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Guest Article - The Benefits of Distance Education in Cosmetology

Hi everyone,

I was recently contacted by Jameson Carney, a "20-something, make-up artist and culture fanatic from the mid-west", who expressed an interest in writing an article for Balanced Mary Kay.  A dialog began between us and the result was the following article.

Here, Jameson presents and excellent argument for, and brief description of, gaining a degree in cosmetology as a means of enhancing a Mary Kay business.  For those that complain that Mary Kay does not train enough, this presents a wonderful way of being proactive in enhancing your own knowledge base.

Jameson, thank you so much for your interest and informative article. 


The Benefits of Distance Education in Cosmetology

Although distance education is often lauded as being a cheaper, more convenient way to earn a certification or degree, it often seems impractical to study certain fields, such as cosmetology. While practical experience makes up a large amount of cosmetology training, there are still plenty of benefits that one in this field can gain from studying online.

Prepare for Your Licensing Exam

A license is often required for careers in the field of cosmetology and in order to obtain your license you must complete a written and practical exam. Distance education allows you to take courses designed to help you refresh your knowledge of cosmetology before taking your licensing exam. These refresher courses are short and can be completed in your spare time, making it easier to juggle your professional life with your education.

How Cosmetology Courses Work Online

It is also possible for an aspiring cosmetologist to receive his or her certification solely through online courses. Cosmetology schools online use video instructions to help demonstrate techniques to students while simultaneously teaching cosmetology theory. What an online cosmetology program lacks in practical experience in makes up for in price and convenience, however students are encouraged to seek out additional hands-on training via apprenticeship or internship programs if possible. If you do decide to study cosmetology online, be sure to stick to an accredited school so there are no issues down the road.

Get Into the Business of Cosmetology

The best benefit that distance education can offer you is the opportunity to advance your
career into a management position or help you start up your own salon or other business in the field of cosmetology. While beauty school might teach you how to properly style hair, apply makeup or perform nail work, you won't learn any of the business aspects of the beauty and cosmetic industry. Distance education makes it possible for you to study entrepreneurship, business administration or management in your spare time while you attend cosmetology school or after you have begun to work in the industry.
The field of cosmetology also extends beyond salons and stylists and includes those that supply these salons and their customers with their beauty supplies. Mary Kay has thrived as a company for 44 years by allowing those with a passion for cosmetology and an entrepreneurial spirit to do what they love for a living by giving them the means to start their own business. While many Mary Kay representatives find great success in their work, there are also those who struggle at first to find their customer base.

There are several online programs that can help you to become a better salesperson and business owner. Through online marketing courses you can learn how to advertise your product and learn strategies on how to attract potential customers. Online entrepreneurial programs give you the training you need to learn all of the aspects of starting up and running your own business. Taking courses in financing through distance education can help you to learn how to create a budget and file taxes for your business. You could even study biology, chemistry and dermatology courses to learn more about the components of cosmetics and beauty products and how they help to reduce the signs of aging, conceal blemishes and clear up skin.

Whether you decide to attend one of the accredited online cosmetology schools or pursue business education online, distance education can help you to achieve your career goals without having to pay high tuition fees or work classes into your busy schedule. Courses and tests are administered online at a schedule that is the most convenient for you, whether that's early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Really though, the best aspect of distance education is the ability to take classes on cosmetology without having to change out of your pajamas, comb your hair or put on makeup.

Jameson Carney is a 20-something, make-up artist and culture fanatic from the mid-west. In his free time you will find him traveling the world and advocating for online education.


Balanced readers, please welcome Jameson and leave a comment or question for him.



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    Also, the links were not working. Those are repaired.

    I know it is Christmas guys, but any thoughts or encouragements for Jameson?

  2. First, Jameson, thank you for your time and contributing, second... soon as I have a second, I am looking forward to reading this post.. but alas, it has been crazier than crazy around here. Will read it soon!

  3. I can definitely consider cosmetology license as one of the best ways that you gain success with your career. With it, people will trust you more and through the continuing education required for it, you will learn about the new technology or technique in the field that you can use for your business.

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