it. Thus what I sell out of inventory that is anything other than basic skin care is not reordered to replace it.

    I am not setting out to recruit, I am avoiding it for the time being. Mainly because I want to be the support for my recruit that my recruiter and director have not been for me.

    If I could go back I probably would have come in at 600. That is enough to have skin care on hand and demos of the lip glosses.

  8. It was said on another thread and it bears repeating. Sometimes it is hard to know where MKC literature stops and director/national literature begins. Especially to someone new and doesn't realize what independant really means. I had NO IDEA. I thought that if this person was a director or national then MKC must have approved them and I listened to what I thought was well meaning advice.

    I started with 1800. My director ordered 1800 PLUS some personal stuff for me that I did not know she was going to order. Most of what she ordered was limited edition and / or soon to be discontinued. I had no reason to believe that she would purposefully order things that would not sell for a new consultant. How do I know that she had an inkling that it wouldn't sell? Because she had shelves of it at her house. Sitting there. With a layer of dust.

    So, how much inventory does MK require? Depends on which director they allow to speak for them. Mine told me I couldn't get the discount unless I ordered 600. Did I read on InTouch to see if she was telling the truth? No. I had no reason to believe that she would out and out lie to me. I was a newbie and thought she had my best interests at heart.


  9. I started out with a 3600 inventory. My director and I had a really great conversation about WHY I was doing MK and WHAT I wanted to get out of it. She said that if I really wanted to put in the work to achieve my dreams (I wanted to be a director in a year), I would need an inventory to support that activity level. 3600 was it.

    I asked her if there was anything higher, and she wouldn't even entertain that question.

    Also, the incentive of more free product with a larger inventory order REALLY appealed to me. What can I say? I like free stuff.

    If I had the opportunity to start MK all over again, I'd still go with 3600. I LOVE having product available when people want it.

    I have a girl that just ordered Full-Coverage Foundation in Beige 400...I don't have one. And I'm not ready to place an order. That just pisses me off that I don't even have it available on my shelf. So, even with a 3600 inventory, there are some holes.

    Oh, a note on directors ordering limited edition product, etc. for new consultants... My director must be awesome, because when I started, we were about to switch our lip liner. This was May 2006. She didn't order any lip liners, because she knew I would end up with "old product" when something new was out. She didn't order any limited edition products, either.

    The only bum-deal products in my inventory order were the Private Spa collection. I still have a full set of each of the four fragrances. They'll soon become birthday gifts, I suppose.

    Ok, I know I'm jumping all over the place, but FOR ME, having a "full" inventory keeps me motivated. When I see product on my shelf, I see a real job. I see a reason to make phone calls, build a solid customer base, and a reason to go to unit meeting to learn more about the product as well as how to be successful.


  10. I started with 1800 and that was a good amount of money for me. I was OK spending that. But my director ordered NO skin care. I thought that was what I was supposed to sell. Weren't we doing SKIN CARE classes?? I got a bunch of color, some lotions, satin hands, a lot of moisturizers. A LOT of moisturizers. The following month was career conference and I "won" a couple of ribbons from the amount of moisturizers on my initial order. But no cleaner, no day/night solution, no eye creams, no eye makeup remover.

    So I was not happy with my initial order. I ended up having to place another order to deliver for my first SCC. Customers didn't not order $400 retail so I had to put in my own money to get to my minimum. I didn't have another SCC on the books and I didn't want my customers to wait, so I put in my own money, delivered it, and now trade when I only need $50 of stuff. There are a few of us who do this and it works out great. Our director actually stamped her feet when she found out, but hey, can't win 'em all.

  11. I have to say, the second paragraph of this post is ridiculous. What director can possibly think that $12000 retail on a new IBC's shelf is good? In what way is this good? Is there any proof that ANYONE has sold that much right out of the gate? How is it in anyone's best interest to have that much money tied up in inventory when they haven't even had one SCC?

    On another note, shouldn't the director be directing this IBC? If the IBC mentions wanting a large inventory, shouldn't the director let her know the pros and cons and the changes of actually selling a large inventory. I mean, you can reorder next week if you happen to have a good first week. The day you place your first order is not the only day you can order. You have plenty of time find your footing. Would a large inventory be wise??

    Chances are, there have been some new IBC's who've wanted to start off with a large inventory and won't listen to anything contrary to that. But how often does that happen, really?

    MK4ME has that much on her shelf but it is only because she has been in business for YEARS and has grown a customer base.

  12. speaking the real truthJuly 25, 2008 at 3:45 PM

    Arabella, while trading can get out of control, for your situation, you should politely tell your director that had she ordered you any XJXJXJ SKIN CARE that you would not need to trade. That you've invested all that you care to and that you are balancing out your inventory, all with a smile of course.

  13. Greetings from Dallas everyone!!Woo Hoo, our seminar doesn't actually start until Sunday, and the hotel has WIFI, so I can keep an eye one everyone- I can see things are "as usual"! - Tonight, recover from no sleep last night because I was still packing until it was time to go (some many decisons and I had to keep it down to 50 pouns with six pairs of shoes) - managed to weigh in at 46 1/2! to the airport and today with a long travel day and of course I had to run and see the vendors - tomorrow site seeing and shopping - so you might see some of me around here!!

    and to put my two cents in:
    and, since I love good discussion,
    David you said, "So while mk4me, strt, or others may think that $6,000 wholesale is too much" - I will add it is not only the directors that think it is way too much because the Company does not even have it in an option in or literature, unless they added it in the new edition of Ready, Set, Sell.

    In my entire my career, I haven't seen one consultant that would have been justified in doing a $6000 order. - I am not saying that if you have a large customer base and move loads of product, one MAY want to build too that level, but is is honestly my advice to pick a starting place and build to a full store -your idea of a full store not someone else's idea of a full store not start there and make lots of mistakes on products that you may end up not moving. (Yes I understand there is always some risk, but if I can help any consultant in my unit or out from making a costly mistake, I will do my best.

    and a "thank you" to Judi, for using me as a good example of why my inventory is that large (and paid for), I know David and others have said it but I know many of us appreciate your comments and input and that you do generate good conversation.

    First report from Seminar, the Vendors are in the Hyatt this year not the way too hot tent!! Nice airconditioned shopping, how nice. Report from the conditions of the vendors - A+ on location in the parking lot across from the convention center. ..

    This is mk4me repoting live from Dallas, TX as I prepare to attend the Emerald Seminar.

    I will be the one with a smile on my face and waving in my trips across the stage.

  14. speaking the real truthJuly 25, 2008 at 3:49 PM

    Judi, did you ever ask her why she ordered what she did? You really should. If she says that they are big sellers, follow that with, "why is so much of it sitting on your shelf unsold?" Then you could tell her that you will call corporate and ask them what they recommend. No director wants consultants calling corporate about problems with them, they really do not. It doesn't look good.

    As to the $600 thing. Ask her poing blank whey she lied.

    I'd love to see some of these directors answer for their actions.

    You were really wronged Judi, I can see why you feel the way that you do, I just wish you had been in another unit.

  15. speaking the real truthJuly 25, 2008 at 3:52 PM

    Oh, the question,

    $1800, reordered within 3 weeks. Was a good amount for me, but that's been over a decade ago!

    There a lots of things to consider when deciding on inventory.
    As to the amount, consider:
    1) what are your plans?
    2) how much time to you have to give to your biz?
    3) what is your financial status?
    4) will you be paying cash or going into debt?
    5) if debt, can you afford the payment if sales are not what you project?
    6) do you have consultant friends or your director around you to trade product with?
    7) how far are you from your distribution center?

    As to what, consider:
    1) age
    2) geographic area
    3) what products do you love
    4) will your business primarily be holding appts. or passing out books/samples?
    5) what size order are you placing?

  16. speaking the real truthJuly 25, 2008 at 3:54 PM

    David, here is the real question and the real answer.

    How much inventory do you NEED?

    How much you need.

  17. Speaking, I did ask her and her reply was "But, Sweetie, you NEEDED it." I called MKC about it and the bottom line was, I gave her my debit card number to use. If I wanted to file charges that she stole it, then I would have to go thru legal channels. This woman has been in and out of directorship many times. I think she just got desperate. Desperation is a powerful thing.

  18. Blessed (Deleted)July 25, 2008 at 4:51 PM



    Don't be talking to me on this thread!! Didn't you read above? Dave said NO!! You'll get in trouble... ;-)

    (hope you're doing well)

  19. Hey Judi, thanks for the nice comment about me, it makes it worth the time I put into trying to post useful information hoping that it will help consultants (or exconsultants) every where. Understand how to do it right and maybe what happended that caused it not to work right.

    I know David as said it before but I would like to repeat it, thank you for taking the time to comment here and state your feelings and experiences, you help good discussion take place and that is beneficial for everyone reading.

    I am honestly very sorry your experience was what it was in Mary Kay. I find it appauling that anyone would do the first order and not include "the basics" aka skincare. It is our heart and sole of this business, it is the part of this business that generate loyal customers and your reorder business. When MK started this Company that was all she offered. (no color, fragrances, lotions, and potions, skincare & wigs, that was it). Now don't go getting a swelled head, I would still like you to get thru a doorway but I think had you not been dealing with the director you have described, I think you may have been a good little consultant that actually enjoyed Mk and would have been earning money (no not necessarily executive income for parttime hours but money).

    Okay bye for now as my battery is getting low, so i am off til I found an outlet I can use and not look out of place.

  20. Aw, thanks, MK4ME. I know I would have probably been a good consultant. I just had such a bad experience that I do not have any desire to try it again. I love the skin care and still order it, but I can't bring myself to sell it and get all involved again. I'm gun shy, I guess.

    And I mean all the things I say about you. Honestly, for the longest time I only knew deceitful, manipulative women in MK. But hearing what you say, makes my faith in people return just a little. And then Speaking came on board and has some of the same thoughts about how to do this business. I can now say I know 2 directors who are not out to crawl over you on their way to the top. Thanks for that, both of you.

    Blessed, I am well. And I don't think Dave was talking to me when he asked us to ignore you - which was a surefire way to get some attention to your post! I am not as anti as you are, but I enjoy your posts immensely. You are such a smart@@s and I LOVE it!

  21. (Thump Thump Thump- sound of footsteps)

    DS: Just what in the sam hill is going on in here... I thought I told you two to be quiet.

    (silence) - long pause...

    DS: (grumpily) We only talk about what I say we talk about on this blog.


  22. Judi,

    Hey, lean over here for a second, I wanna whisper in your ear. Listen, I’m serious. I know I certainly can’t protect ya. Dave gets REALLY upset when people break his rules. Now just stop talking to me. Don’t even look in my direction, at least not for the rest of this thread. Just sit there, good posture, face forward and fold your hands at your desk. Just act like the rest of the well behaved kids. I swear, you keep it up and he’s gonna put you in time out ‘til you’re old enough to enter an old folks home. NOW SSSSSHHHHH!


  23. speaking the real truthJuly 25, 2008 at 6:51 PM

    Judi, at least you pointed it out and she WILL surely think of that in the future. Good for you for calling her on it. And good for you for calling corp. They may not could have acted on it, but they may have noted it. You do not want a file full of nasty notes if you ever get into trouble.

    Like mk4me, you sound like you could have been good and it is really a shame that you were burned by such a shameless and selfish director.

    Glad that you at least have hung around for some civil conversation.

    MK4ME, have a great time!!!

  24. Ok - just found this site. I am on my 'wheel' which invariably leads me to the internet. I read the PinkTruth and think - what did I do? I know that this oppty is FOR ME - I just have to work hard and ignore the nay sayers. I am so glad to have found this site. I don't think it's all a bed of roses, but I don't think it is the evil empire either.

    About inventory - NONE is required. I don't care how much someone is pressured or not - you are the person that has to input your credit card. I am glad that I have inventory - people buy from me and find BECAUSE I have inventory. Do I need to get busy and sell it? YES. However that is my own problem!!

    I started with an 1800 and am glad I did. I think that we should all get back to MK's original idea and all start to really operate the TRUE Mary Kay Way.

  25. Lovin Pink...Welcome and I am glad that you found this site too. "Over there", it is their truth and not the real truth, it maybe for some, however not for all.

    I think you are right that we should run our businesses the that Mary Kay said to do it. We need to treat people the way that we want to be treated.

    I feel that inventory is a personal decision and should not be taken lightly. Your director can give her opinion, however consultants need to realize that it is not the director that will have to sell that product it is the consultant. To me it doesn't make any sense for a director to want the consultant to come in at a $3600 level unless she knew that the consultant could move the product. If the consultant didn't move the product and it sat on her selves then that consultant would get discouraged and return her product and stop doing something that she might have really wanted to do.

    I came in at $600 and since that time I have moved product and have been a star consultant for 7 quarters. Do I sell the product well yes I do? I have only made it to sapphire however this quarter I am trying to make it to Ruby and if I get out there and sell product I will make it. It is up to the individual how much or how little she wants to put into her business. I would like to be a director and I am headed that way. My customers don't have to wait for their product. I think that it is important for them not to have to wait. I know when I want something I want it there you go.

    I believe that MK can be the answer to some womens dreams and others should just not do it. Just my opinion. I am a hairdresser and own a salon and there are some that should do hair and some that should not. There are some that should be Doctors and some that should not. There are some that should be accountants and some that should not. Getting the point. Not everyone that has breath should not be a consultant...should they be a customers ABSOLUTELY!!!!

    OK... stepping down off of soap box.


  26. speaking the real truthJuly 26, 2008 at 12:32 PM

    Lovin' Pink, welcome! It is great to see that as a new consultant, you are on the right track in wanting to get back to the "old school" ways of conducting a Mary Kay business.

    I am convinced that we need to "take back the company" from some of the craziness that we have seen the past few years. If that means that we lose some consultants and directors along the way, then so be it. We need to "weed" the garden for lack of a better term. We only need to debut directors who are READY for directorship, who are established in their own personal businesses and ready to lead others with commitment and integrity.

    If that means a little less recruiting, debuting, etc. for a while, then again, so be it. I see it as trimming off the unhealthy parts so that the healthy part can thrive.

    The old school mentality in MK is that when you need, money for ordering, want to win a prize, need to meet a qualification, anything in MK, you go to the phone and the books. That is what I've always done and it works.

    Since you said that you were on "the wheel", what issues or concerns do you have that those of us with more experience might help you with?

  27. Hi everyone! Just got back from a facial appointment. :) I started my MK biz with $1200. I was going to do $600, but felt that might be too little because I knew lots of women. I weighed out the pros and cons and decided to go for $1200 because I had 0% APR for a full year. Then, of course, there was the buyback. I wound up building to Sapphire Star my first quarter in MK. I have the Barbie® doll to show for it! LOL
    Now my MK debt is gone and I built my inventory to "profit level."

    Unfortunately, there are directors out there who flat out lie about inventory options or they conveniently leave out important details such as $600 can be achieved cumulatively! I am very blessed to be associated with the women in my unit and upline.

    As for a director thinking $6000 is a good starting hope NO director thinks that is a good starting point! It's not even an option in the Ready Set Sell Brochure! I remember listening to the tape about inventory options that came with my starter kit. Pam Shaw was the speaker. She was talking about bank loans for inventory. My thoughts were, are you kidding me? I know people who came in with Ruby and Emerald orders. They know how to move product! I wasn't so sure I knew how to move product so I started much smaller. Happy I did. :) If I had it to do over, I don't think I'd change a thing.

  28. Hi everyone!

    Welcome lovin' pink.

    STRT, you have made it to the front page.

    Check It Out Here.

    The question of the day is, how do we "take back the company" or "weed out the bad"?

    Everyone should check out the post here and then make your suggestions there!

  29. speaking the real truthJuly 26, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    Shades, just to be clear, a new consultant cannot build up to a $600 wholesale order to earn the New Consultant Bonuses. However, if she builds to $600 during the quarter in which she completes her agreement, she will count as a qualified recruit for her recruiter, and if she builds to $600 during the Seminar year, she will count as a qualified recruit for the purposes of the recruiter making the Court of Sharing.

  30. speaking the real truthJuly 26, 2008 at 8:09 PM

    aw, front page. Kewl, especially since this topic is something that I am passionate about. I think we should get all "old school" on them, as my son would say.

  31. Hey strt, congratulations on your first headline!!

    I have heard of "go balistic" but let's all "go old school!!

    I am all for it! Book, Sell, Book, Recruit!! Build strong solid teams and strong solid units.

    Day Zerio tomorrow. Woo hoo.
    Signing off from beautiful Dallas, TX! - Emerald Reigns !!

  32. MK4Me...Glad to see you are still checking in. Want to thank you and STRT for all the wisdom that both of you share with us. If only all directors conducted their businesses they way that ya'll do. Again thanks.

  33. Q1 How much did you purchase?
    A $ 600

    Q2 How much were you led to believe you should purchase?
    A I joined as PU and was stunned to learn $ 600 min inventory was REQUIRED

    Q3 What are the commonly accepted practices in the field (in your experience) and do they differ from the official written literature?
    A I guess you could say "code PINK" - I never met or saw ESSD prior to inventory purchase, which was presented immediately after signing the agreement, BEFORE starter kit arrived or access granted to intouch.

    Hi Blessed & Judi - guess we'll all be in detention? LOL

  34. Here's something that I just do not understand:

    Rural wrote, "I joined as PU and was stunned to learn $ 600 min inventory was REQUIRED"

    How in the world can a director or recruiter convey in good conscience that $600 min. inventory is required? And....

    Why doesn't the $200 min on the back of the Agreement raise any red flags? Or cause the new consultant to at least ask something along the lines of, why does the agreement say $200 min?

    I do also wonder if it may be possible that the newbies could have misunderstood that it is a min $600 to receive any of the freebies.


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