Saturday, March 27, 2010

Balanced Mary Kay Message Board

I just started a message board.

You need to be a member to leave messages.  It should be pretty self-explanatory how to become a member.  If you have trouble please let me know so that I can post answers in case other people are having trouble.

I need ideas for topics, so for now the only topic is "Discussion Topic Ideas".

Who will be the first member?


  1. I guess I'll go first even though I am a newbie. Thanks for taking the time to set up the message board!

  2. Thanks PIB-

    Did you sign up for a membership on the message board yet?

    Anyone try this yet? Anyone going to?

  3. OK, I am here too but everyone will have to put up with me until I figure out how to use it, never used a discussion board before, but I will do my best!

  4. Thanks for adding the blog Dave! It will be helpful and fun.


    PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS MK4ME and those wanting to move up this changed my whole MIND
    Its the Power of the Powerstart. This is the most powerful most ethical thing I have heard in the trainings! Its Tammy Crayk and she is downright HONEST! MK4ME you have to listen to this trust me! When you hear how much personal production came from this it will blow your mind its about 30 minutes!

  6. I will listen to it later tonight - have a friend coming over to help her with her taxes right now... but may I share that ..

    little secret... this month was my 21st month of straight power starts and my promise to myself was after I completed my first straight year of powerstarts last year was to repeat it this year.

    my favorite saying...

    I can not teach what I do not know and I can not lead where I do not go!

    I lead my unit by example and if I can do a powerstart and run my unit and take care of my home and family, it should give hope to everyone that it can be done... I think... I have done Court of Sales over 16 consecutive years! (and no I don't own a warehouse anywhere)

    can't wait to listen to it!!


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