Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fair or Unfair?

Wow! 43 votes!!! Wait a minute...



  1. David... I believe that you are fair. I think that you have questions and you demand proof not only from deleted but from everyone. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the debates that we have, however I do like MK and will always like MK...I know when to say and no. I know when to order and when not too. If my director does something that I don't agree with I just don't do it.

    Fair yes you are. Whether the person is for or against MK. People have to remember that this is a business and that is how you have to handle it. In my hair salon if I don't need something I don't order it because a salesman comes in and tells me that I need it. If I don't think it will sale then I don't get it. That is how MK works too.

    Have a BLESSED DAY

  2. David - your impeccable fairness and integrity are your most redeeming qualities.

    This is your blog and you can choose exactly what to do with it, what comments to allow, etc.

    Even so, you allow people to say their bit, whether in agreement with you or not.

    If anyone has issues with such an environment then I would recommend they find another blog to read.

  3. PB,

    Thank you. I enjoy them as well. I hope the site continues to be helpful and worthwhile to you.


    Wow, thank you. I really appreciate that.

    By the way, how is Scametta?!


  4. Dave,

    As for your loss of respect for me, this isn’t exactly headline news. It’s a bit stale. Ya see, it was obvious to me (and apparently many others -see survey-) you held my comments in less esteem long ago when you began to arbitrarily demand “evidence,” “facts,” etc. from me (and others) but not nearly as much from pro-“dream” posters. This practice has hardly been consistent with a “fair and balanced” examination of the MK MLM fiasco.

    Again please know I believe I have no right to dictate how you run your blog. This is your call alone. I do, however, note your practices and your promises have been (in this regard) less than synonymous. Whether or not you wallow is completely your prerogative.

    Although your trappings present you as a pillar of your word, delivery of your product isn’t always what was promised in your pitch. Is it any wonder you so aggressively endorse the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity”?

    Something tells me, though, you’ll one day land on the other side of this issue. I don’t know what it is and I could, of course, be absolutely wrong. But somehow something tells me you don’t actually completely believe the problems with MK are simply the product of a number of IBCs/Directors doing bad things. Something tells me you know better, you’re sharper than that, but you’re just not ready to acknowledge it. All in time I suppose.

    For today, however, I think I’ll browse on over to, where what they advertise is what you get.

    Have a good day.

    And please know, it is with some pride I describe myself on this blog as ....


  5. She's just as excited now as when she saw your pic the first time :(

    As for the debate at hand, I've always found you to be fair and balanced and, as you know, I am very ANTI-mlm - whichever one it may be.

  6. Dave, I believe that you have bent over backwards to be fair to Deleted. In fact, I believe that you have been MORE lenient with him, than with anyone else.

  7. speaking the real truthJuly 7, 2008 at 2:17 PM

    Good gravy Deleted. Are you just trying to be unreasonable? You refer to the poll, hello, the MAJORITY said that Dave is fair to you!

    If you think the term Pink Truth is fitting, in that it spreads nothing but truth, I just do not know what else to say to you.

    Most all of the regular posters have spent extraordinary amounts of time trying to have civil discussion with you, only to be met with your stonewalling and your wild analogies.

    You refuse to answer ANY questions about your own personal MK story, and pretty much any other questions.

    It seems as though you do not expect equal treatment, but more like special treatment. Maybe this is not the sandbox for you.


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