Saturday, February 2, 2008

Production Requirement Reduction

Zen Blogger/Shades of Pink has mentioned that InTouch has announced that Mary Kay is reducing the production requirements for Grand Achiever.

First of all, anyone that has any information or questions about this that they would like to share here, you know what to do. (and yes, you should all go read InTouch first - but if you find a blog to me more credible OR don't have access to InTouch OR are just plain lazy, you can read and ask questions here!)

Second, let us discuss the concept of lowering standards.

Is it good? Is it bad?

I have mentioned before the nature of the academy that police officers must complete before becoming an officer. I will also point out the fire department academy. (I recently read a fantastic article about the attempt in Los Angeles to increase the number of women in the LAFD - which has failed thus far because the female candidates really struggle to meet the necessary standards - another hot topic... for another time!) The importance of maintaining standards in some industries is very obvious. In other industries it is considerably less important. Underwater basket weaving comes to mind.

Which is the case with Mary Kay? Should the standards increase? Should the barriers be lowered?

If the answer varies from person to person (invariably - some will perform better with higher expectations while others will bloom if they can "just get their foot in the door"), which "personality" should be given precedence?

Thanks Shades for bringing up this topic!


  1. I can only speak as a newbie. (Okay, an almost newbie - LOL).

    These new requirements make this goal very "do-able," IMHO

    While I can see why "lowering the bar" could be met with disdain from current reps, for newbies it can make things more exciting.


  2. I think I already posted this somewhere else and I hope noone is getting sick of me posting loads, but as I read this, it will only affect the directors who are grand achievers because it says "unit" production reduced. It won't have an impact on a consultant qualifying for the Grand Achiever.

    This is probably about the only time I don't really see this as "lowering the bar" simply because, I think this is really putting things back to a fair standard. As a director our car production is based on quarterly figures on our unit, not monthly figures on our team. So in short, if you opt to do unit production for Grand Achiever as a director you are required to do $24,000 quarterly for maintenance (and directors may not take the G6, they must take cash compensation)to get $375, it just doesn't seem quite right that because that is also what Premier Club (Saturn) production is and the cash comp on the Saturn is $500 a month.

    To be a director, you need to have unit production of $4000 and to get the $500 bonus, you need $5000,
    it is rare but with the way things were you could be a director without a car with a car driver in your unit. Being a director isn't easy and being a new director, takes time to figure out a good balance between being a good consultant and being a good director. Basically you learn to be a good juggler.

    Bringing the quarterly unit production on grand achiever to $20,000 quarterly, you would be looking at unit production of approx $6,500 as oppossed to $8000.

    So instead of receiving $0 if you aren't producing $8000/month, you will receive $375 and who couldn't use mo' money!

    Hope this makes sense and I hope I didn't misunderstand Intouch.

    And mkshay, 12 active team members and a total of $18,000 in one to four months (with minimum production of $4000/month) = Car driver.

    The G6 (Vibe) is actually "deemed" the Consultant car by the Company.

  3. So do they no longer allow Grand Achiever Directors to take the car? I thought they could take the cash, the Vibe, or the G6. Just like they could take the cash or the Vibe; or the cash or the Grand Am. Am I missing something? (Probably!) ;)

    ~Shades of Pink~

  4. If I haven't short circuited, the only time you will see a director with a G6 or vibe is a new director that qualified for the car as a consultant, if you are a director and qualify at that level you get the cash. I didn't double check this on intouch yet, so don't hold me to it but I am pretty sure this is correct.

    I personally love the G-6!! So sporty!


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