Friday, November 5, 2010

Interesting - Allison Lamar & Bellamora

I must admit this is pretty interesting, I guess either her vision to be a motivational speaker didn't work quite as well as she hoped or this was in the works before she left Mary Kay and that was her reason for leaving because the money must have been very attractive. Allison's title with the Company is Corporate Trainer - interestingly enough... the Company's Values & Principles sound like she just was repeating from her Mary Kay time..

From what I have looked at so far, it is a new direct sale, mlm stye skin care company but it is not cheap. and it's headquarters are in Tampa, Florida

visit and check it out


  1. When you get to be as successful as she has been the word gets out about you and Im sure they offered her a six digit salary. She probably makes extra money selling her wares on her digging deeper site and her facebook fan base which is HUGE! Since she is in corporate banking she made so much money with Mary Kay that Im sure she saved it. A while back someone on PT said they know her real estate person and she is far from broke. I wish her well. I think she is doing the internet tv thing and charging for that, her track record and her youth would land her any job if she needed to go back to corporate america.

  2. good grief! I went to the website and its nice packaging but it is very expensive. This product is not going to cater to the budget of the average women MK and other companies have nothing to worry about right now. I can see why they recruited Allison as a corporate trainer. The only thing that might sink this company is that they put the consumer on autoship which means that a certain amount of money comes out from your debit or checking account every month.
    I saw this on a blog of someone who did some investigation and that might be a problem in this economy right now. I wish them well but this stuff is so pricey I cant seem them coming out of the ground running in 6 months.


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