Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on Pink Truth's attempt to silence their critics (this site) with false copyright infringement claims

Well, I was waiting to see what action (if any) blogger would take regarding the alleged copyright infringement.

As you may or may not have noticed, I went through the posts alleging copyright infringement and removed any infringing content that I could see.

I also posted a note on the ones that had (apparently) no such infringing content essentially asking blogger to define what exactly was being labeled as infringing.

As the weekend passed and none of the posts were removed, I assumed that this action had proved sufficient. However, as of this writing, I see that it was not.

Now, I know that I can counter notify blogger that the content is indeed legitimate. And I might just do that. However, as Sean (at Franchise Pick) points out, this would amount to "standing up for my "right" to make fun of those who make fun of Mary Kay" (quote is from Franchise Pick website, no copyright infringement intended) This (to me) seems a bit petty.

I have not yet decided what I will do about all of this. I believe that there needs to be a place where the lies that are told on Pink Truth can be exposed. I hope that this site will continue to provide a venue for that. I do not feel that the dozen (less one) posts that were removed are all that crucial to the spirit of exposing those lies.

I am currently leaning toward doing nothing. It is truly sad that Tracy feels so threatened by the truth that she would stoop to this level of bullying and harassing with such obvious deception. Nonetheless, I am beginning to feel that the best thing to do is to not do anything at all.

By the way, and in the interest of full disclosure, as I have read and educated myself on the subject, I believe that the full screen, screenshot that a few of you may have seen could have been construed as a copyright violation, particularly with my encouragement to all of you to not visit Pink Truth. Worthy of a DMCA take-down notice? Not really. Technical violation? Possibly.

Finally, let me apologize for the sudden sparsity of posting lately. I believe that I will be needing to change the schedule of posting here. It seems that all of the regular authors, myself included, have been quite busy lately. I think that I may begin posting more like once a week than trying to produce something daily. Still trying to figure out what works best for the goals/purposes of this site.

Please let me know what you think. What do you want from this site? What do you like? What is important? What can you do without?


  1. Is there another blogging site you'd prefer that would give you less trouble? I know LiveJournal is pretty popular, and they don't police things too strictly most of the time.

    If she has a right to talk about other sites, well, so do you. This kind of sucks.

  2. I think Tracy gets around her ways by having people forward her stuff and then she posts it. I say that because she preambles anything specific as being in receipt of it from a third, anonymous, party. Even if she was the one snatching it from a unit site, etc., she could defend her position by saying that a consultant, who would prefer to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, forwarded her the email, etc.

    We can still talk about anything that's posted over there. We can refer to it in the third party and quote specifics.

    Such as, today on PT they're talking about the top 10 reasons to get out of directorship. I don't agree with #3 ... "You are getting too good at lying. " because not all directors lie. In fact, most don't lie. In fact, we could say that liars exist all around us. They are not just found in Mary Kay.

    I also don't agree with #2, "To stop the month end mental anxiety attacks from splitting unnecessary orders among three credit cards, ..."

    I never abused credit cards before, during or after Mary Kay. So I take exception to this point. We don't know how many read PT, but only a handful actually post that they do this. Compared to how many are reported active in Mary Kay in the US? In my opinion, I believe that it paints people working a Mary Kay business in a bad light.

    Now if the author, Raisinberry, were to attach her reasoning to herself, then there would be nothing to dispute.

    I think I made my point.

    I also want to say, don't be afraid to read the site. A handful of hits over there isn't going to make her any more popular than what she already is. Remember, interest in anything waxes and wanes.

  3. My opinion on the matter is that you file the counterclaim. I am not saying this because the posts were vital to this site. I'm saying this because if we give in and allow ourselves to be bullied and blackmailed then we are on a sliperly slope to having that blogger running our site...

  4. "if we give in and allow ourselves to be bullied and blackmailed then we are on a sliperly slope to having that blogger running our site..."

    I totally agree with Praying4Courage...
    And if you need some help or back up, let me know, I'd be glad to help.

  5. Well, I think we are needed, 1st there is good information on here for consultants to do things a way that would help them be successful>

    We have had thankyou's from ex-mk people saying, "I wish, I had had a director like strt or mk4me becuase of their teachings.

    I have rad a few stories where a few ladies may have had a small profitable Mary Kay business but allowed "that other site" to make them think that noone, nowhere, can make money in MK. And of course, we are all liars and only care about ourselves.

    Manning people with proper knowledge on building inventory, selling, prior to team building, NOT BUYING YOUR PRIZES, not faking unit members to become a director, etc... these are things that need to be counterd.

    I promise I have a post coming, I do believe it will be enjoyable, I do believe it will be worth reading, it is good news, and I owe a large part of it to that other site, because, my project started out as an experiment to prove something could be done the Mary Kay way, the way I run my business.

    I was going to report back in either way. But now that the results are in, I am ready. I just want it to be a solid well written post and since I have had yet another vertigo attack combined with a migrane, it will just have to wait another few days. But I promise it is in the works.

    David, I would prefer not to go down to just once a week. I enjoy our blog, I think it is an important blog, and I feel I have a few blogger internet friends that I have made both pro and nonpro MK people on this site. True we may never meet but, I enjoy conversing with them via this tool.

    And I also hate bullies, and don't think you should start backing down because someone tries something mean, we will just find ways around what is wrong and operate within the guidelines of what is allowed.

    So there is my longwinded reply!

  6. mk4me,
    I agree with your post. I do read this site and wish that I had experienced leadership like I believe you offer your units rather than what I experienced. Perhaps I would't have been pushed and pushed into being a "star" and ordering large quantities of seasonal and limited edition products when I was handing in reports week after week that said I was selling nothing. I wasn't buying prizes- could have cared less about the prizes- I was trying not to disappoint my director. From what you say here I get the feeling that wouldn't have happened with you.

    Anyway my point is that the other site says they are helping women to heal. They aren't. They are causing women to continue to obsess and feel bad about what happened. I personally don't believe that healing is spending years on an anti-mk crusade because you are so upset about a negative MK experience. Hatred eats away at the person who is hating not at the person being hated.
    In contrast this site is a healing site. This is a place where anyone can come and have conversation. Reality rather than swinging emotions seem to prevail here. Coming to a point where it is possible to talk to those who are in MK or are anti MK and appreciating the conversation either way is healing.

  7. Yeah, I agree with praying4courage. If I had known about this site whilst I was in I would've been on daily soliciting info I wasn't getting from my (greedy) red jacket.

    But life is what it is.

    I like to read Balanced, today, because there are successful girls here and it's interesting to read about their cappers. That's an interesting and purposeful word I chose! (Cappers) Because I wanted to contrast Balance to PT's opinion about being in Mary Kay! (Irrespective of the fact that, sadly, my experience wasn't great!)

    "capper |ˈkapər|
    noun informal
    a more surprising, upsetting, or entertaining event or situation than all others that have gone before"

    I'm witty for a Friday! haha!

    Oh and I like to read Balanced because the conversation isn't always about Mary Kay. Sometimes we segue off on tangents, i.e., racism, which make for thought provoking (healthy) debate.


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