Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time to catch up

I feel like I have just barely been keeping up with this site. So it is time to do a little catching up.

First of all, the most recent polls.

Thanks everyone for voting and look for some semblance of the new title for this site in the near future.


Who does everyone think will win the Super Bowl tomorrow? Should have asked that a while ago, but if you are on and want to weigh in, go ahead.


If you want to discuss which seminar affiliation you are in - now that we know the "stats", you can talk about that here. My wife is in Sapphire, but I am not sure if I will be at seminar this year.


Anyone watch Lost? Should we start discussing it here?


Welcome to all the new people that have been commenting. I regret not having more time to thank you personally for your comments, but your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone.


  1. I'm rooting for the Giants! I'm from Cleveland. Belichick or whatever his name is helped sell the Browns down the river to Baltimore. BOOOOO!!! Even Steelers fans (like me) were mad about that--it wrecked a beautiful rivalry. The "new" Browns did pretty well this year and the rivalry is coming back. And there's the whole cheating thing earlier in the season. The Patriots have some strikes against them in my rulebook. ;)

    I'm in the Emerald Division for Seminar. Kathy Helou National Area! Yea!

    I don't watch Lost.

    ~Shades of Pink~

  2. I am Emerald too! Emerald Reigns!!

    I was an Air Force "Brat" growing up but if I have a place to call "home" it is New England. So since the Steelers aren't in it, I've got to root for the Pats, and kick the coach, but love the players!!

    And never got into Lost either.
    Now CSI's and Law & Orders are another story.

  3. OOOOO I am SOOOOO ADDICTED to Law & Order: Criminal Intent--especially the episodes that feature Vincent D'Onofrio. Right in second place is Law & Order: SVU! They had that marathon today. I had to really tear myself away to get stuff done! LOL

    ~Shades of Pink~

  4. Oh, I should add that I'm more interested in the Super Bowl commercials that the actual game--especially since the Steelers aren't in it! :P

    ~Shades of Pink~

  5. Gotta go for the Giants--got that Manning connection you know.

    I'm in Ruby.

    Never watched Lost-but did anyone watch the new show, Eli Stone? I LOVE IT.

    Also I saw "The Bucket List" yesterday. GREAT movie.

    Update from ME

  6. I'm crying!! :(

    But it was a good game, Congratulations to all you Giants fans!


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