Monday, February 11, 2008

numerous apologies

I know you may be thinking this site is gone for good.... or that I have been swallowed up by some unknown force.... I am still here, and you can still talk about Mary Kay and Pink Truth.

Welcome to all the newcomers, and thanks to all of you that are keeping the discussion going.

If you would like to help make this site interesting (by authoring some posts) let me know. Please sign up for a blogger profile and then email me with your profile ID and I will add you as an author.

Please make sure that posts are spell checked and read for continuity.

Zen and Shay, you already have profiles, just zing me an email if you are willing to be "added".

Thanks all.... more later


  1. Hey David!! Good to see you are still here. I was beginning to wonder, you and Blessed have both been MIA. (just joking)

  2. David,

    Glad to see you are OK. Hey we all need to keep this site going. I think it is GREAT!! Anyway glad to see everything is OK!!

  3. Dave,

    I've been in LA for a number of days. Do all you people drive like this?!!

    My schedule is crazy and I don't see a change in this regard for this trip. Perhaps we can meet during a future visit to LA. Sorry I was (am) unable to make this happen this time.

    I hope you and your wife are well. Take care.



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