Friday, March 12, 2010

Stalking is stalking in or OUT of Mary Kay

This is very sad. This was sent to us from a director, who asked me to share so people are aware of what some are willing to do. Personally, I Do NOT believe the owner of any of the negative blogs would want this done so please do not make assumptions on who did this but my point is.. stalking or spamming people to sell Mary Kay is just as bad as stocking or spamming people to sell their opinions.

Subject: Earning your Mary Kay car
To: (I have deleted the over 20 email addresses that this was sent to for the privacy of the consultants)

Are you working on earning a Mary Kay car and maybe going for DIQ soon? This is the REAL story on the cars and directors that you won't hear from anyone in Mary Kay. You owe it to yourself and your family to be educated about what you're getting yourself into!


  1. This is horrible! If you want to have a blog to get a message out or vent that is one thing but spamming people for any reason is not acceptable.

  2. And they didn't even bother to use BCC? They just put all the consultant's names in the TO field? THAT is my biggest pet peeve. When emailing a group of people who don't know each other or are not part of a group that is working together on a project, then ALWAYS USE BCC. To not respect privacy is the height of rudeness.

  3. They are being everything they accuse MK people of being. That is really disgusting and hypocritical. NOT OK. Y'all might want to preemptively killfile them so you don't have to deal with this crap. In Gmail, you make a filter. In Yahoo the procedure is a bit different but the help screens will get you through it.

    This reminds me of clinic bombers and doctor shooters. "We're right, so that excuses anything we do, no matter how evil it is." No, no it doesn't excuse a blasted thing. Any chance you had of being right goes out the window with this behavior. GROSS.


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