Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink Truth: Things "ex" Mary Kay people do not miss about Mary Kay

Okay, as promised, here is your chance to "talk back" about Pink Truth.

Today's post (actually yesterday's post... this allows them time to leave their comments and thoughts so that you can comment on any part of the sentiment coming from there) is about the things that people that used to be in Mary Kay don't miss now that they are no longer in Mary Kay.

Perhaps you would like to discuss what you would miss if you left Mary Kay. Perhaps there are things that you would also not miss. Either way, talk about it here.

If you are going to talk about a specific line, sentence, statement or phrase that you found over there, please take the time to copy/paste, surround it with quotation marks and tell us who said it. I don't want to hear, "Someone in the comments section said something kinda-like..." mm-kay? Thanks.

Here is where you can find today's "Pink Truth" about Mary Kay


  1. I don't miss...

    Getting stood up all the time even though I called/coached/bla bla bla.

    Classes where no one bought anything, even though with those prices, how can I blame them?

    The products changing faster than I could sell even a quarter of them. I had stock on hand, but not insane amounts, and I chose for myself what to order and when...and STILL!

    Pressure. I never wanted to recruit anyone, and I didn't, but I sure got sick of being told I should.

    Also, I am just not the kind of girl who goes walking up to strangers to warm chatter. It wasn't natural for me at all. This I think I miss the least of all! Blech, pressure! X(

    What *do* I miss? The few *decent* SCC I had with friends/coworkers ... I wish I had just ignored that boring flip chart and talked more about application. I know how to apply makeup like a pro, dang it..and not with cotton balls. sigh.

    I still show ppl how to apply their makeup when they ask me. I just don't sell anything and I don't use MK anything because all it did was break me out. I tell them to head to Ulta for a selection of everything from Cover Girl up to NARS. I tell them what I myself use. But yeah, that's it!

  2. I will not miss the rah rah meetings, where all we did was clap and sing and dance for someone who ORDERED at star level and SOLD at the $100 retail level.

    I will not miss the myriad of phone calls at the end of the month to place an order. (Why not call at the beginning of the month and teach how to actually get a class so I will need to order at the end of the month??) The emails with more exclamation points than actual words. You know, the ones that look like my 10 year old wrote it about the Jonas Brothers.

    I will not miss my director and national calling me, asking me to help the unit out, by ordering, of course.

    I will not miss the hot checks I was written by customers.

    I will not miss the cheap jewlery with the stones the size of my head. Who wears that in public??

    What I will miss: that blissful feeling I had at the beginning when I actually believed some of what they told me.

  3. If I left Mary Kay, I would miss weekly meetings with a handful of close friends, otherwise known as SCC.

    I would miss my Director who cares about me as a person, not just my wholesale orders.

    I would miss getting product that I love at a 50% discount.

    I would miss the quick easy extra cash.

    I would miss feeling that I was providing service and products for people that appreciated it.

    I would miss having something to push me to become a greater woman and person.

    That's what I would miss the most.


    I would not miss all the clapping and cheering or the "cheerleader" women. I will never be one of those women, and they suck the energy out of me instead of inspiring me.


  4. I agree with everything Alison said. But since I've never been to a meeting, or "warm chattered" to find clients (my contests and referrals have served me very well). I don't miss either now...
    I will add that I would NOT miss trying to motivate couch-potato recruits who tell me one thing and then don't do anything, obviously happy to sit around and complain to me about their bills.

    What I would miss:
    I would really really miss my customers! I didn't believe it at first, but I have really made some great friends out of strangers, and they're very kind to me -- not just about my business, but have helped me with some very personal, very hard things I've been through recently.

    I would miss making my customers feel better about themselves. I feel like a fairy godmother when I give someone the works, who never takes care of themselves, and they're so happy at the end. That's the best part of this business.

    I would also very much miss the cash --especially from reorders! I'd also miss the prizes. I've done well in my business because I've got huge mortgage -- that's my motive -- but I LOVE the jewelry, purses, appliances, gift certificates, etc. that I've earned from my sales numbers. Let me tell you my 20 years making in Corp USA never got me squat except an excuse about the lack of funds available for year-end bonuses.

    I would miss my director very much. She's a wonderful woman and has never steered me wrong, has always shown genuine concern, and what's best is she's always encouraged me to find my own path.

    But I wouldn't give up this business any way, any how.

  5. I do miss the meetings- I am always kind of serious and not fun becasue I am so focused on my school work etc. I miss having those meetings where people were fun and excited etc.

    I miss feeling like the possibilities were unlimited. While I came to believe that this is not true I still miss that period of time where I thought that it was.

    I miss wearing skirts! I tend to live in sweats and jeans. I miss havig occasions for which to wear dress clothes.

    I miss having a reason to talk to people. I did a lot of my "warm chatting" here at school and as a result I met a lot of people who I would otherwise have never had the guts to talk to. MK was a good conversation starter.

    I do not miss the pressure to put stuff on my Visa. I'm still paying down on that card.

    I do not miss feeling like a failure for not selling and booking and recruiting as much as other people were.

    I do not miss having stacks of boxes of product that I was not selling filling up my dorm room.

  6. I love so much about my Mary Kay, the consultants, the clients, the products, etc... I can't even imagine not having it as a part of my life.

    I have had so many people come into my life that I wouldn't have crossed pathes with any other way.

    I know my life has been touched many times and I hope that I have touched the lives of others.

    Have I had down days in Mk?? Yes, there has been a few but I can guarantee you that the are far fewer and far less oftne than I did with the 10+ years that I spent in "Corporate America."

    And I guess it will be a long time before I could ever say what I miss because I plan on being in Mary Kay for a very long time.


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