Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long overdue update and politics

I want to thank all of you for your patience and must apologize in advance that this will be brief.

I have been so busy lately that my email responses (to the few people that actually send me emails) have been, at best, hastily scrawled notes about what I would like to do, or what I intend to do.

In terms of what I will be doing with this blog, at this time, could best be described as "maintaining". I think that it has earned itself a place here and should not be discontinued. I also know that it is not something that I can devote very much time to currently. However, and very fortunately, all of you - the readers and authors - have proven to be much more effective at continuing the discussion than I ever could.

To that end, here is what I have resolved to do for the time being.

Concerning the DMCA takedown notices, I will do nothing. If any of you feel strongly enough about the dozen or so posts that were removed, please contact me with a game-plan that involves more you than me :D and I will see if I can help. Otherwise, lets show them we can't be bullied by "doubling our efforts" in other areas.

Concerning criticizing Pink Truth, I will resume posting a "today on Pink Truth" with the notable difference being a link to that day's Pink Truth post. I encourage you to go visit the post in question, gather your thoughts, bring them over here and tell the world. We now KNOW that "they" read over here. We also know that through honest, unfiltered back-and-forth discussion, understanding can take place. Let's hope that this is the beginning of some really good discussion, by 'both sides'.

Concerning Mary Kay, please feel free to express, openly and honestly, any concerns you have and allow others to either echo or speak to those concerns.

Concerning politics, well, they are a part of our life right about now, aren't they? You will notice that the current poll runs all the way through until the day after election day. Please feel free to change your vote (on this site) as often as you like, right up until after you cast your real vote. If you are leaning one way, and suddenly start leaning the other way, feel free to change your vote to reflect that leaning. The three of you, for instance, that are currently undecided... I hope that we see your votes move to one of the other columns before the poll closes. Keep in mind that I can not see who voted at all... so I won't be judging you... even if your decision is to not vote!

That is all for now. As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts about all of this. It is, after all, your thoughts that make this site what it is. Even more importantly, please be sure to stop by, from time to time - if not daily - to leave your thoughts about Pink Truth or Mary Kay.

My most profound thanks for every one of you in your loyalty and support of this blog.


  1. I am certainly voting, and I have decided! I will exercise my rights and duties as a citizen as long as I *have* rights...sigh. :/

    Really, it's no secret. I'm a Democrat and that's how I vote in each election. I've never yet been given a reason to deviate from that.

  2. I honestly can't invest more than 5 minutes every few months looking at PT, so I likely won't be popping over there for daily updates. It's like reading any anti-anything literature. It makes my stomach turn.

    It makes me think of a story someone shared awhile ago:

    During the Vietnam War, protesters asked Mother Teresa to march with them against the war. She declined, saying that she would never march against anything. If their purpose was to march for something productive, she would consider it.

    That's how I see PT...marching against an opportunity. And I appreciate that this site marches for the opportunity, and for improving the opportunity. Heaven knows there are glitches in every single organization on this earth (religion, government, business, etc.). Our job as humans is to strive to improve ourselves and the things we choose to involve ourselves.

    Consequently, I will be voting in this upcoming election. (I pity whomever is voted in as our new president.)


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