Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Chance or Starter Kit?

And I must apologize because I don't see where I answered this after her post and it was back in November so I am sure she has made a decision and would love to know what you decided! - If you read this please share with all of us.

Music City Mom - wrote:
mk4me, I'd just like to say I really appreciate your blog and your helpful insights. I did MK for about 1.5 years quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, but I also see how people can have bad experiences and need to keep a healthy, balanced perspective. I went inactive/terminated in 2003, so if I wanted to be a personal use consultant at this point, I'd need to start all over right? I'd really just like product for myself at the discount and have no need for the starter kit. Is the $20 deal the right one for me? Thanks again for your helpful site.

Yes and/or No?? If someone uses the 3-1 Cleanser, Age-fighting Moisturizer, Day & Night Solution, Mascara, Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, and Foundation/brush.... That right there is $158 - - at 50% that would be $79 starter kit at $100 would also give you a the other set of cleanser and moisturizer and several other foundation shades, brushes, color samples, books etc.... so you end up paying $21 (sort of) for the books and supplies.... and then when you want to place your order you would be able to order everythig else you would like personal --selecting $400 retail and receiving the 50% discount for $200 (plus tax on retail/ s & H) ... and then you would be a consultant and would not be required to submit another order for a year without having to rejoin.


Rejoin second chance for $20 --- (plus tax & s/h) - your receive your Look Books and a few odds and ends and then you can submit your $400/$200 wholesale order and get all the products you need.

personally - if money wasn't an option I would select the starter kit because it is so much for the money..... and......it gives you product that if you didn't need anythig else at that time, you would only spend the $100 asap and then could place your inventory order at a later date...

or.... if money was an object... if I could do the starter kit I still would because instead of spending $20 on second chance and then $200 on the wholesale, I would spend the $100 now and then the inventory order later....

unless I needed color and other items right away and money was an object.. then I would do the second chance now and place the inventory order and have everything I needed. (down the road if a starter kit was ever desired - it could be obtained at that time).

Now was that confusing enough??

Have a great day everyone!! Last day of January... Ready to Rock February and Valentine's Day.....

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