Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's November & Christmas is Coming!!

Where does the time go? It feels like we just started 2010 and here we are in November already. So.... do we have to "adjust" the way we do things this time of year? My answer is "yes". Actually if you wait too much longer, you probably find yourself not doing much Mary Kay over the holidays. Not only can we have great Holiday Open Houses, but we can be booking for Holiday Party Glamour and even booking out past the new year with a "New Look for a New Year". But if you wait until mid December, it will tougher to get the bookings.

If you are out of leads, in our area from October thru Christmas, all over there are Holiday Craft Fairs. These events very reasonably priced so it is a great place to set up a Mary Kay table and do a drawing where people can register for a complimentary skin care presentation and color appointment. When doing these events, beside a display of our products, I also put together a few gift ideas for display only (we can not sell our products at this type of event, but we can take orders if someone does not have a consultant or book them for an appointment or follow up at a later date.

It might be hard to tell how well you did at any of these events until you follow up. Two weeks ago, I did a Holiday Home Party Business Expo. The event cost me $25 for my spot and was only 4 hours long. The event coordinator had not advertised heavily enough and there were several other events going on the same day so turnout was extremely low. I only ended up with three leads, I am sure many may have been extremely disappointed with only 3 leads but.........
of the three I have held appointments with two of them and both first sales were over $100 and both started on the skin care and plan on staying with it, and one introduced me to her husband and handed him my card and told him since he never knew what to get her for Christmas, to just give me a call because I had a "VERY LONG"
Wish List and 2 days later called and ordered several more pieces that we had ried at her appointmetn). So for a few hours (and fun with the other vendors) I would say that it was certainly worth my time. And every time my new clients reorder, I will continue to be "paid" for my time.

So share with your clients how you can assist them in their holiday shopping and you can help make sure she gets items off her wish list items, and you can offer to make sure that everyone has a great look for any Holiday parties that they may be attending, and get those "New Year, New Look NEW Year" appointments on the books!!

More to come on getting thru this time of the year but hopefully this has given you a few ideas to run with!!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Men's Shave Cream with koozie and stocking cap... cute stocking stuffers - and they can pick here favorite teams!!

  2. Where do you find those koozies?

  3. ugg... I can't remember the name of the Company but we found them on line - will try and find them.. but try a google search!

  4. that is actually how we found them last year.


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