Friday, February 22, 2008

Your MK Business This Week (2/22/08 - 2/29/08)

What's going on in your Mary Kay biz this week?

  • Skin Care Classes?
  • Recruiting appointments?
  • Facials?
  • Sales from reorders?
  • Great day in general?
Post about it here - I'll try to have this each week.


  1. Okay. I'll start. :D

    I have a SCC tonight, and facials on 2/23, 2/25 and 2/26.


  2. I had my class! WOO HOOOO!

    It was a small class, but it was a LOT of fun and I made some sales! I also got a booking from it.

    I am excited!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL

  3. MKShay -

    Congrats! Those are always good days!

    I worked all day, delivered 2 orders, talked to a potential recruit, called another potential recruit - her child's sick, we'll talk next week, & tried to tract down a customer. Not too great with sales but busy!

  4. rural -

    Hey! Two deliveries is awesome! Woo hoooo! And chatting with potential recruits is great, too!

    Sorry one had the sick kiddo, but those kinds of things happen. It's okay!

  5. got another recruit today. A young man that had signed with me a few years ago. He contacted the company, found me and is resigning! I also have deliveries to make tommorrow.

    Just got my order in also.

    Way to go shay!

  6. foreverpink -

    Congrats! That is exciting to hear!

    I think I am going to love this thread. I enjoy hearing about all of the activity going on.

  7. This isn't so much about me, but Tuesday night at my meeting, my SSD announced she is submitting NIQ in Setpember 2009. She needs 12 first line offspring directors and 8 second line offspring directors. I have decided I'm going to be one of those 8 second line offspring directors! :D
    I know she has 6 first line. She is an Executive Senior Sales Director. My director is her offspring (duh) and I want to help with the NIQ goal. It is something to keep me motivated toward my own DIQ goal.

    Congrats to everyone else on your successes this week as well! I also made a delivery the other day. I guess my news is really from 2/15/08-2/22/08. I'll get some work done to report back soon! :D

  8. I am excited because I already have 3 confirmed guests for my unit meeting on Tuesday night and I have only made one call!LOL

    Also have several deliveries from web orders today and yesterday~~~going to drop recruiting info off with 3 of the gals!

    congrats Shay!!!!!! It is awesome to see your enthusiasm.

    Shades... go for it... that is exciting that you want to help her get through NIQ~ a HUGE goal!

  9. I got another order today. I am putting in my initial order on the 29th, so I am trying to get as many orders as I can before then.

    So far I am up to over $500 retail (with all of the orders I have gotten so far - not just from today's order). WOO HOOOOOO!!!!

  10. Shades -

    That is so cool!

    Skin care mom -

    WOW! That is a great job!!

  11. Oh yes! I also signed up for my MK website and with ProPay yesterday. Yay!

  12. I am holding TEN CLASSES this week! It is a challenge given by my director; she is entering every consultant who meets the challenge into a drawing for a Career Conf. registration. So far I have one done, and I made 4 bookings tonight.
    Tomorrow I am sending out some product to my long distance customers, and warm chattering until I get FIFTEEN NAMES! It seems like a lot, but I want to do the Ten Class week soooo badly, and I only have until Friday. Tomorrow evening I will also make some calls. I am excited!!! I want to be a Red Jacket by Career Conf, last weekend in March, and so far I still need 3 recruits lol.
    But I KNOW I can do it. I want to go on target for my G6 next month, too.
    I LOVE MY BUSINESS! I love the confidence and excitement I feel just from THINKING about it!!!

  13. Jenna -

    That is great!! Just reading your post makes me excited!!

    I definitely want to have this topic each week! It is GREAT hearing about all of the success in everyone's biz!!

    GO JENNA!! :D

  14. Wow, despite the bad weather, Had a super class, and yesterday had a double grand day in reorders, and just put an order in (I needed the product badly I was just holding off until I knew I could order some of the new goodies and.....
    I am officially on target Court of Sales, by actually selling the product, over 16 grand days this month and we still have plenty of month left, have two on the books!!

  15. This is pretty off-topic, but I was wondering, for those people who check Pink Truth every once in a while, a recent post was one of their infamous "revelations" about MK changes, and it talked about the website adding a feature that allows online customers to order product from the consultants' websites and recieve it directly while paying online. I was kind of confused about all this, and wondering if it was true. I am not worried; I actually think it might be beneficial. Of course I want to wait until we have the FACTS from MKC itself, but just wondering if anyone knew anyhthing about this further.

  16. MK4ME -

    That is awesome!! You go, girl!!


  17. Jenna -

    I don't have the answers for that. Maybe MK4ME or Shades can chime in soon...

  18. I will be placing my initial order on 2/29 - I am excited about it! :D

    Got another order today. :D

  19. I sold two Satin Lips sets and some nail polishes this week so far. I have a new customer, too. :)

    Last night I had a bit of a revelation in my business. I'm taking a different approach to my goals and how I am setting goals for March. I wrote about it on MK Rules. I'm a guest writer there. Anyway, my goals for March are to hold a Power Start and as a result, I want to sell 20 Miracle Sets. That will put me at my retail goal. It will be interesting to see how close I get!


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