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Is Mary Kay Broken? How can it be fixed?

On the most recent post, "Pink Truth: How much inventory does Mary Kay require? an interesting point was raised.

"Speaking the Real Truth" suggests:

"I am convinced that we need to "take back the company" from some of the craziness that we have seen the past few years. If that means that we lose some consultants and directors along the way, then so be it. We need to "weed" the garden for lack of a better term. We only need to debut directors who are READY for directorship, who are established in their own personal businesses and ready to lead others with commitment and integrity.

If that means a little less recruiting, debuting, etc. for a while, then again, so be it. I see it as trimming off the unhealthy parts so that the healthy part can thrive."

Now some people probably think that there is nothing wrong with Mary Kay the way it is! Some of you may think that Mary Kay is so broken that nothing can be done to fix it. Still others probably agree with "STRT" on this and think that "something" needs to be done.

Sort it out here.

Can Mary Kay be saved? Does it even need to be saved? What, oh what, can be done... if anything?

This is your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were in charge!

The lines are wide open... Take a crack.

And be sure to thank STRT for inspiring this one! (Perhaps it is not too late to convince her to be an author for this site?)


  1. David and all...I don't think that Mary Kay is broke. I think that the ladies that are doing unethical things are broke. I also believe that even if they weren't in Mary Kay they would still be unethical.

    So with that said I think that corporate might look into women that come in with a large inventory...maybe have like a call back from the company and ask prying quesitons. Find our if that director told the WHOLE TRUTH or just her truth. That director knows that the consultant can order more product this is not the only order that the consulatant will hopefully make. I think that if someone moves up the latter a little to fast there should be a team at corporate checking that too. Making sure that she isn't buying her way up only to have her fall flat on her face.

    I really wish that people would work with ethics, that they would take pride in what they do and how they do it. It boils down to trying to get something for nothing in my opinion and if you look all around you will see it everywhere not just MK. Many don't want to put the hard work that it takes to build a business.

    I know and as I have said before I own a hair salon and when I first opened it I worked my butt off. Some days I was there 16 hours a day, and this was done with a broken shoulder, torn rotar cuff and deltoid.(I was in a car wreck 3 months to the day after opening.) So anyway, I built my business up and now I only work 3.5 days a week. I know longer work until midnight. My point is that it takes hard work to build a business the right way not trying to take advantage of anyone, and Being ethical. I have a good customer base and I worked hard to get it I didn't take any short cuts because in my opinion they become long cuts.

    Mary Kay might check the things that I mentioned and if someone does you wrong then tell corporate so that they can look into it. We are independent and we work for ourselves and I believe that Mary Kay said that we are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.

    Ok I know that this is really long just thought I would get the ball rolling.


  2. OH ONE MORE THING... I am sick of people calling Mary Kay an MLM it is not. We do not buy our products from our directors we get it from the company and that in itself makes us a reatiler. I know this in my hair business I order from a distributor of products then I get them mark them up and sell them. I am not buying from personally from the rep I am buying it from the company. So please stop calling it a MLM becaue it is not.


  3. Hi Pink Bren,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mary Kay is an MLM.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. Multi-Level Marketing is just a way of selling goods or services through distributors.

    According to the FTC,

    "These plans typically promise that if you sign up as a distributor, you will receive commissions -- for both your sales of the plan's goods or services and those of other people you recruit to join the distributors. Multilevel marketing plans usually promise to pay commissions through two or more levels of recruits, known as the distributor's "downline.""

    Because certain pyramid schemes (which are illegal in most states) present themselves as multi-level marketing plans, there is a "bad" name associated with them, but Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing plan.

    It is not a bad thing to downplay that fact, especially since so many people assign a negative connotation to MLM, but it is inaccurate to say that Mary Kay is not an MLM.

    Here is a link to the FTC website that puts it in pretty simple language.

    FTC explanation of Multilevel Marketing Plans

    Also, you can check out the Wikipedia article that describes the differences between legitimate MLM's and Pyramid Schemes.

    Hopefully that will make you a little less frustrated when people refer to MK as an MLM!

  4. David... by what I read on MK legal it is not. I will not post that here however on intouch go ahead and read it. So read what they say and then let's discuss it. If you want I don't think that it is and this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  5. Hi Pink,

    Can you post a link to that? Or copy/paste it? I have never been on intouch myself and it would make it much easier for everyone here to be able to read it here.


  6. David..I tried to cut and paste however it wouldn't let me. You would have to have your wifes info to get on.
    is the link if you would like or can't get on I would be happy to print and type in just let me know.

  7. Ok, just tell me what to click on once I am "in"!

  8. David...resources and then tax and legal.

  9. Ok, I found it. It definitely does say, "Mary Kay is not a multi-level or "pyramid" company.". However, the reasons that they give really speak to the "pyramid" aspect of it, not the multi-level aspect.

    I personally think that Mary Kay should reword that phrase and increase the sales forces awareness of the differences between multi-level marketing (not illegal) and pyramid schemes (illegal). I know it is not a popular terminology, but a well educated sales force if very important, and frankly, I cringe when I hear anyone in Mary Kay say (as you just did) that Mary Kay is "not an MLM". Anyone that has read the FTC article or the wikipedia article (or any other well written explanation of the differences will question your understanding of the company you represent.

    As with everyone on this site, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and you can call it whatever you would like! But I do recommend that you read the articles I linked to and make sure you understand the basics, at the very least, in case someone asks you to back your position up!

    "Mary Kay says that Mary Kay is not an MLM" is not necessarily the best possible answer to give!

  10. David, I did read the FTC thing and I still don't think that it is. It is just my opinion and the way that some on here and other places refer to it is making it sound as though it is illegal. I think that MK has enough legal people in there organization to know if they need to change the wording or not. So again this is my opinion and people can take it or leave it.

    I think that in true MLM like amyway the higher that you move up their latter you get a bigger discount on the products that you are selling so yes they are a MLM. With MK everyone buys at the same price does this make sense. I know this for a fact as my husband signed us up like 14 years ago and I might add I was not happy about it. So MK is different.

    Have a good evening

  11. Blessed (Deleted)July 26, 2008 at 8:09 PM

    I read somewhere one of the best ways to “win friends and influence people” (good Lord, what am I doing posting here!?), is to respond affirmatively to approximations. It’s in this spirit I must commend STRT for leaning in the right direction. Although you’ve scored a point or two, you’re far from a ringer.

    Maybe I’ve watched too many movies in my life. Nonetheless, I’ll tell you STRT’s observation reminded me of H.I. McDonnough in the 1987 movie, Raising Arizona. Shortly after being paroled, H.I. found himself with a shotgun in his hands ready to rob yet another convenience store. In this scene, H.I. laments he tried to fly straight, “…but it wasn’t easy with that sum-bitch Reagan in the Whitehouse.” You can see here the scene I’m referring to, about 1:35 into the clip:

    He further surmises it perhaps wasn’t Reagan, but maybe his advisors. Great stuff. Ya see, H.I. was correct when he realized what he was doing was wrong. He just missed the boat as to the crux of the issue at hand, the source of the problem.

    STRT, I believe the crux of the issue at hand is not a need for folks to be concerned about saving the company. T’HELL WITH THE COMPANY! Worry, instead, about saving the wonderful women being continuously victimized by this company!

    Consider this point: Mary Kay Cosmetics has a pretty good product line, from what I understand anyway (I don’t have an original opinion), except their a bit overpriced. If MK was selling products that made women’s faces fall off, well, the issue would be much less complicated, wouldn’t it? Seems to me there may be a customer base actually interested in buying MK’s products. My observation (however unscientific) is this company’s income, its bread and butter, is derived from selling the “dream” more than selling products. Thus, there is an innate unwillingness on the part of the company, apparently, to give up its sales of the “dream” by adopting practices to address the inappropriate behavior among its ranks (or, more precisely, by ending their surreptitious support of such practices).

    The bottom line is the bottom line. MKC makes money when women order (not sell) products. They know there are cases upon cases of MK products in closets, basements and garages across America (across the world). Why stop the promotion of frontloading when the IBCs are, in fact, largely, the company’s customer base? It wouldn’t, I surmise, make financial sense for MKC to do anything, beyond their current window dressing, to promote an end to frontloading and other unethical practices. Aggressive moves on the part of MKC to address the unethical practices in the MK MLM would be, I believe, financially unsound (for MKC) in the short term.

    In the long term my hope is they will (must) do something or suffer financial loss. I’m not holding my breath though. What would I do if I had a controlling interest in MKC? I’d immediately adopt the FTC’s proposed business opportunity rules, before they’re enacted (not sure there’s much chance they will be). Yea, If I were MKC, I’d very publically adopt the proposed business rules, make it a public relations victory. Today, however, I wouldn’t put any money on a bet they’ll do any such thing.

    Another thing I’d do (am doing) is get alarmed, get vocal. All IBCs should be alarmed, insulted, they are associated with such reprehensible behavior by IBCs and MKC. Make noise! Quit, and say in public forums why you did. Whatever rewards participation in the MK MLM provides participants (and I know it can be an enjoyable activity), it’s not worth playing a role in the continued victimization of women.

    The bottom line for me is the MLM is a severely flawed marketing modality which victimizes its participants, by design. Ideally, I believe, these purportedly quality products should be marketed in a more acceptable, ethical business paradigm.

    And finally, STRT, I believe making observations such as you did reveals much about you. I tip my hat to you.

    Blessed (Deleted)

  12. Hahaha, greetings from Texas, see you just can't get rid of me!

    I just have to throw out my two cents, if you read the wording:

    "Multilevel marketing plans usually promise to pay commissions through two or more levels of recruits, known as the distributor's "downline.""

    I need to point out that until you reach directorshop MK does NOT pay on **TWO OR MORE***levels down.

    Until directorship, all consultants are only paid on their direct team members - or in mlm turns their "first line" - as a consultant you will never receive a commission of your second or third, etc... downline.

    So perhaps that is how Mary Kay can say we are not an mlm. I have always heard dual marketing and direct sales.

  13. On the topic of Is MK broken and how can it be fixed, Pink Bren said:

    David and all...I don't think that Mary Kay is broke. I think that the ladies that are doing unethical things are broke. I also believe that even if they weren't in Mary Kay they would still be unethical.

    I think that the ladies that make up the sales force of MK ARE MK. The IBC's are what make up Mary Kay. It is the IBC's that give MK the reputation that it has. That may not be how MKA intended, but your people are your reputation, no matter what your intentions are. It has been said on many different sites, even on this one and it bears repeating. KNOW YOUR DIRECTORS! If a director has a bunch of people who come in with large initial orders, call those new IBC's. Ask questions. If someone is coming up fast, ask questions.

    But then what if MKC does start weeding out the bad directors. Will the drop in IBC's make MKC loose so much money that they have to close? Is it monetarily worth it to them to police their IBC's? They are a business first and foremost. Their goal is to make money. Would it be smart, business wise, for them to even do anything? I'm no financial analyist, but I would love to see MKC do something.

  14. One other thing that I want to mention that might be a little broken not so much from corporate however from IBC...I don't think that they should recruit anything that breaths, sell to those YES recruit them NO. I personally on my team don't want women that don't want to work.

    I believe that directors should be teaching their team memebers how to book and sell and get those mastered and then recruit. I truly believe if you get those two mastered the other will fall into place. How can you lead someone to where you have not gone. And how can you teach someone what you have not learn.

    If your personal customer base is strong then you can show the women that you offer the opportunity and you can show them and tell them the truth. It is just my opinion.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  15. Is MK broken? After reading this thread of former consultants and directors in other fields I dont think so. This is amazing look at what they have to say.....

  16. speaking the real truthJuly 27, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    For the record, I do not think that Mary Kay, the company, the opportunity, or the dream is broken.

    The problem is that just like with any institution, you have those who look for the fastest and easiest routes to achieve their own personal goals and meet their own personal needs. I think that many of those women have found Mary Kay and because we are independent, have taken advantage of those circumstances and deviated FAR from anything that Mary Kay Ash herself ever intended.

    Mary Kay Ash focused on sales and on holding appointments. Yes, she recruited, but she always put sales first.

    With all of that said, I think that Mary Kay is not broken, but more possibly corrupted by individuals and groups of individuals who partake in certain behaviors. Unfortunately, since their behaviors give them the appearance of "success", others ask about their business practices and attempt to emulate them, and thus the pattern continues and spreads.

    That leads to my comments about taking back OUR company. Those of us "old schoolers", those of us who have built solid, reputable, ethical businesses and units are SICK of this corruption, and sick of apologizing and answering for it. No, Mary Kay is not innately flawed or bad, as some believe, we have just let some bad apples get in the limelight and on the scoreboards.

    What can we do?
    -Report corruption, unethical behaviors and abuses. Tell corporate to get rid of these people because YOU do not want to be associated with them. Enough calls, they will listen. They cannot afford to lose their reputation or all of us ethical consultants or directors. Too many of us look the other way. Let's start jumping up and down until corporate listens. Tell them how these behaviors are impacting Mary Kay's reputation and potantially your future.
    -Be careful what you promote, attend, and follow. If you see some of this "do it fast" stuff happening, ask questions, see if it is legit before promoting it to your team or unit. Stop attending events unless you are confident that the training will be 100% solid Mary Kay business training. Part of the problem is that we have put some of these rogue directors up on pedestals based on their accomplishments, without ever looking into the facts about how they achieved what they have. Stick to corporate materials and documents.
    -Conduct yourself with the utmost ethical standards.
    -Build a solid customer base. When you recruit someone, teach them to do the same. You will become the best advertising that Mary Kay can have.
    -If you know someone to be conducting themselves unethically. Do not attend events with them. Do not purchase their materials. Do not visit their website.

    What can corp. do?
    -Return to the old DIQ program
    -Keep records of EVERY report on a director or consultant, good or bad.
    -When someone submits for DIQ or NIQ, the pull her record and look for multiple reports of negative behaviors.
    -Send out warnings to directors letting them know that someone has reported their "bad behavior". Sure, corp. might not can do much, but who wants to get those letters. It would make anyone get a little paranoid about their behavior and about who reported them, maybe enough so to straighten up a bit.
    -Limit initial orders to a max. of $3600 wholesale. NO ONE NEEDS TO START WITH MORE THAN THAT, and most do not need that. Build up if you need it, but get real, who needs that to start?
    -Send a letter to every member of new units, enclosing a survey about their Mary Kay experience and their new director. Let new directors know that she is subject to have her directorship revoked or she might be placed on probation if a large percentage of her surveys come back with negative comments.
    -Stop giving out all of these extensions to weak directors. It only prolongs the inevitable and puts them a desperate position.
    -Track directors who have a higher than normal percentage of product returns. Ask them for an explanation, telling them that they are higher than the average. Contact some of their consultants who have returned product with a survey. Again, too much negative feedback=probation.
    -Survey to all new consultants at the 3 month mark to see how they feel about their Mary Kay experience, their director, their training, the company, etc. This could let corporate know what is really going on out there. Again, too much negative feedback on a director=probation.

    Okay, enough for now.

    Although some do not get it, I love this company. I love Mary Kay Ash and I love my Mary Kay business. I am passionate about returning to our roots (with modern twists like no pantyhose and up to date glamour trends) and protecting the Mary Kay opportunity for generations to come. Really. I truly feel this way.

  17. Strt...I am with you. I think we should take it back. I too love MK, MKA, and my MK business, that is why I get a little testy when people run it down. I think that it is a great company.

    Have a Good Evening

  18. Strt...I am with you. I think we should take it back. I too love MK, MKA, and my MK business, that is why I get a little testy when people run it down. I think that it is a great company.

    Have a Good Evening

  19. speaking the real truthJuly 27, 2008 at 5:40 PM

    Blessed, thank you for your compliments (I think). It is refreshing to know that you do not find us all to be just plain "stupid". However, you know that I disagree with most of your entry, and there is no reason to go through it. The way that I feel is stated above. I've not been victimized, nor am I victimizing anyone else.

  20. Speaking the real truth AMEN to everything you said!! I really dont have a problem with those who want to do MAD recruiting simply because the numbers speak for themselves. If someone an come in and be a recruiting machine (with normal orders not 200-2400)not loans against the house I can see how a smart businessperson can move up quickly. I DO believe in the monitoring of directors ONLY if their is a complaint lodged against them and there has to be quite a few not one or two. Believe it or not there are people who are honest who have complaints lodged against them in any company due to jealousy. Some consultants are jealous of top directors or any kind of success and would find a way to sabatoge them if they could. Im sure that your mission is worthy and I know many want the company back as it was meant to be.

  21. speaking the real truthJuly 27, 2008 at 8:01 PM

    I agree Colleen, that is why I think there should be a min. percentage of negative complaints or survey results before action, an opportunity for the director to explain anything that might make her numbers fall outside the normal range (like a rogue DIQ who fails and then encourages her entire team to quit and send back product in an attempt to wreck the mother unit, yes, I know a wonderful lady that had it happen to her!), a warning, and then probation.

    Face it, if some of these directors had to back up and answer for their actions, they might act differently. AND, even if the behavior is not unethical, the company could get a real snapshot of how these activities/behaviors affect others and in turn the company as a whole.

  22. speaking the real truthJuly 27, 2008 at 8:06 PM

    BTW, I have learned in my experience with corporate that often times you have to keep telling them things in order to get what you want. I've seen this with products, programs, etc. For instance, I think they were slammed with complaints about the limits on ordering the new display trays, having to place a $600 wholesale to even get them? I know that I sent in an email, and I doubt that I was alone. They changed it. I talked with the car dept. last week about the deductible issue for an accident that is not your fault, they told me that they are looking into some changes and that I was not the only one to raise this concern. They do listen. We just have to persist and those of us who are working our businesses ethically must speak up.

    Note: Make sure that you are always professional in your dealings with corporate. State your concern and back it up with facts and figures, names and numbers. Also, make sure that your concern gets to the appropriate dept./person. Be rational, clear, and precise, that goes a lot further than the rantings of lunatics.

  23. Speaking the Real Truth,

    I AGREE 100% with everything you said. I am extemely impressed with they way you worded everything.


    I, too, love this Company and the opportunity. I don't believe it is "broke". What STRT said is what I believe needs to be done.

    As Colleen said, "AMEN" to everything that STRT wrote!

  24. Have you all seen the info on PT.
    Where NSD's have to qualify for a trip now? Interesting. If I were an NSD I dont think I would care about a trip, you can get one of those as a director. I do think financially MK is trying to recoup due to the economy. STRT is smart I think she knows that in order for things to be strong that the rope needs to be tightened a bit and have more people doing quality work, its better than having a few putting in big orders and then falling out. There was a time when MK had strong small units, I think that huge and non productive is the problem. There are directors who have been Grand Prix's and Caddie's for years and they are not close to National but they have strong units and a good personal business.

  25. STRT,

    You’re right. We disagree. But I definitely don’t think you or anyone else here is “stupid.”

    Blessed (Deleted)

  26. I dont know if I posted this before but MK is doing a lot in the way of TV advertising and they are not recruiting commercials. They are showing the black compact and I see it at least twice a day, I hope it helps the consultants.

  27. speaking the real truthJuly 28, 2008 at 1:41 PM


    Colleen, there is a lot of discussion about this change to the NSD compensation program.

    Here is another side of the story. IN the past few years we have all seen our share of directors who have achieved the position of NSD rather quickly and "shakily". Look at the Applause magazine, do you notice several who are at the bottom in earnings every month? This would indicate that they have low producing areas that are NOT growing.

    I truly believe that Mary Kay Ash intended the position of NSD to be bestowed upon women who had put in years of work, building consultants, units, and other directors. In my opinion, it was never intended to be something to just "hurry up and get to". Now, that several of these have "hurried up and gotten there", they are not producing in the way that they old timers have. So, I ask two questions:
    1)How can Mary Kay Corp. continue to rewards those who are not achieving the same level of success and productivity that those in the past have?
    2)Should Mary Kay rewards NSDs with these perks if they do not really deserve it?

    I am looking at this as an adjustment to the benefits package that is necessary to compensate for the changes in the makeup of some of these NSD areas.

    Of course, some will say that the sky is falling, but I think that it is a wise move by Mary Kay. Think of it this way, without such changes, someone can just get to NSD anyway that they can, and still get these kinds of benefits. That other site should be shouting for joy that changes are being made that would take any the lure to "do it quick" and build it weakly just to get there. But, of course they will twist this to their own advantage any way that they can.

  28. speaking the real truthJuly 28, 2008 at 6:10 PM

    Another note to consider. The NSD's spouse is allowed to accompany her on the trip for free too! Can you imagine what the trip cost the company? My NSD thinks that it is a good thing and that it is warranted. She is embarrassed by some of the NSDs and how little they produce. She has never worked on the minimums and never will. She has earned every cent and every perk, has paid her dues and deserves everything that she gets. She still sells, still holds appointments, AND still has a personal unit that exceeds half million every single year. She is solid as a rock and is not phased by this at all. She is old school all the way!

  29. speaking the real truth said...


    STRT... please consider being an author. know you wanna!

    It is fun, really! You obviously have some great insights and thoughts to share. And I think I speak for the group when I suggest that you seem to know when something is "big" enough of a news item to have its own post.

    This would be a great first post for you.

    Let me know.

    As always, you can email me at


  30. I want to commend you all for the great posts over the past few days. I just "caught up" and I am so impressed to see how folks are getting along and working together on what can be done. "Speaking the Real Truth" - you have excellent points, things that can be put into action! Several of you have been very understanding and kind regarding Judi and her situation. Even the postings involving Blessed are being answered nicely. MK4ME, as always, continues with her down to earth advice. This is just wonderful! I have no claim or stake in Mary Kay - I have just been an interested bystander for a long time - yet I always wondered when and if folks would start drawing together on a path/course of action. I like to see things "resolved" (it's just my nature) and you guys are heading that way. I never believed Mary Kay should "implode" but I did believe that the injustices, such as those that Judi and Blessed's wife encountered, should be addressed. You all should be commended for coming together like this. I know there is still work to do but this blog and each of your involvments in it is a beacon of hope to finally resolve the issues (big run on sentence there but I am a tired girl right now
    ). (Last but not least, David, thank you so much for starting this blog.)

  31. Objective1,

    Thank you for your kind words. I do believe that there is a possibility that we can effect change to the system.

    However, we are still quite a way off.

    First, we need to determine exactly what the problem is.

    Then, we need to determine a course (or courses) of action that could fix the problem.

    Then, we need to get mass support. A few hundred people on a blog is a good start, but 70,000 beauty consultants all saying, "we want _______" is a much stronger voice!

    I do get a sense (as you also seem to) that we are getting to a point where we will be moving to a new level. Not sure what that will look like yet, but I do know that I (we) will need all the help I (we) can get!

    I am, as always, wide open to suggestions.

    Anyone that would like to discuss ideas is welcome to write me at

    Again, thanks.

  32. Everyone, great thoughts all around. STRT, I'll put in my vote that you should be an author on this blog. :) That could be the next poll subject!

    Should STRT accept her natural talent as a writer and accept a position as an author on The Truth About Mary Kay?

    [] yes
    [] no
    [] who is STRT
    [] give me 15 minutes while I read some posts so I can give an honest answer
    [] dunno

    In all seriousness, while I agree with what is being said, there's a small voice inside of me that says, "now what? what's next? what could possibly be done to invoke positive change?" That's where I'm at. Any way I can contribute?

  33. STRT step up to the plate!! David please make the NSD requirement a topic.

  34. I have been following all the discussion the last few days. Instead of leaving a long comment here, I am just going to carry it over to my blog at

    Please feel free to come and join in on the discussion.

    I don't know about all of you but my main goal in Mary Kay is to develop a profitable and successful business and eventually be able to stay home with my kids and just do Mary Kay. I currently work full time and in order to quit my job, I have to replace my income. I have been a director once but.....(that story will be posted on my blog)...I would like to become a director again but my question/concern it possible to have a successful business financially just being a consultant and selling the product?

  35. I think the ONLY way you can make a living off of MK just selling the product is if you sell to businesses and individuals. I dont see how anyone can do that unless they have tons of clients. If you are married and hubbie makes good money its doable but if you are single and you need to make 25k a year or more I think the best way is to sell to businesses and consumers. If Im wrong I stand corrected but someone would have to sell 1000.00 a week to make a net profit of a living wage and if they have some team members who are working and they can get a monthly commission check of 500-1000.00 a month. There is no shame in working a part time job and doing MK until someone can start to make a living off of it. The only way I can see someone living off of MK is if they are a director who is doing classes and bringing in a monthly commission check of 2500 a month, plus sales and quarterly bonuses

  36. Pink bren most people who want to own a business dont want to put in the work and the commitment that is necessary. I have never met a business owner who said that it was easy, especially if they are successful. Im glad you worked hard to have a profitable shop! Kudos to you.

  37. Indo-U.S. Trade & Investment: Mary Kay Inc.

    Hina Nagarajan, India country manager

    In September 2007, Mary Kay Inc. – the Dallas-based company whose namesake founder pioneered direct marketing of skin-care products and cosmetics in the United States – launched an Indian subsidiary, Mary Kay Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., in the northern city of Gurgaon.

    In doing so, the privately held company established a foundation for a $20 million, five-year plan that it has developed for India, which has emerged as one of the largest markets for personal-care products in the world.


    Mary Kay Inc. selected Hina Nagarajan – who previously who previously worked with other high-profile consumer-product companies, among them ICI Paint Ltd. and Nestle India Ltd. – to lead Mary Kay India. She will guide Mary Kay India’s expansion into the northern cities of New Delhi, Chandigarh and Ludhiana, with other cities to follow over the next five years.

    “Today, all of India holds potential for Mary Kay,” Nagarajan said. “Women residing in the small towns have aspirations equal to or higher than those of the women living in the big cities. This is true of consumption across categories of India. The Mary Kay focus will be to cover urban India, including tier-2 cities, over a period of time to tap into this potential.”

    Nagarajan, who holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, as well as a degree in business commerce from New Delhi University, said Indian women will appreciate Mary Kay not only for the products that it offers, but because the company will also provide stay-at-home mothers an opportunity to own their own business.

    Mary Kay’s entry into India boosts the number of markets in the company’s international portfolio to well over 30. Today, the company has more than 1.7 million independent sales consultants spread among five continents. As Mary Kay is private, it does not release all of its financial information to the public.

    However, it has revealed that it generated a record $2.25 billion in wholesale revenue last year.

    The company reported that in 2006, it was the best-selling skin-care and cosmetics brand in the United States.

  38. Colleen, great article quote! I especially loved this part, "However, it has revealed that it generated a record $2.25 billion in wholesale revenue last year."

    Uhmmmmm, so, I guess this means that the know-it-alls "over there" don't know what they are talking about when they babble about the company creating NSD requirements for trips due to decreased profits........

  39. Hey Rebecca (Einstein) I think that the NSD requirements have changed (just my opinion) to recoup some monies but mainly to make the NSD work to make her area strong. Its only a trip!! If MK is weak in China or the US or Phillipines or in one country at all the success of the other ones will pick up the slack. I think MK wants to work on volume. Volume is important to any business who wants to "stay" in business. I think that they are beginning to see that the one month wonders and fast rising units do not make for stability.

  40. Einstein (Rebecca) ;)July 31, 2008 at 6:49 PM

    Colleen wrote, "the one month wonders and fast rising units do not make for stability." I think you hit the nail on it's proverbial head, Colleen!


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