Monday, March 1, 2010

Customer Sweepstakes

To our readers: If you are a customer, please take a minute and visit your consultant's website to enter our sweepstakes and to consultants, what a great way to introduce your clients to your website by inviting them to visit and while they are there they can enter the sweepstakes!!

No one will know if you don't promote it! Miranda, make sure you enter!! Now, just how cool would it be to have her posting that she was a winner!!

Published 03.01.10 from Mary Kay Intouch

“Spring Into Style” Consumer Sweepstakes
Talking with your customers and hostesses about the “Life Happens: Spring into Style” sweepstakes can be a great booking tool – giving you a perfect opportunity to connect with your customers about hosting a spring trend party. And, in addition to the other great reasons you already offer your hostesses (earning free product, trying before buying, girl time, etc.), now there are fantastic prizes for you to talk about – and, entering the sweepstakes can be as easy as sending your customers to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site! Click here for a Spring Sweepstakes flier you can print and share with your customers.

From March 1 – April 30, 2010, customers can enter for a chance to win:

A trip for two to New York City,
$1,000 in spring magazine must-haves
and, a behind-the-scenes tour at Marie Claire magazine!


  1. but...but....

    I don't wanna go to NYC! I'm'a let someone else take that.

    My idea of fun is going to sound a little weird to you. Instead of shopping in the big city, I go camping with hippies. that's how I roll! XD

  2. This site is addicting! Sad because I have spent the last 2 weeks during my free periods browsing all the old stuff, and now there's no new. :( We should get a discussion going...

  3. Actually, I do have a order to keep my active status, does that $200 wholesale have to be at one time, or can it be in a couple different shipments in different months.

    My last order was a small one in January, but the one before that was a pretty big one in December. You're active that month and the two following ones right? So ordering on the second last day of Decemeber was dumb because then I just had Decemeber, January, and February; if I had waited a couple days, I would have had January, February, and I interpreting that correctly?

  4. mkmommy I am pretty sure are right on the order timing. I *think* the $200 w/s has to be at once, but am not sure 'cause it's been like 25 years since I was a consultant.


  5. I spelled December wrong...I'm a high school English embarassing...I can spell; I just can't type.

  6. hey mkmommy,

    I am sure that mk4me will be in soon and weigh in on your questions about Mary Kay and staying active.

    But I am excited to hear that you made your way through the back issues and are hungry for more. I am not sure if you have seen this, but I am always looking for new authors and if you would be willing and interested in starting conversations as an author, I would love to chat with you about that.

    Feel free to email me and lets get the ball rolling.

  7. and.. relax mkmommy, we don't criticize spelling, grammar, or typing here. Long as we can figure out what you are try to "say", we are cool with it! ;)

    and ordering the last day of December was only silly if you don't plan on selling enough to do another full order by March. Otherwise... but it only makes one month difference. for the most part... if I hold just one party, I sell enough to place a $200/$400 order.


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