Sunday, July 13, 2008

How many televisions do you have in your home?


  1. Just in case anyone is curious, it is me (mk4me) that has loads of tv's!! One in each bedroom, one in my office, one in both living rooms, and in the garage (for mr. mk4me) ... hubby is seriously considering one for the kitchen and if I had not said "NO" there would be one in each bathroom!!

    The funniest part of it is, it is rare someone is sitting down and watching it but they are on!

    Oh and I have one portable one that I can bring to meetings.

  2. We have three, but one of them, in my son's bedroom, is rarely on. We bought it for him to use with his video games. But since we got an xBox he's dumped the old in favor of the new.

    In his defense, though, the xBox may be on only once or twice a week. The rest of the TV time is spent re-watching movie favorites. The latest ones being The Wizard Of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    You have me thinking, mk4me. Now I'm thinking of plugging the small one in the kitchen so that I can watch TV whilst I cook.


  3. OMG flybye64, my mostest favoritest movies of all is The Wizard of OZ! - my daughter thought she finally had me on a trivia question, when I explained to her that no, dd, no munchkins hanged themselves during the filming, it was just a big bird flapping its wings that had been borrowed from the zoo to make the indoor set look like it was outdoors. It is so funny how with the suggestion people really think it is a munchkin until you get a good angle from a camera!

    Now you will all wonder about me, I am totally hooked on the Pirates of the Carribean and I am just hoping beyond hope that they do put out a number 4!!

    Of couse in this house with all the boys, I also have ever Saw 1, 2, etc... and can now even eat while I am watching them!!

  4. " no munchkins hanged themselves during the filming, it was just a big bird flapping its wings that had been borrowed from the zoo to make the indoor set look like it was outdoors."

    Wah? haha... I have to watch the 'features' cd that came with the movie. I haven't done that yet.

    I love it, too. I picked it up on eBay a little while ago. The kids sat mouth agape for the duration of the movie. It was hilarious to watch them watch it.

    My most favorite movie is To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogar† and Lauren Bacall. *sigh* great movie!

    The Big Easy is most excellent as well! Hot! woo!

  5. mk4me,

    I was once a house cleaner. One of the homes that I frequently cleaned had TVs in every room, all bathrooms included. And they were all rather large flat panels. Apparently they were race fans, the entire house was decorated that way. I could not imagine being there on race day, you couldn't escape that car sound.

  6. Smiley4 and et al... I think you all know I have a great sense of humor by now (ok, it might be a little wrapped) so please have the chuckle over this I enjoyed when the thought went thru my head.

    Ummm, yeah we got lots of tv's, one big screen but none of those awesome flatscreens yet... I'm not a national yet, just a director... hahahaha - actual we did start looking at them, but I am just not ready to spend that much $$ on a tv when all of these work just fine! :)

  7. For all you Wizard of OZ lovers and trivia buffs, if this works, here is the movelink to the myth and the clip that "one" can see it, except, once the see a good clip it is a super big bird opening and extending and then closing his wing!!

  8. That was really interesting!

    Now I feel primed for the next trivial night! haha!

  9. I have 5 in the whole house.


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