Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Question from one of our Readers

Our readers asked me:
Hi, I came across your blog on Mary kay and find it very helpful. I have a quick question that I could not find an answer to... Other than the inventory we purchase, are there any other fees of any kind? Monthly fees of any sort? And, are we REQUIRED to go to meetings?
Thanks so much for your help

My reply:
Hi Balanced Reader, yes there are other types of fees but many of them are optional. There would be meeting fees, every unit is different, at mine, we do not have a fee but most of them that I know of have one- usually a few bucks.

When you need more supplies, demos, cotton balls, Color 101 Look Cards, samples, etc... (Section 2 supplies on the order form for the most part)

If you want to go to any conventions or special workshops, etc, there may/will be a charge associated with them. Prices vary except if they are MK sponsored event.

If you choose to participate in the PCP Preferred Customer Program quarterly the Company will send the Look book to your clients with a "gift with purchase offer" there is a fee per name associated with that.

If you would like to have your marykay website there is an annual charge for that but new consultants receive a 50% discount so it is only $25 for the first year and if you choose to use propay for credit card processing there is an annual fee for that. (All these charges are reasonable and going outside MK, are usually far more expensive)

(Business cards, labels, etc... would be another expense) - all in all the majority of extra "expenses" are very afforable and the majority of them - optional.

I am sure I may have missed a few but those are the ones I can think of right away.

there is no fee to remain a consultant monthly like a dues but one does have to place one minimum wholdsale order a year to remain a consultant in order not have have to rejoin.

Meetings are not mandatory, but helpful.

Hope this helps some and I am going to move this to the front page because perhaps others will appreciate your questions.

Thank you again!!

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