Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Hot this Coming Season??

As springtime nears, here's a beauty trend right from the runways - and totally wearable! Check out the different ways to embrace lavender, lilac, and orchid (aside from your garden!)


  1. wow... can I see this being done with our dusty lilac, iris, sweet plum, precious pink, and vanilla eyesicles as a base with the black liner and ultimate black mascara.
    (this look was not taken from a Mary Kay catalogue) - bold eyes are really in this season so our Spring line is spot on!

    Check out the looks for this season in any Fashion Magazines... it is great having products that are hot and happening at the right time and season!

  2. OOOh pretty! I would love to learn makeup application tips. I just try and follow the color cards, but that is one of the reasons I'm in MK, but really skin care is #1. I just want to learn how to take care what I have now, and of course enhance what I've got...and figure out what looks best on others!

  3. This is a favorite type of look for me!

    newmkgirl, I posted application tips waaaay back in this blog...if you want me to just email you all I know though, hit me up at gothchiq AT gmail dot com. I have learned from people who work at high end makeup companies in addition to MK and OK, I am an expert at application. I can tell you anything you want to know.


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