Saturday, December 18, 2010

Need a chuckle??

This is really too funny!! But it is real... I bopped on ebay to check out GPS prices and was browsing around... now... if this sells... I will be looking at all empties, lol... and s/h was $3.92.


Item condition: Used
Price: US $14.95

You are bidding on this VINTAGE ANGELFIRE COLOGNE SPRAY MPTY PERFUME BOTTLE by MARY KAY. The bottle is EMPTY, but still has some perfume residue inside. It originally held 1.75 fl oz. It is a spray bottle. The bottle is in good condition, but needs to be cleaned. The bottle measures about 5 3/4" tall. A great addition for any perfume bottle collection. A nice gift for any perfume bottle collector. I have acquired over 500 perfume bottles, both full size and miniatures, which I will be listing. Check back often, as it will take me a while to list each and every one of the bottles that I have acquired.

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