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April Promotion for New Consultants


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Spring is a chance for new beginnings and rejuvenation after a long winter sleep. What a great time to offer your customers the opportunity to start a Mary Kay® business and at the same time rejuvenate your own with the April Team-Building Promotion!

•Independent Beauty Consultants whose Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is received and accepted by the Company from April 1-30, 2011 can start a Mary Kay® business for only $50 (plus shipping, handling and tax). She will receive the complete Starter Kit† for $50 (plus shipping, handling and tax) and there is no order requirement to receive the $50 Starter Kit.

Plus, an Independent Beauty Consultant whose Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is received and accepted by the Company between April 1-30, 2011 can qualify to receive one of the following:

•A $150 credit on her initial* Section 1 wholesale product order of $1,800** or more (excluding shipping, handling and tax).

•A $75 credit on her initial* Section 1 wholesale product order of $600** but less than $1,800 (excluding shipping, handling and tax).

•A $50 credit on her initial* Section 1 wholesale product order of $400** but less than $600 (excluding shipping, handling and tax).

* The qualifying initial order must be submitted by May 31, 2011 to be eligible for the credit. The credit amount will not apply to any subsequent orders. The $75 and $150 credit amount is in addition to the Ready, Set, Sell product bonus!

** Sales tax is required on the suggested retail value of all Section 1 products.

†The $50 Starter Kit is only available to Independent Beauty Consultants who meet the requirements as stated above and is not available for purchase separately by current independent sales force members.


  1. I think the price break is a good thing, but what I'm already seeing in my unit is a renewed frenzy to recruit every woman that has an extra $50 laying around - or maybe not even.

    I just saw on my director's website a how-to document for '0 to director in 4 months.' On the bottom, it says: "Take an extra month if you need it, but fast is best!"

    I have not the eloquence nor the actual words to express how distasteful I find this. My area apparently promotes building houses of cards - for most people, there's only one way that's going to end.

    Disclaimer: I'm not saying you can't be ethical and effective while building fast. I'm just saying based on my experience, you need to love the product first, understand it second, be able to book, sell, book, sell, book, sell third, recruit women who will actually be a good fit and build a strong team fourth, and then get into directorship only after you have a solid foundation.


  2. I said to my unit members and on a training call... please respect our business and remember we are not in the business of selling the starter kit. often I do not think people look long term when doing something. If someone has had a spark of interest in becoming a consultant or perhaps because of the deal ponder the thought of actual even piddling with mk, good, great, go for it... but many of these consultants (and directors) are calling great clients and telling them what a "awesome" deal it is.. so..... lots of people buy the starter kit,with no intent of ever placing an order... no one makes and profit on the sale of the starter kit but there will be at least $200 worth of product that the client will now not need to buy from her consultant which would have earned her approx 50% ---
    so many are going to end up with a large team of nobody doing anything and 4, 9 or 13% of zero is still zero.. My belief has always been to train my consultants how to make money in this business, so I am excited about the promotion, but I will not be adding an abundance of new consultants this month. To me if they want to try MK - I don't think $50 would have prevented someone from trying before.
    Just my two cents, for me it has made a difference for two of my potentials because they were seriously thinking about it anyway and one former consultant decided to come back, but she contacted me.

  3. i became a consultant because of this price break. $50 (62.28 with shipping and michigan state tax) is an affordable option for me to start my own mary kay business, as there are other expenses involved also, such as the business kit, business cards, etc.

    i think that this is a great promotion for those who are interested, but i don't think anyone should join if they are feeling pressured. especially if they don't plan on doing anything!

  4. Welcome, Jenn!

    I just had kind of a random thought - anybody, feel free to chime in:

    How much of being a consultant is related to confidence and self esteem? Honestly, I didn't have a lot going in, and it was part of the reason I joined. I was hoping that learning about makeup and improving my skin would make me more comfortable with my appearance. It did help some, but I'm wondering if having confidence in the way you look makes you better able to 'market' to others.

    Just a thought...

  5. Good for you Jenn! This is a business that comes with a magnificant marketing plan. The resources are all there for your to explore and put to great use. However, you do need guidance. Everyone needs to be guided through the beginnings of this journey. Afterall, it is not your own product and you are adopting the concept and ethics of the business. If your director is offering you training or guidance, take full advantage of it. Use the InTouch site as much as you can. There is a lot to discover and learn. Have fun with it too. It's very exciting. Have faith in yourself that you can make it work and never fear or doubt. You signed the agreement for a reason none other than you believe it will be of benefit in your life.

    In response to Mkmommy, confidence has a lot to do with HOW you apply yourselve in the business. Self-esteem will be a driver to HOW MUCH you apply yourself and determine your purpose in it.
    Very important that I learned is to fully emerse yourself in the product. Wear it all. It took me some time to fully switch to all MK products because when I signed the agreement I wasn't out of a lot of the products that I were currently using. I was not a Mary Kay customer.
    If you wear the products and like them you will then believe in them and that alone will give you the confidence to honestly talk about the products and teach women how to use it, which ultimately sells it once it's on their face and they feel/see differences.


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