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This week on Pink Truth -- Friday, March 5, 2010

One of the particularly important concepts this site was created for was to offer an environment where people could correct the misinformation that Pink Truth perpetuates.

Not wanting to obsess about or lend too much credibility to their particular brand of propaganda this site has evolved into more of a discussion about what Mary Kay IS (as opposed to correcting Pink Truth by saying what Mary Kay ISN'T).

However, I believe that it is still important for people to be able to speak out against lies, especially when those lies are aimed directly (or indirectly) at you.

I want this site to continue to allow that opportunity, so here it is.  "This week" is intentionally vague.  Post about last week, this week, whatever.  I will try to post one of these every Friday (or so)... perhaps Wednesday as, for some reason, that seems to be the day most people visit us here.

Please leave comments, feedback, thoughts, soap-box tirades, or anything else that you feel would be appropriate.

The usual rules of common decency to all readers, mutual respect for varying opinions, and clear delineation between opinion and fact apply.  


  1. I love that they tell us that we are kaybots and in a pink fog and drinking koolaid, etc... I don't have a meltdown if I can't access intouch, balanced.. or any other site for a day or two... the meltdown of not being able to chat to funny... yikes... and they accuse MK consultants of being like a cult.. could it be that possibly - addictive personality types got in trouble in MK by their nature and now their addiction has just moved from MK to pt??

  2. ooopsss. too funny ..not to funny...

  3. ps - sorry was mia today... day one of spring open house in my old town ... awesome wonderful fun day and not too bad over $1000 in sales from the people that chose to attend. Day 2 tomorrow .. looking forward to another awesome day! who said no one wants to buy this stuff? stalking, begging, bargaining, not required...

    I just love, love, love my mk! :)

  4. That's great, mk4me!

    I noticed that too - that they say we're the ones who can't rest without checking up on the online MK stuff, but when PT goes haywire for a couple days, the same people keep repeating over and over how obsessed they are with it and how they hope it comes back up. Or when Tracy is gone? They beg her to come back.

  5. Here's where I stand, I get that they have had experiences through their time in Mary Kay, that have ranged from awkward to devastating. I will never disregard that, or suggest what they've gone through isn't valid. I think it's a sad situation, and it doesn't necessarily speak to their "laziness" or maybe if they're missing something or not doing everything. I'm sure to each and every one of them, they were "working the business" but at some point, at some stage, at some moment in the process of realizing you can't do something, or its wrong for you, or bad things happened...AT SOME POINT...the line is drawn between healthy expression and chest pounding martyrdom.
    What gets me is how many times they need to be validated for their experiences. Every comment is almost identical to the one before it, harping. Validating negativity.
    There was an article they posted once about how Mary Kay tends to prey on those who require validation for their feelings, or their existence...taking advantage of insecurities in women, suggesting to them that if they preform, if they recruit, if they FRONTLOAD they will be validated through praise, "cheap prizes"...etc.
    Hypocritical much?

  6. I have to give PT some credit today they made a good point about directors flashing their highest check! I see nothing wrong with doing that but I also think that at some of these debuts when they are trying to get someone to sign their agreement they should state the average monthly earnings! I hate to say it but sometimes those tactics work because people dont want to believe the truth they want to believe a lie! I am more impressed when I see someone making 3-5000 a month consistently than 14k one month and then 2000 the next! I have never seen anywhere or read in any training where it tells you to flash your highest check!

  7. I agree Colleen. If you want to show your highest check, then state honestly that it's your highest. Then state what your typical check is. People will be happier with a modest income that they expect than with a modest income in place of expected riches. If you're straight with the ppl you recruit all along, then they're far less likely to drop out and can develop better marketing strategies aligned with how things actually work.

  8. I recently posted on with some questions, because I am an anti-MLM skeptical thinker who just happens to really like the MK product. I wanted to know how to support a friend who had just begun selling MK and how to be an MK customer without contributing to the abuse of an MK rep. I experienced the following:

    1. Shunning. Tracy said that there was no reason in bothering to talk to me because I was going to do whatever I wanted. She spoke collectively when she said that typing up responses to me was a waste of "our" time (which is a subtle cultlike tactic, when the leader speaks for the group, and everyone else falls in line).

    2. Incredulity as to my legitimacy. A few users assumed that I couldn't possibly be legit if I really liked MK products. I'm still marveling over this one. They're all former reps for MK, and I'm not. Yet they claim that the product that they themselves used to sell, has no redeeming qualities (they say you can do better at Wal-Mart buying over-the-counter cosmetics and skincare). I'm still marveling at this. These are people who will willingly admit that they had some loyal customers when they sold MK. So are they claiming that not only were they idiots, but all of those willing customers were idiots or pink-fogged themselves?

    I think that MK and other MLMs can attract suggestible people, but when they leave MK or Amway or Herbalife, they don't lose their suggestible nature. They just go looking for groupthink somewhere else. I find that this is often true among skeptic groups (and I consider myself a skeptic, so I can say this). They will buy into one or two aspects of the skeptic argument (say that we can demonstrate that most claims of ESP or communication with the dead are false and/or carnival tricks) and then once they've accepted that their skeptic researcher knows what they're talking about, they'll believe anything and everything that their skeptical charismatic leader might suggest to them. This is how Penn Jillette has become. I may agree with a lot of what Penn says, but his arguments on recycling, for instance, are crap. When you say to a message board of Penn groupies that you found flaws in Penn's attitude on recycling, they'll call you credulous, a non-empirical thinker, etc. The only reason behind this is that you don't agree with Penn.

    So Tracy, in calling all of you Kaybots has formed her own army of Tracybots. I hope she's happy.

  9. apompili,

    Do you have the link to where you asked your questions? I've been searching PT, and I can't seem to find them...maybe they got deleted...:)

  10. Call me Amanda. I was unable to figure out how to have LiveJournal link to my own name (I don't actually blog, so my Livejournal is not really active). Colleen sent me here, and I like the place!

    Here's the link. Please don't be offended by what I wrote. I had a really weird/bad experience w/Mary Kay initially (except for the good products) and I'm really anti-MLM in general, but I think it can work for people who don't expect anything unrealistic and who focus on selling a good product rather than pyramid-style recruiting.

  11. Wow, Amanda...I had to register on PT in order to read it- never thought I would ever do that.

    It sounds like you have a perfectly legitimate, honest question, and they didn't even attempt to answer it. They just tried to dissuade you from even liking the product (I agree with you, by the way; I love love love the products). What really bothers me is they claimed that you already know the answer and were sarcastic and rude about it (some of them; I realize some weren't).

    We will attempt to answer you and help you here.

    First off, if you love the product, buy it! I think it's more important to support your friend, but I also think you could caution her about some of the "traps": trying to recruit rather than sell, being unrealistic in her expectations, buying more than she can sell, etc....then say something. You're not just supporting MK, you're also supporting your friend and her family, and if you love the product, by all means, host a skin care class and help her build her business.

    I don't think you need to feel guilty about supporting an MLM company if you hate the idea; just remember what many of us at BMK have been saying over and over: we're not all evil Kaybot manipulators...if you think your friend is doing business ethically, then support her! If you love the product, use it!

    I don't think anyone would be offended by what you wrote; we accept all experiences - good and bad - and you certainly have the right to your opinion. You can actually express it here. :)

  12. Amanda, try bringing your consultant to this site. MK4ME has a lot of sound business advice posted here.

    PT is a pit of vipers. *shakes head*

  13. Now that I have a username on PT, I can go into the discussion board. A couple days ago, a lady had a question about doing MK...seventeen people immediately jumped on that saying "Don't do it! It'll suck out your soul!" Anyway, I decided to send a private message to her directing her to this site, letting her know I am a teacher and an IBC and am doing fine. Also, I wanted to let her know that BMK has a more balanced approach (go figure). I returned to that post today to see what else people had said and what she responded. She's definitely getting out.

    My thought is how depressing it is that I was trying to get her to consider it and think about the positives as well as the negatives, but she had twenty people reinforcing the negative aspects and saying "You go, girl!"'s like mob mentality.

  14. mkmommy, she was probably not a good fit if she was so uncomfortable about it. I was/am the same way. I like MK, and kudos to you ladies who make it work for you, but I'm not cut out to be an consultant.

  15. Hi ladies, thank you for thinking highly of our site. You have made some very logical points. I have often wondered myself, if they never loved the product and felt it was over priced, why would you even want to sell it? The only reason I can think of is as long as they thought they could make $$ - they didn't care what they were selling or who they were selling to as long as it benefitted them in the long run. (this is jmho) but why else would you want to sell something especially where we are really dealing on a personal level that one would not want to use for themselves.

    I do believe that this could be one of the reasons some of them fail in MK.

    Other reasons I see for failure...

    #1 Too large initial inventory and not moving it,not being able to recover with the volume of appointments.

    #2 Recruiting your entire customer base. If a consultant is looking at part time income... I would much rather be making 50% off of a product sale than 4% off of a $200 personal use consultant order.

    #3 Not being a "people" persosn. Sincerely - in this business if you don't love people (being around people) forget it.

    #4 Buying your recognition instead of earning it.

    #5 Wanting to "appear" more "successful" than you are. (basically same thing as #4) but one could be a Cadillac director, on court of sales, etc...but if it is on a credit card... it doesn't mean you actually earned it.

    #6 Just not the personality that attracts people (let's face it, some people just aren't "warm and fuzzy" and can be rather stand - offish

    #7 Believing this is a get rich quick scheme and not realizing it takes time to develope any venture.

    #8 Just not having the skills

    #9 Very easily discouraged

    and probably the biggest reason for loosing even good consultants....

    #10 Poor money management

  16. another thought... as I just read some comments... with the judging using Bible principles... first... aren't we counciled that we are not to be passing judgement? I have seen as much if not more on negative sites as I have seen in MK. - are we perhaps seeing where some of the problems lie?

    As they accuse NSD's and directors of being Greedy, Pompous and materialistic, perhaps.. hmm... how to word this?? hmmm... (please noone take offense to this)... perhaps it were these characteristics that they themselves possess that attracked many of them to Mary Kay in the first place??
    They desired executive income for part time hours... they wanted the Cadillacs, diamonds, prizes, the big house,etc.... so as they stived for these goals, their true beliefs were pushed to the side and they did what they did to acheive their goals? After not acheiving them or paying too much for them... 20/20 hindsight is very valuale and guilt and remorse don't feel very nice. Recognizing these traits in others, may bring them to light in ourselves.

    I am not a high "I" personality type... I work to do the work, not for the prize. Actually do not like the recogniton - have learned to at least look gracious about it but still no loveof it. The prize is a bonus for doing what I should be doing anyway and it took me a period of time before I realized not everyone thought the same way I did. -

    I was in shock, I mean seriously in shock when I read some of the things some past consultants would do (cheat) to acheive the goal. I honestly couldn't believe people would have ever done some of the things that I have read about... (and I have been a director for quite a few years)... why? because I never would have done them (no I do not think I am perfect) but.... faking consultants to become a director?? what is anyone thinking.... fake consultants are not going to do real production once that person is a director.... so how in the world would a person think they could sustain the needed production without the people to do it.. duh...if you haven't found the people in the 4 months of diq, does one seriously think they will all of a sudden find them?

    Yes, I am very analytical but to me - it would not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    and as far wanting to feel important... gotta love... NSD and ESSD, etc.. are a joke but now the very humble people all want initials in back of their names, lol.. does it mean if one does not have RN, LPN, CPA, CFO, CEO etc... after their name they are not as good as others? The value of a person is not in their title. What we do is NOT who we ARE.

  17. MK4ME, I think you forgot one important recruiting tactic. When I was invited to a recruitment meeting, I was told that all of the people in the MK unit that was attempting to recruit me were best friends, always supported each other, never said anything bad about each other, etc. That's what really set off my bells and whistles. I lived in a sorority house for two years. Just taking a group of random women and throwing them on a team together will not make them best friends, just like inviting them to join a sorority will not make them best friends, even if they work together toward common goals. There will be cliques, personality conflicts, and probably some downright meanness.

    Still, if someone is lacking in personal friendships, this might be a way to sell them on the idea of getting into MK. Suddenly they feel like they belong to something. Maybe they haven't found friendships in their congregation, or maybe they're not part of a congregation, but they think that MK will bring them the close girlfriends that they're otherwise lacking. When that inner circle of close friends doesn't materialize, they will likely be upset and disappointed.

    I realize that recruiters are just trying to paint a positive image of MK for new recruits. We did the same thing at sorority rush. The problem really lies, as I said before, with indiscriminate recruiting. If you only recruit people that might have a fighting chance at doing well, and allow those who are not doing well to leave gracefully rather than pressuring them to do their part for the team, these problems will not arise.

  18. Totally agree with the second half of your last statement that if it isn't a good match - allow a consultant to leave gracefully.. (and if they haven't been frontloaded, they can sell of or use the product they have or use the buyback and walk away). I really don't want someone in my unit that doesn't want to be a consultant. Not good for anyone. I am going to like them just as much whether they are in or out of MK. I always firmly believe that a consultant should not be ordering to "save the unit", "earn the car", etc... as a standard. Once in a blue moon if there is something big... our goal is for all of us to be booking and selling maniacs so that we earn the production we need. buying production will end up catching up in the long run and ruin and good that came from it in the beginning.

    My feeling on the "girlfriend" thing... one should not be joining a "business" because they need friends. (I realize it can happen) but if I didn't know them a few days before... they are not going to be my bff today. The decision to join was based on emotion, not logic and made for the wrong reasons. My point in other articles... often the stories we hear are because the individuals are looking for something that MK can not give them. If a person is looking to belong, praise, etc... it will be short lived and often can lead to the stories we have read about the tons of debt as the praise and recogntion that is bought and not earned. This in turn (as they feel like a fraud) will then decrease the lack of self-esteem that is already lacking to begin with and the downward spiral begins. It ain't pretty. Instead of buying more product... spend that money and go work with a counselor and learn how to develope the self-worth.

    MK is what it is or can be... a fun opportunity to make part time or full time money... with people we may enjoy spending time with. It is not the be all end all that some hope it will be.

    My true friends will be my true friends even if I wasn't a part of something. I have great friends that don't even use MK. I still love them.

    If a stranger told me to hide or lie to my husband... I would be telling her to take a long walk off of a short pier. - don't care.. I married my husband and took a vow to love, honor, and respect him... some bimbo ain't going to tell me to hide something from him and have me listen to her. Actually if someone did tell me that, I would tell her where to go in very clear English and run.

    The other thing... just because we have fun together and are business associates... everyone in my unit is not my "firend". - When I was working in corporate... I would socialize with fellow employees, on occassion we would go out to dinners, etc... but the only reason we did things together was because of the work relationship. When I no longer worked with them, they were no longer a part of my life.

    I am not saying ever director in MK is good. I agree totally there are some pretty yucky ones, but all in all I believe there is far more good than bad. But we are adults and we are faced with bad/good, honest/dishonest people in every facet or our lives. We must protect ourself -

    otherwise, I have some great beach front property for sale in the everglades..super good price... Know what I mean??

  19. I agree, and that's why I did protect myself, did my homework, and never bought in. As I say, I'm a skeptic. I know that when things sound too good to be true, they probably are.

    Still, I don't think all the onus is on the potential recruit. A lot of the info you get at recruitment meetings is misleading. If there are unethical directors recruiting unsuitable recruits with misleading information, frontloading them and then using abusive tactics to keep them in, then that's a good reason to have a negative attitude against the company in general. In order to do MK right, you need to look past a lot of misleading info, not get sucked in too far, and work your butt off. That's the reality.

    And yeah, my friend's director was talking about hiding expenditures from one's husband, even showing women how to do it. I'm lucky that my friend wasn't falling for it.

  20. Amanda, did you lead your friend to this site? There is really some great information here.

  21. Remember if anyone wants to join MK on this board and you want an ethical director you can join with MK4me and get free training (a shameless plug for our blog mistress...LOL)

  22. I was planning on talking to her about it yesterday at the mom & baby group we're both in, but my son managed to pull a dresser down on himself instead, so I didn't go. (Don't worry, he's fine!) I'll direct here here soon.

  23. Glad your son's okay!

    I've been lurking around on PT again, and I must say, they have a point about the "uniform." Any thoughts, ladies? (and David, I suppose, if you want to chime in)

  24. Well as I've always said I think it's outmoded and ridiculous to compel women to wear dresses/skirts. There is no reason why one cannot look equally professional wearing pants. This is 2010! Any job I've worked in the past requiring professional attire accepted dress pants with a nice blouse and blazer, just like the same blouse and blazer with a nice skirt. Eventually they will have to cave in on this.

  25. I agree, Miranda...I actually didn't know this was a "rule" until I started poking around on anti and pro MK sites. I don't believe my director ever told me that. I haven't yet made it to a weekly meeting, and I dress nicely for my classes. I have had lunch meetings with my director a few times (I live over 2 hours from her), and I believe one day I had on dressy walking shorts and a nice blouse and another day I had on dress pants and a sweater....she never said a word, and I don't think she looked at me funny either. Maybe it's not as big a deal to her.

    I agree that MK will eventually have to cave. Pantyhose are so outdated (and at 24, I feel doubly ridiculous wearing them). I also hate them because they run! I wore a pair to a teaching interview a couple weeks ago, and I scraped my wedding ring against my lower thigh getting in the car and put a hole in them! My skirt covered it, but still!

  26. lol, yes from the fingers of a MK director.. it is time for dress pants! The Company dropped the requirements for panty hose and closed toed shoes a few years ago.

    Until the Company drops the "dress/skirt" code I will abide by it out of respect at Company events but (true confessions) I do many of my parties, facials in dress pants with my beauty coat. Our meetings since we are in a private location are done in professional dress but dress pants or in the summer sharp capris are okay. My unit knows if we have a guest director visiting or if you are attending another's event we respect the MK Dress code.

    I don't think it will be long before we see the Company approve them. Especially if we want grow and youth in our units.

    IMHO, one does not look "professional" in 5 feet of snow in zero degree weather in skirt and heels... one looks loony and that is not a look I care to protray.

    Mary Kay was one of the most forward thinking women of her time, I am sure even she would agree it was time.

    and... personally, I have seen some ladies that look far better in dress pants than skirts, lol...

    if people aren't comfortable around us, we can not build relationships. I believe often the attire needs to be geared for the audience.

  27. Dear Colleen, just wanted to say thank you you for your compliments. They mean alot!

  28. IMHO, one does not look "professional" in 5 feet of snow in zero degree weather in skirt and heels... one looks loony and that is not a look I care to portray.

    Love it! I'm from northern Iowa, so I can definitely relate to that idea!

  29. apompili1976, sorry I didn't mention it before but I am glad your little one is okay, but that is always scarey for both of you.

  30. About the dress code thing . . .

    I wear dresses or skirts about 90% of the time. I live in the Midwest where it gets well below zero in the winter and we have lots of snow. I still wear skirts and dresses with hose or tights. I wear boots until I walk in the door and then change to professional shoes. It works for me.

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended a networking event with a group that prided themselves on being very professional. On their website, all the women are in skirt or pantsuits. I was SHOCKED when I walked in the door and half the women were in jeans. Another quarter of them were in ill-fitting clothes with breasts hanging out of their tops. No one else was in a suit of any kind or even a jacket. They were wrinkled and a number of them looked unkempt. One woman who sold purses had the most atrocious make-up I'd ever seen. She literally had dark purple eye shadow from her lash line to her eye brow. Every woman's appearance distracted from what she had to say. I looked around the room and thought I wouldn't send any of my clients to any of the women for their services - there were financial planners, accountants, a woman who sold jewelry, the purse woman, an insurance broker, an attorney, a woman who owned a women's fitness center. I was honestly embarrassed for the women. I gave them all my card and offered a free lipstick/lip gloss for anyone who had a facial. The purse woman came up to me and gave me back my card and said her upline in her purse business was a MK director. I about died. This woman looked like she was in her pj's and that purple eye make-up aged her 20 years (she was probably 30 but looked 50).

    I left with no intention to join. The next day, the organizer of the group called and asked me if I'd return and teach a presentation on image.

    Anyone who thinks this is the only time I've seen women dressed inappropriately is sadly mistaken.

    I love the fact that whenever I walk into a room, I am known for how professional and pulled together I am. We are in the fashion business. Fashion designers sell a lot of skirts and dresses.

    I don't have a problem with dress pants, but it's a slippery slope. And it seems that too many people don't know the difference between business professional, business casual, and pajamas.

  31. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Forget cats, I think it's little boys who really have nine lives! It landed right on his leg, and he was actually pinned for a second and couldn't get out without my help. I was terrified that he'd have a broken leg or something, but the little stinker escaped with nothing more than, I kid you not, a bruised toe. I hope to G-d that he's learned his lesson and will not climb dressers again, no matter what interesting objects are on top of them.

    Oh, and LOL@mkmommy's image of the woman fighting snow drifts in heels and pantyhose.

  32. I just returned from Career Conference, which as always was AWESOME and I wanted to comment on the dress code thing.

    On Friday night alone, I saw women dressed in the following ways:
    1. women wearing 5 inch stiletto heels that could barely walk;
    2. skirts that barely covered women's butts;
    3. clothing that did not fit because it was multiple sizes too small;
    4. women wearing jeans and t-shirts (I saw 3 of these);
    5. women wearing dresses without underwear, hose, or slips (how did I know? when they walked their dresses got caught between their butt cheeks and they did not know);
    6. women wearing leggings, long shirts, and stilettos;
    7. shirts that were either too tight and appeared that the buttons would pop causing their breasts to fall out or were cut so low, I could almost see their nipples.
    8. Clogs, flip flops, and high heeled mules.

    That was Friday night. None of those things is professional. I know a lot of women don't like hose, but clearly heels was not an issue. Too many people simply don't know how to dress professionally. I worry that relaxing the dress code to include pants would make us like all the other companies. Looking the part of a beauty consultant is part of what makes us stand out in a good way.

  33. I think possibly a pantsuit done tastefully could work out well, but Darci I will agree with you that not many know how too dress professionally anymore.I just mentioned in a reply on another post that the women in my unit did not dress professionally for our meeting. I would see everything from sweats to jeans and a T shirt, to the director, who actually did wear a dress.With the exception of the director and a few others, most wore no makeup. Let's face it, it's really hard for our clients to take us seriously if we don't look professional and aren't wearing the very product we are trying to sell. Why would they want it if we ourselves aren't using it?
    I read an article over on another pro MK blog that gave me pause to think about the image that I was putting across to my clients. She summed it up by saying that essentially, we dress to make our clients feel special.

  34. Jamie,

    While I want to agree that a pantsuit can be tasteful and there certainly are women who know how to wear them well, too many women don't.

    That's appalling that at your meeting you are seeing jeans and sweats.

    As a Red Jacket, I obviously wear the same thing everywhere - Red Jacket, Black skirt, and white blouse. For my body, I know that a skirt that hits just at the bottom of my knee works best.

    I remember when I joined Mary Kay, my director said in training that she went out and bought one professional skirt suit and wore it to EVERY SINGLE MK meeting until she became a Red Jacket. She bought a MK Beauty Coat and wore it to EVERY SINGLE MK APPOINTMENT with the skirt from her one business suit. I was used to wearing skirt suits and had a ton of them, but I still give this advice to my team members.

    And with the current Beauty Coat, I think a black skirt with a black top and the Beauty Coat is sharp, professional, and since the Beauty Coat is machine washable, it doesn't matter if you get something on it.

    Jamie, I agree with you that when we dress nicely, it conveys to our clients that they are important to us.

  35. darci, just got back myself! lol...

    I think we were at the same conference. :)

    when did tube tops become skirts? -

    I honestly feel allowing pants but teaching Professional dress as far as image..would seriously be the best way to go.

    I saw far too many too short skirts, too many too tight shirts, and too many too tight/too shirt skirts. and these were not the Size 2, 4 , or 6's.

    But our conference was incredible. The speakers - NSD's and top directors were truely worth listening too.

  36. oh and I also did see some jeans, pants, clogs, etc.. but only during the package pick up time in the afternoon - as the conference approached - the attire was far more professional. It appeared many had driven in and picked up their packages on the way to the hotel and then went to the hotel and changed before they came back to the conference.

    As I looked at my 19 (4 adoptees) I was truely proud of each and every one of them - as they represented our unit!

  37. The outfits I described above I saw INSIDE the convention center, NOT outside at registration. I saw these outfits while Career Conference was going on, not before or after.

    My director still teaches about image and she is always the epitome of professional in her dress, but I have seen consultants CRY at being told they needed to wear a skirt.

    First Lady Michelle Obama wears dresses and skirts all the time and looks very professional. She also wears very professional pants, but she looks best and seems to be most comfortable in skirts and dresses. If skirts and dresses are good enough for her, they ought to be good enough for a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

    When I walk through by the department store cosmetic counters those women are always in a skirt/dress and Beauty Coat for the brand they sell. Why is it such a big deal in MK to wear a skirt?

  38. Why? Well....let's see. climate, individual body type (some look better in skirts; others in pants), and being modern rather than outdated. As MK4ME stated, it's difficult to connect with clients if they can't relate. You mentioned yourself about a million ways to look inappropriate in a skirt or dress. Thus, the pants are no more a slippery slope than a dress is. Any garment at all can be done wrong with equal ease. I could wear a skirt, a blouse, hose, and closed toed high heel shoes and look like a total hooker if I wanted to. Therefore, teaching about the principles of appropriate professional attire does much more good than strictly limiting clothing choices to certain articles.

  39. I'm with Miranda. And to use your analogy, Darci, if former first lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can look classy in a pantsuit...

    (Fighting the mental image of Miranda in vinyl miniskirt, fishnets, blouse unbuttoned down to there, and ****me boots, all of which technically are compatible with the MK dresscode.)

  40. Amanda, I only dress like that to the club. ;) BUT. I wear booty shorts under those minis; I don't leave it all hanging out!

  41. ..I also must note.. as often as I may have thought it to myself as I was pushing a car out of a snow bank in a skirt... the comment that I quoted was from an innocent bystander waching... commenting about these MK ladies try so hard to look profesession. and that doesn't do it.. his exact words to his group... they look stupid. ato any of our readers, I meant no disrecpect to those that firmly believe in the skirt/dress thing.

    In certain (NOT) all circumstances it does make a differnce as how other portray us.

    Cute story I will try and remember to tell later as I am getting ready for my meeting now.


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