Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This quote/post was written on another blog and I had to share. First, was so happy that some of the "anti" folk stop by here to take a peak every once in awhile which I think could be helpful down the road.... but this is what he translates my explanation to:

If you would take the time to read my post and then read this statement, imho, it is easy to see how words get twisted around.

NOTE: OUR site profess to be "BALANCED" NOT unbiased. The writer says...."There are those out there who would suggest (and did so on another web site, purported to be unbiased), that dropping out of MK stems from a personal shortcoming, such as (by analogy) an inability to sing would eliminate one from American Idol. Oh PLEASE!!!! "

for us long time readers our friend blessed isstill hanging around!


  1. readers might know about him too; I know I've read practically every old post and comment

  2. Except that's very clearly not what you said. You have every right to be offended.

  3. I am not as much offended as amused. Everyone reading on this site, read what I wrote when I wrote it. It has not been modified, changed, or deleted. I believe most totally understood the point I was making??

    It is with amusement that one (of some intelligence, I thought) would try to get away with using it in such a distorted way, twisting it - - that if you had not read the original - it looks like a very invalid explanation.

    It is this twisting or corruption of information that always upsets me and if that is the way it was interpreted by some, it does not surpise me that they misinterprete other information. i.e.: EARN your prizes, not BUY your prizes...

    silly rabbit....

  4. oh ... and is there anyone out there that thinks people have dropped out of Mary Kay because of personal shortcomings?

    of course they have... it is one of the many reasons.

  5. Dear Mk4me,

    I hope you and your family are well. Here's the entire post:


    Blessed says:
    17 March 2010 at 12:41 pm
    Well said Dietmar.

    There are those out there who would suggest (and did so on another web site, purported to be unbiased), that dropping out of MK stems from a personal shortcoming, such as (by analogy) an inability to sing would eliminate one from American Idol. Oh PLEASE!!!!

    People leave the MK MLM largely because they are the product of a very predictable process which churns women in droves, by design. The product sold during propagation of this social virus is not creams, lipstick or any other tangible item; the product sold by the MK MLM is fantasy, extremely expensive fantasy. My message to the shameless shills who promote this dreg on the web is this: When you come to your senses, don’t beat yourself up too much. There are many who were bilked by the MK MLM con who offer support to those stepping into reality and away from facilitation of further victimization of women and their families. Join the ever growing ranks of Mary Kay Cosmetics survivors.

    The MK MLM is very simply a well designed scam which exploits women. Who really wants to be a part of this? Who really wants to continue as a shill for this cult-like entity? Look in the mirror… Are you really the type who wants to publicly compare victims of the MK MLM to folks who just can’t sing?



    One last thing Mk4me, please clarify for me the difference between "unbiased" and "balanced." Have a great day!


  6. thanks for sharing blessed. glad to see you are, hope you and yours are well too. right now our family is battling the flu but I am sure we will be fine soon

    and just personally I believe one can be balanced without being biased - .. so I will it energy to elaborate. sorry

  7. That's OK. Glad to hear you're well. Later.


  8. Good luck getting past the flu!

  9. Hey all,

    mkmommy, I was so 'blessed' (snicker, snicker) to read that you and others have gone back and read many (or all) of the back posts of our site.

    Seriously, it is such a great feeling to know that all the effort put into composing those is still being appreciated!

    Thank you for sharing that.


    Hello old friend. It is great to see you confirming for us all that you do still read here. (p.s. to all, personally hate the word "lurk" as a descriptor for this behavior as informing ones self without participating in the conversation does not seem like a condemnable behavior but rather a commendable one... so if you are one of our silent, faithful readers - like blessed - rest assured you are always welcome... and if you would ever like to jump in for a one-time-comment, feel free).

    I do fail to see how:

    "...I make the worst people trying out for American Idol look good..."

    is anywhere near the same as:

    "... dropping out of MK stems from a personal shortcoming, such as (by analogy) an inability to sing would eliminate one from American Idol...."

    In your words, sir:

    "... Oh PLEASE!!!! "

  10. I do not purchase any tangible items? I am paying MK4ME for nothing at all?

    I should lay out all that makeup on my table and take a photo of it.

  11. I'm not a shill. I genuinely like MK products.

    And mk4me didn't say that people who failed in MK were like people who couldn't sing. What she said (and I'm sure you know this, but I feel the need to reiterate) is that people need to make a realistic assessment of their skills, even in the face of a too-good-to-be-true pitch. I got the pitch, and I didn't sell the product.

    I know two people who did who had no business doing so. Partly, the people who blew smoke up my friends' skirts are to blame, but partly my friends are to blame because they should have had a realistic assessment of their own abilities and inclinations. Neither one was right for the job. I have a friend who's selling MK now who might be the type to make it work, and I'm much more supportive of her than I am of other people I've known who have sold the product, so I'm not actively discouraging her.

    MK4ME, did you notice the comments on another recent PT entry? The writer wrote of a director who was selling her DIQs on the idea that they were about to make executive level income when they made director, when in fact she was likely going broke and/or racking up debt. She was getting $1000 per month in commissions and ordering some $2000 wholesale ($4000 retail) of MK product per month. In the opinion of the writer, she wasn't selling all of it and was backloading herself in order to keep her unit.

    Now, I want to stress that it's entirely possible that all of this is true, and it's even possible that the writer of this blog post can verify that it's true. If it is true, it's very sad indeed. However, one of the commenters on the blog post asked the simple question, "How do you know she's not selling it all?"

    Immediately, this person was shunned, called a troll, insulted, etc. The writer of the post could have explained how she knew, or she could have said it was an educated guess/opinion, (which does not make it not true, it just makes it unverified). But she did not respond. Instead other people just attacked the person who had the audacity to ask a question.

    This doesn't do anyone any good if they're interested in getting some concrete evidence on why MK is bad. All they end up thinking is these women hate MK and can't find evidence to back up their claims. It ends up being counter-productive.

  12. Actually, I feel the need to update my comment, as I didn't see the changes that had been made to the comments since yesterday. The writer of the post did respond, and her response was constructive and polite. She said that she had seen it happen over and over that the high-sellers ended up with lots of merch they couldn't sell, and she'd seen it w/her own eyes. I believe her.

    Still no excuse for the others who responded without any evidence to back up their assertions.

  13. Amanda, I think your post (and the post on PT that you wrote about) gets at one of the major problems on that site. I too read the post and the comment, and I was as appalled as you were at the immediate reaction. A couple of those women are just plain mean (ciavyn). I'm glad the author went back and clarified, but the question wouldn't have been asked if she had backed up her assertions from the get-go rather than everyone just spewing their bitterness on unfounded claims. I believe her too, but I think so many of them just believe without seeing or hearing any proof, and it's just a place for them to vent their anger.

    After the author responded politely, then some people made the comment that nobody was mean to the poster (which I disagree with wholeheartedly - being called a troll and told to move along is not exactly kind, contrary to PT's assertion that they're helping women) and that she should continue to read on PT to find out more and more and soon become one of them. I guess it also annoys me that they wait for "trolls" to become members and feel a sense of satisfaction if they do.

  14. So then, what is the difference between "unbiased" and "balanced"?


  15. Blessed,

    I will answer that for you. I am not the one that used those words, so this may be a little different perspective than was intended, but here goes.

    BTW I am also aware that you really don't care about this answer but enjoy using semantics to stir up trouble. But, I haven't been very active here and keeping you out of everyone else's hair seems to be a good fit for my particular skill set.

    Balanced: Allowing both sides of the story to be expressed even if one side of the story is different from your personal bias about the situation

    Unbiased: Not having a bias.

    We all have a bias. You do. I do. mk4me does.

    The difference (here) from other places (PT) is that we don't call people trolls and other nasty names if they disagree with us.

    We allow a BALANCED conversation to happen.

  16. thanks dave, just don't have the energy to try and explain myself -

    Miranda, anytime, you have extra $$ - please feel free to drop me a check, lol.... of course I will continue to supply you with product that I assume you are using and not stock piling!

    have so much more would love to share... just too miserable to do it... carry on!

  17. Dave,

    Is it a “balanced” blog or an “unbiased” blog that deletes posts which are in some way contrary to the blog operator’s opinions?

  18. Blessed,


    It's this blog. Most blogs actually.

    When someone is abusive and/or belligerent and won't follow the rules that the host of a blog requests of readers and participators.

    I was more generous and patient with you than many other blog hosts.

    When you don't play by the rules there are consequences.

    But we've been over this before... haven't we?

  19. Yes we have. I must agree. You're certainly in charge of this blog.

    Tell me, do you and your wife still have the same level of fervent support for the Mary Kay Cosmetics opportunity you had when this blog began?


  20. I feel the same about Mary Kay that I did when I started this blog.

    You decide how "fervent" that is or is not.

  21. Consider this scenario:

    A woman approaches you seeking your counsel. She has read all the material provided by MK, researched the issue thoroughly, reviewed your site and, but is still undecided. She knows you’ve been a MK husband for years and your wife continues her affiliation with this MLM as an IBC. She wants to believe the literature she’s been provided which tells her she can become a professional IBC earning an executive income if only she is willing to work hard enough and invest herself in her business.
    There is no new objective information you can provide which she hasn’t already seen.

    This woman knows of your reputation as an advocate for young vulnerable women. She is seeking your wisdom, knowing someone with your background re this MLM can surely make a recommendation. She asks, “Dave, should I become a Mary Kay Cosmetics IBC”?

    What do you tell her.


  22. I've answered this before too. But, for the benefit of anyone reading, I don't tell her anything.

    I am not here to tell anyone that MK is a good company.

    I am not here to tell anyone that MK is a bad company.

    My goal is to allow as many different experiences to be described - in as much detail as possible - from many perspectives.

    The more genuine and respectful conversation that takes place, the more likely the woman in your example will be able to make the decision for herself.

    I know you don't believe it is possible for a person such as myself to take a neutral stance on whether someone joins or not, but that really is my position.

    I very rarely will tell someone - especially someone I don't know - DON'T do this or DO that. I point out the things that need to be considered in making the decision and then leave it up to the individual to rise and fall on their own decisions.

  23. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. As you present it again, I do recall you explained your position in this regard before. It’s my post-50 memory – sorry ;-)

    In a recent post you referenced news about
    “…the changes that have taken place for me.”

    What’s new?


  24. working on it right now, should be coming soon

  25. Haha well one indicator of me using what I buy is that I have gone through bottles of things and ordered replacements.

  26. I can second Miranda's indicator! It tickles me to have her try something and know she will give an honest opinion and have her comeback with a rave review.

  27. Good lord, how many bottles of oil free eye makeup remover have I used? Like 5? lol I wear a lot of eye makeup.


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