Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Product Review

I just got my spring products in the mail from MK4ME: The cream highlighter and Passionfruit lip nectar. Both are fabulous!

The highlighter brings a natural radiant glow to your face. Use on cheekbones and browbones. It gives you that happy and alert look. And that's coming from a goth so you know I'm not full of BS LOL.

The lip nectar is great! It is moisturizing and luxurious feeling, and you can use one layer for sheer color or more for high impact color. Passionfruit is a wearable pink. Olive skin tones are ok with this one. Not too bluish, not too coraly, just right. It's bright without being garish. Once again, makes you look alert and dewy-pretty.

Highly recommended, both. If you demo these for your customers I can't imagine them not wanting to buy!

Plus, props to MK4ME...excellent, prompt customer service, and there's always some nifty little extra in there for me. I can see why you have a zillion customers! I feel loved. :D


  1. well.. you are an awesome client.. and I will say it again and again.. had you not had a director that really did you wrong in the begininning you would be a great consultant today! Just how you love the product would have people buying. No games or cons.. just belief in a good product for a fair price.

    Thanks for a great review. I will emphasize that do not allow the colors of the cheek glazes to be intimidating. They look so brighter in the picture and in person... but when one puts them on it is just a hint of luminous color. Most people have to put more on, lol - I think the tnagerine would rock on golden tanned skin.

  2. OK, you have convinced me to try the new cheek color. See your email; I'll get a Pomegranate cheek glaze (plus a couple other things I need refills on).

  3. I can't speak for everyone but I (mk4me) is a consultant and Miranda is not.


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