Saturday, February 23, 2008

Having fun - and making money

Today I made a sale while at Chuck E. Cheese with the kiddos.

No, it was NOT someone I met while I was there - it was a friend that was meeting us there and she asked me to bring my MK stuff. The kids played and we had fun with MK. Everybody wins! LOL

While it was not the ideal way to do a one-on-one, it really does show the flexibility of this business.

How else do you combine your "life" and Mary Kay? (Running errands while handing out samples and business cards, etc.)

Or do you not do that? Do you keep your "off" time "off" and only work your biz certain times?

Chime in here!


  1. way to go Shay!! These things do happen, so having books with you or a business card always helps you stay prepared.

    Encounters like these are not the bread and butter of our business, but more like little extras along the way. But those encounters can turn into SCC's or facials later. This is what is meant by having MK fit into your life. Just bring it along with you in whatever else you are already doing, especially if you are going to be with other moms and women.

    I have made sales at my daughters school when picking her up in the afternoon, at the cleaners, after church, at work etc.. Someone will say "..I need some cleanser, or "do you have xyz product". If you have been in this business any length of time and if you let people know you sell it, you will have these little extra sales along the way.

    Good job! Keep up your excitement!

  2. Thanks, foreverpink!

  3. One day on my lunch break at work, I was sitting in a study lounge area and one of the cafeteria staff walked by my table. She noticed my on the go tote and asked for a book and ordered a Satin Hands! When I delivered it, I was bombarded by all these women who work in our cafeteria! "Are you the Mary Kay lady? I want concealer!" It was great! :D

  4. Shades, that is the kind of story that brings a smile to my face! :D

    When my family found out I was doing MK again, they were excited! And ordered! LOL

  5. My sister has been a HUGE help with my business - she works in a much larger company than I do, & is on several community boards. So I always offer fundraisers to the boards. We are currently working our 2nd fundraiser & the ladies she works with all know I'm in MK & order from me. I can see her & drop off orders at the same time!


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