Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Replacement

Great question from one of our members, good information for all.

Here's another question for anybody: I've looked on InTouch and haven't found anything yet...
Does the product replacement work for the consultant too. If I take a lipstick for personal use and the color looks terrible on me, can I do a product replacement? Technically, I'm a customer. I pay the business when I take something. What do you think? (the reason I ask is I just did that with a lipstick that isn't a good shade for me - I thought it would be).

The Company policy is no, the product replacement plan is for customers buying from us at retail. (I also agree with the opinion that as consultants {as long as it isn't abused and of course there would be the problem} that we should have the same satisfaction guarentee as our clients but it is not so.

I would suggest that if any consultant wants to try something new, if there is a sample available for it, to try the sample first.

I don't know if this concern has ever been brought up with the Company and I am sure there are many that have found their way around the system. But that is the policy.

Anyone heading for Career Conference? Let's hear some feedback from any of you that attend!

Have a great weekend everyone!

(and I still will get around to scripts for calling from leads one of these days!)


  1. Thanks for answering! Good to know!

  2. I actually didn't realize that. I've replaced stuff using my own name on the form when it caused a reaction on my skin. No one ever commented on the fact that the name on the form was mine, so I didn't think anything about it. Now I feel guilty--I honestly didn't realize I was doing anything wrong--especially since it went through without a hitch!

  3. I don't think you need to feel you know! :)


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