Monday, July 14, 2008

New Sales Director Oath

I have said before that when I became a director, I took the decision seriously and also realized I was taking on more responsibility. I knew it was far more than wanting to wear the suit and look important. I also knew it meant I would have to get more training on working with people and how to be a good leader. I was willing to do these things. I often say, I do all I can to lead by example. I also feel as corny as it sounds, that when I accepted the position I took an oath. An oath or vow or a promise, is something I take very seriously. In case some have never seen it, or don’t really remember it, I thought it would be a great piece to have on our site. Now, as a director, I work my business, to uphold my oath. I wish all directors would read this and hold it dear, because I think it would elevate some of the stories we hear.

New Sales Director Oath:
Believing that the Company is built on the concept of the Golden Rule, I solemnly pledge to uphold and project the Mary Kay image.I will always conduct myself with dignity.I will be the essence of dependability, Honoring all the commitments that I make.I will uphold and support my sister Sales Directors In the daily practice of the Golden Rule,To do unto others as I would have them do unto me.I will always strive for a positive attitude, a clean spirit and a warm heart,Setting the example for others to follow,And dedicating myself to perpetuating the true Mary Kay go-give spirit And enriching women’s lives.This I pledge as an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director


  1. Very good post. I only wish that all directors took that to heart.

  2. It's so funny that you just posted this, as my friend just debuted as a Director (yay - we are a brand new unit now) and I kind of flashed forward to a time when I might become a Director and how I would handle the Oath, as I don't necessarily agree with taking one. Per scripture in Matthew about taking Oath's I'm just unsure, for myself, whether I feel comfortable taking one. I didn't take one when I became a consultant. I would feel more comfortable with my Sr. Director speaking the Oath and my responding with, "My yes will be yes and my no will be no" (paraphrased scripture). So, I'm struggling with this a bit. Although it's not like I need to struggle too much. My goal right now is Team Leader . . . interesting timing of your post, however.

  3. MK4ME...good post and I wish that every director would take it like you do. I am reading MKs book The Mary Kay Way and there was a quote in there that said "You can not lead where you have not been" I think that this is so true. This is the reason that I am working on mastering the booking and selling of this business. I believe that once I get this mastered that getting team members will fall into place. Now that is not to say at a SCC that if someone wants to join that I will not let them.

    Thank You for all the wisdom that you share with us.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  4. When you promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God and then you lie on the stand you go to jail for perjury. that oath actually means something because there are consequences.

    What does MKC do when directors take this oath and then do not abide by it? Are any steps taken to ensure that their directors are following it? Are there any consequences if a director does not live by MK's golden rule? I think this oath is worthless if there are no consequences. It looks good and sounds good, but . . .

  5. I have had lots of consultants ask me why I still do so many classes and facials since I am a "successful" director. I have always used the saying,

    "I can not lead where I do not go and I can not teach what I do not know" -

    I believe in do as I say and do as I do, I always want to lead my unit by example.

    Sunny, lying on the stand is a criminal offense. (Many people do purger themselves on the stand and get away with it) they are only prosecuted if caught.
    Not extending the golden rule, is not a crime, it just isn't the way we are asked to conduct ourselves with regards to our Mary Kay. So if you are not as "go-give" as another director, the Company really can't do much, however just like a crime, if a director breaks any laws, they will be punished or terminated.

    What has always amazed me as that the Christian faith also would have us treat everyone the way we would want to be treated. So in theory if everyone did this in life, this world would be a much nicer place. It doesn't happen with all Christians and it will not happen with all directors. And imho, we will all answer for our poor treatment of others - on judgement day.

  6. MK4Me, I am very glad you posted the Director's Oath.

    I agree with you, too, about wishing all directors would "hold it dear", take it seriously, and conduct their MK businesses accordingly. I believe it would alleviate many of the anti-MK stories we hear.

    Another really really really good one is the DIQ Committment form. Those that sign this form, agree to not BUY their directorship, basically. Paraphrased. Thus not racking up all that credit card debt so many of the PTers seem to have.


    IMO, the Company is making it very clear what is expected from their directors with this Director Oath and DIQ Committment form.

    It really frosts my cookies when women sign this form; take this oath, thus giving their word, and turn right around ignoring their promises. Then, to really frost the frosting on my cookies, they wanna blame the company???!!??


  7. MK4Me wrote, "What has always amazed me as that the Christian faith also would have us treat everyone the way we would want to be treated. So in theory if everyone did this in life, this world would be a much nicer place. It doesn't happen with all Christians and it will not happen with all directors. And imho, we will all answer for our poor treatment of others - on judgement day."

    Excellent point. We really can't expect perfection from imperfect people. And those who do make deliberate choices to treat others badly do indeed get to explain that on Judgement Day. Ouch.

  8. Why even have an oath if it will not be enforced?? What's the point?

  9. How can you enforce an "oath"? - It is a committment an individual is making. It is up to the individual to keep their word. Imho, it is just like a vow. Like a marriage vow, many people take them, many people respect their marriages, however there are also many that will also cheat during a marriage, is an outside force expected to do something because the individual took a vow??

    I feel if there is something illegal that Company absolutely should take action, if it is unethical, as much as I would like them to be able to correct every "gray" area, who is the judge? Everyone's conscious level is different. There just isn't a way to monitor and evaluate every instance.

  10. Judy ask why even have an oath. I have to agree with MK4Me.
    I have to ask Why put the oath down? You are not going to take it so what does it matter to you? You don't like MK so whay does it matter to you? I think that there are unethical people in all business not just MK. Ok look at the people in the House and the Senate they take oaths and the ones that were elected in 2006 are selling us down the river. So there you go.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  11. speaking the real truthJuly 19, 2008 at 8:54 AM

    Having the oath is multi-fold.


    This is really important when you read a post like the one "over there" right now. One of the former directors is telling part of her story. As I have pointed out several times, if you will REALLY listen to their stories, you will find out why they did not succeed in their businesses. She goes on to tell of all of the unethical "standard practices" that went on in her group, THAT SHE HERSELF ENGAGED IN regularly. She obviously did not take the oath seriously. But, according to her, the problem is still with Mary Kay, not with her and others like her.

    Here is my question. Why not take a stand against those around her and their unethical ways, rather than the company as a whole? How ethical is it to sling mud on all of us, when you were the one participating in the unethical behaviors? If you really want to be "ethical" now, why not try to clean up the mess that you perpetuated? She helped train others to behave in this way. She helped continue that pattern of behavior. If she feels convicted about it, change that!

    I say that is these ladies behaved the way that she is saying, they got what they deserved by way of low pay checks and low rewards. They didn't deserve them and had not earned them.

  12. That's all fine and good if the oath means something to the director, herself; but, if that oath meant anything at all to MKC then they would make sure that it was lived up to by their directors. Do they even screen these people? Or do they let them become directors if the money is there? Is anyone even turned away if they are unethical?

    The oath is a joke.

  13. speaking the real truthJuly 19, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    Hello mknot4me.

    If you know much about Mary Kay, you will know that it's consultants and directors are independent. Just like purchasing a McDonald's franchise, by being independent you are going to agree to abide by certain rules and regulations, but the mother company is usually not going to be concerned with interfering in or getting involved with your daily business. That is one of the benefits and pitfalls to both parties of being independent.

    As for screening. No, they do not necessarily screen consultants before they become directors, but there are requirements before entering into the director in qualification program, and I am confident that their history with the company is reviewed at some point in the process. The company does not have to accept your request to enter the DIQ program, nor do they have to grant you directorship or a unit number upon completion of the program. In that way, they leave the door open to withhold directorship from someone that they feel does not meet the standards. If it comes to their attention during someone's director in qualification period that they are acting unethically and have violated the terms of their agreement or the rules of qualification, and the company has enough facts to prove it, they can remove said DIQ from the qualification process. For instance, I know that they have called random new consultants in the potential units of DIQs to see if they were valid consultants. "Faking" consultants is grounds for not only being withdrawn from the DIQ process, but for termination from the company.

    I guess the oath is just one more way of saying that we as a company will legally hold directors to certain standards per their agreements, but we will ask for certain behaviors per the oath. Isn't it always said that you cannot legislate morality?

    As for the oath being a joke. I think an oath is as meaningful as the strength of the integrity of the one reciting it.

    My question back to you would be, what would you recommend and how would you carry it out? Keep in mind fairness and legal issues.

  14. speaking the real truthJuly 19, 2008 at 1:21 PM

    Okay, I confess. I have failed to keep the oath in one major area. The whole dignity thing. I am such a goof, I am really challenged in this area. My sister directors and I love to cut up and have a good time. My NSD would love for me to be a little more dignified at times, I am sure that I make her a little nervous, but I also make her laugh, so there. She is so poised and lady like, and I am just a fall down a flight of stairs waiting to happen. I'm honest, decent, and hard working. I'm loved in my area and beyond, really Go-Give, but not so dignified at times, only when I have to be!

  15. speaking the real truthJuly 19, 2008 at 1:23 PM

    SURVEY QUESTION: hose or not?

    I'd love to see who is wearing hosiery at Seminar this year!

  16. strt, you hoot, I guess I can say the same!!

    mknot4me, hmmmm first, I don't care for your spin on my name only because I would hate to have anyone read it too fast and associate any of your comments to me but it is a free country, second, why have an oath if you cann't enforce it?? Why take a marriage vow?? Is that stupid too?? Just curious on your views.

    Personal integrity plays the biggest part of a promise.

    And as far as your opinion of anyone can become a director with $$, well, sounds like you have been hanging out on PT too long - see if you do things the right way, you don't BUY your way to car or directorship and you don't run up all sorts of credit card debt. You do the work, build your customers, and then build your team. If you miss the production levels, you don't cheat, you start over.

    Do you believe in keeping your word or a promise, or is that a joke too??

  17. speaking the real truthJuly 19, 2008 at 6:03 PM

    MK4ME, you make a good point about marriage vows, and for that matter, you can buy a spouse too, but that isn't a good idea either is it? And would you blame the system if that didn't work out?

  18. You asked about marriage vows. I would NOT take a marriage vow if I were not going to live up to that vow. Not that I think you can compare a marriage vow to a vow from a make up company.

    To change the way things are now, MKC should know more about who they are allowing to become directors. Not random calls. Real calls. Who is this person representing the company?

  19. Posted by mknot4me said...
    You asked about marriage vows. I would NOT take a marriage vow if I were not going to live up to that vow.

    Exactly, you wouldn't take it if YOU weren't going to live up to it, guess what, their are others that take it with no intent to live up to it, just as when I took an oath as I director I intended on living up to it but I am sure others don't even think about it.

    Just as when I give someone my word, or make a promise, I keep it, others don't.. I must answer for myself, not others, I have to look at myself in the mirror, and I must sleep at night, I must answer to myself, not judge others.

    The Company does correct what they can and if a wronged consultant would take 5 minutes and document their problems and write it in a letter to Mary Kay, more action could be taken, I have watched many consultants complain about situation but when I suggest they write the Company like the Company requests, they don't want to, they just want to complain. So if people want things corrected, do what the Company requests, take some personal responsibility to right a wrong, don't just go to a blog and complain. It won't fix anything. Help bring about a posetive change.

  20. Believe me, I have complained to MKC about unethical behavior. It's not illegal.

  21. mknot4me, may I ask, did you complain by phone or did you take the time to write and document the cases? (I am just curious) thx

  22. {{speaking the real truth said...
    MK4ME, you make a good point about marriage vows, and for that matter, you can buy a spouse too, but that isn't a good idea either is it? And would you blame the system if that didn't work out?}}

    wow, strt, interesting comparison, you can buy a spouse, and as with buying your position, the long term results are usually not good, and don't we often hear stories about a woman "trapping" a man by getting pregnant? Because people can buy others affections, or trap someone - should we outlaw marriage? Because some don't honor the system??

    Rebecca sums it up nicely, we can't expect perfection from imperfect people. We have to be smart enough to protect ourselves.
    In Mary Kay and in the world.

    Someone can only take advantage of me if I allow them too, and if they do it and get away with it once, I will make sure it doesn't happen a second time. I believe in learning from the experience and taking the lesson, not the bitterness.


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