Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wow! (This ain't your Mama's Mary Kay!)

I just got my starter kit, and all I can say is, "Wow!"

I am completely blown away by how different this is from what I received when I signed up 13+ years ago.

Full-sized products, samples, online ordering options, an appointment book, DVD's showing a skin care class, an opportunity CD. And the bags! They are GORGEOUS!! When I was in, the starter kit had a big pink box you lugged around. LOL This starter kit bag is absolutely beautiful!

And the tote! Perfect size for taking with you, and wonderful for showcasing a Look Book. I can definitely see how just using the bag can get you some referrals/customers.

So now for some input - I would love to hear from all of you!

  • Do you use your On-the-go tote? Do you keep a Look Book in it? Samples? Biz cards?
  • Have you gotten customers/hostesses from it?
  • Do any of you hand out samples with business cards?
  • Do you wear your your name tag? Pin? Have you gotten customers from that?

I would love to hear any stories about how using these tools led to finding a customer or consultant for your team!

If you have NOT gotten results using these tools, I want to hear that, too! Tell about your experience and maybe all of us can brainstorm about how to help you get more leads from using the Tote and your pin.


  1. i dont use the tote, but i do keep look books and business cards handy. I have gotten customers from my mk checks, my photo bag that i used to showcase before and after pics, and just plain old word of mouth and of course referrals from classes.

  2. I currently don't use my tote. I've used it in the past and have had women ask me for a catalog while waiting in line at the grocery store. ;) I always wear my pin and I do have people notice my pin. I always have samples with me. Right now, I carry the Everything Tote with me to work and classes. People LOVE that thing! I love it, too--it has pockets perfect for samples. I think it would be an excellent candidate for a Starter Kit bag if the company is so inclined to change that again. The current Starter Kit bag is very cute and I loved that when it came out (I got a free one with a $600 w/s order one time). I took that tote everywhere and wore it out. Now I have a brand new one.
    But anyway, I do get attention with my on-the-go-tote and wearing my pin. I don't wear my nametag out and about in most cases. I just don't feel comfortable doing that. But I always wear my MK pin.

  3. Interesting question about wearing your name tag. (remember, I'm a husband and other than the Navy, my corporate jobs required me to carry an ID badge, but I certainly wouldn't classify that as a nametag.)

    I see real estate people wearing their name tags all the time. Why shouldn't a Mary Kay consultant wear hers? Now my wife almost always wears her sales director pin or a pin with the Cadillac crest on it (but not both), but she only wears her name tag to official functions where there are a lot (10+) of other directors.

  4. MKH -

    I asked the name tag question because people often look at nametags. I guess people are just bored when they are in line. LOL

    I think it would get more attention than just a pin.

    Not sure, though - that's why I am asking. ;)

  5. Shades -

    What kinds of samples do you give out? Do you get their info so you can follow up?

  6. OKay. The tote works. I had someone see it today and ask me for a Look Book. She is ordering when she gets paid next time. :D


  7. Hi I'm a 21 year old college student looking to begin Mary Kay. Its a big decision for me. For those of you that started with just a starter kit how successful were you? Any advice. Thanks



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