Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Your Life!

How do you measure success?

We have certainly all seen those people that are undeniably “successful”. They have money, notoriety and live the life they always dreamed they could.

We have seen the success stories of people that overcame great obstacles (and odds) to lead an extraordinary life that many people who have no obstacles will never realize.

Surely, some of you, have met someone that is not famous, wealthy or even “well off”… but, they exemplify the epitome of success.

The question then is, “What is success?”

Now it is clear that some things are socially accepted as signs of success.




When you get to the end of your life and it is “game over”, what will make you say, “I was successful”?

Obviously, even by our own standards, there is always the possibility of being MORE successful.

How do you plan on becoming MORE successful? Today? This month? This quarter? This year?


  1. I think this is one of the reasons why we need written monthly goals!
    My version of "success" may not be someone elses! That's why I always prepare a monthly goal sheet at the 1st of the month, put it, my weekly plan sheets & weekly accomplishments plus "homework", in a protector so I can keep up with my goals!

    The weekly plan sheet goes on the fridge for the current week so hubby can see what's going on (he forgets that we've gone over this already) but we also list goals we want to accomplish for the week! It really does help!

    I do try to stick to my plan, ie no MK on Sunday - except to gather up orders for delivery on Monday. I was "working" 24/7 but it didn't jive with our plan sheet. Now, it's not a problem - my filing & office work is also listed - usually done later at night.

    There are months I don't quite make it but in review, I didn't quite work as much as I shoulda so, the blame lays with me! On the months I put forth the effort, I'm ususally right on target! (I kept my goals realistic for me.)

  2. My grandmother is 80+ years old and has never worked outside of the home, but when I see her at a family function with all of her great-grandkids gathered around her - then that shows me an incredible amount of success in her life. THAT is the kind of success that lasts for generations, IMHO.

    As far as business success goes, I have made some modest goals to start off with. Being able to achieve those goals and then set new ones and reach those - that would be how I measure my success in MK.

    Great post!

  3. Mkhay...glad to see someone elses Grannie was like that. My Grannie however did have to work out of the home because of divorce however she lived to be 96 years young and she was the rock of the family. A good Christian women and I miss her and I can only pray that when I have granchildren that they will think about me how all of her grandkids thought about her.

    Personal goals I want to be a good Christian women that when people see me they don't see me they see the Lord through me. I want my kids to be good and I want them to respect others and be compassionate towards others. I want to be a good role model and to raise my kids so that they will in turn be good role models.

    Business goals...I want and need to work more on my MK and maybe tonight I will sit down and make out those and then will report back.


  4. Three pillars of "success":
    Faith - I believe in God
    Trust - I trust Him and His Plan for my life
    Obey - I obey Him

  5. Rural--I love your organization. I need to get back into those habits. My hubby needs the weekly plan sheet displayed, too. It helps us both. I am terrible at keeping up with my Weekly Accomplishment Sheets. I need to get back into that. I know it will impact my productivity.

    Ladies, lovely goals and success stories.

    For me, I make small, attainable daily and weekly goals to match the work needed for my monthly and large goals.

    I believe success is an individual phenomenon. I also feel that you can have small successes and come up short of the long term goal, but the fact that one achieves those short term small goal should be motivation to continue to strive for the long term goal--hence the concept, the goal is in stone, the deadline is in sand. Life happens. We don't have to shut down every time something unnerves us. We don't do that with our regular jobs, so why do that to ourselves in our home-based businesses? It's all about keeping our eyes on our goals and staying focused. It is also about taking ourselves as seriously as we would take a supervisor at another job.


    Sorry, couldn't resist.


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