Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EVERYONE has bad days

Everyone has a bad day from time to time in any business, not just Mary Kay.

  • I can remember when I lived in PA and worked in a store there. We had 4 inches of snow and our total sales for the day were around $50. (The average was well over $1000 on a weekday.)

  • I have driven 3 hours to do a presentation and had no one show up.

  • I have had 6 people call in sick in one day.

  • I had an assistant manager forget to take the "closed" sign off of the door one day when I was off. Needless to say, sales were bad that day. :o)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

When you have a bad day in Mary Kay (or any business), you have a choice.

  • Keep your chin up. Try to correct what you can. Learn from your experience, and try again the next day, or

  • Get into a pity party and completely convince yourself that you will never succeed.

There are also people who would love to help you wallow in negativity - don't let them. Being around negative people (online or in real life) will only make you miserable. The worst thing you can do when you are having a bad day is find someone else to affirm your feelings of gloom and doom. (Some people even make a living off of the misery and hopelessness of others. They have an ulterior motive to keeping you miserable. Very sad.)

Think of it like this: every marriage has bad days. It's not like you are going to file for divorce because you have one bad day. There are days when you and your spouse may fuss and fight or simply get on each other's nerves, but you have a choice.

  • Start fresh the next day, or

  • Dwell on the negative.

The worst thing you can do on the bad days is find someone who isn't wild about your spouse and pour out your frustrations to him or her. After listening to your Aunt Myrtle agree with you about how horrible your spouse is for an hour or two, you feel worse - not better.

However, if you talk to your sister Sue (who thinks your hubby is a great catch - and she is right) and she reminds you of how great he is, you feel encouraged. You know the situation is only temporary.

It is the same thing with your MK business.

Having a rough day? Call your MK support circle and be encouraged. Ask questions. Get positive advice. Go to a positive, uplifting site and get encouragement.

Are you having a great day? Call your team members. Send a card to encourage someone. Post a positive note on a MK message board or blog. Make some phone calls. Share your positive energy.

Unrealistic expectations (in marriage or business) can cause a lot of frustration. Knowing from the start that there will be great days and not-so-great ones makes the journey easier.


  1. Not sure why the spacing is so messed up on that post - I couldn't get it right. LOL

    Sorry! *blush*

  2. Shay, you are so right.
    It seems so easy when you are down about something we look for sympathy from others and then to actually start to enjoy that attention. (or we want to be validated that what we feel is right) I think most humans do like attention and sometime I think any attention good or bad is still attention.

    I have had good and bad days in life, marriage, business, bowiling, etc... (we all have)

    I bowl on a league with my hubby for fun, I am not very good and don't want to practice, have no desire to earn a living bowling but if I go in and have a bad night, it still bums me out. Why, because I like doing things to the best of my ability. Just because I have a bad night, it doesn't stop me from returning the following week. However, once I start doing badly, it is usually down hil from there because the more frustrated I get the worse I bowl. If I can shake it off or return the following week, everything starts looking up.

    So... what I think about I bring about... as soon as I start doing bad, I just know that each frame is just going to get worse.. and it does!

    But because bowling isn't really important to me, it is easier to release the emotion. I guess when it is our business that hits a slump it is harder to shake if off but it is the same principal as my bowling.

  3. and to continue, went down for our league night tonight and because I had a sore shoulder started the night out badly. Fortunately Hubby's cousin who is on our team is a chiropractor, so good ole' doc gave me an adjustment... I am happy to report all three games ended over my average and we took two games, lost one, and got total pins. It was a great night at the old bowling lanes.

  4. I used to bowl on a league. I miss it. It was a lot of fun.

    I want to try to organize a homeschoolers' bowling league. :D

    It is easy to keep wallowing in self-pity if you are around negative people. Being around people who are positive and will say, "You can do it - try again!" is so much better! :D

  5. We have a consultant who constantly re-lives all her bad day experiences at every meeting (even though we are not supposed to discuss this topic in front of everyone). She also talks to her recruiter nearly daily, but still brings up all the problems during the meetings, then complains about the SD who is trying to help her work thru the problems.

    How do you politely tell someone if they don't want "help" fixing their problem, to keep quiet ?

    For those of us who have a ? for the SD (who does not live locally & comes only 2 x's per month), or who have a babysitter at home, it is very frustrating knowing that the meeting is going to run long due to Consultant "A" having a problem, AGAIN, & taking time away from the meeting.

    I have even suggested to meeting host that we do a "training" reviewing procedures, since it's a new year, ie., NO CELL PHONES, WAIT TIL AFTER OFFICIAL MEETING HAS CONCLUDED before you ask for SD help, etc.,..

    Does anyone else have an idea?

  6. Posetive thinking..... I just have to share this.... I shared in the earlier posts how I bowl with hubby on a league for fun, but I am really not very good at all, but I took what I wrote to heart and went in tonight very light hearted and ready just to have fun .....drum roll please... I bowled the first game that I ever bowled over 200... it was 210...
    talk about what you think about you bring about!!! Woo Hoo!!

    Thanks for this artical MKShay, sometimes even if we know something it takes reading it and thinking about it to remind you that you believe!!


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