Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warning to All Consultants!

Here we go again!! Please be cautious and always remember,"if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". The fake orders are starting again. I heard from the Company today-there is another scam/hoax order situation going on. They said the names vary but many of the addresses have been in Michigan. They are using the Customer Delivery Service. Just because they use a credit card and it doesn't decline, doesn't mean it is a "real" order. The credit card could be stolen and you will be out if Propay doesn't catch it! It is sad that this happens but there are alot of dishonest people in this world willing to pray on an excited consultant.. With all the consultants around the Country, most clients look for consultants close to them so please, please, please, protect yourself!


  1. Hi!
    Found this blog a couple of months ago as I starte working with MK here in Sweden.
    I'm actually trying to start up a similar blog in Swedish since I did did miss that before I started and just wanted to know eeverything there was to know.
    I do have a problem with one think in my MK and that is to find new customers. So I would live it if you would share a bunch of marketing ideas!

    And if it's ok with you I'll post them on my blog with a link to this one.


    1. Ok I don't suck at english it's my phone messing it up for me and I didn't read it through haha;)

  2. Hello again everybody,

    As most of you know, I started with a monster inventory when I was only going to do MK part time. Now that it's summer and school's out, I've been working really hard at my business.

    However, it's been about 3 years since I joined, which means I have expired products. 8 miracle sets is only one example; that's going to hurt. Any advice on how to go through everything and pick out the old stuff and how to start over. The numbers are going to be very discouraging, and I'm starting to get very angry with myself all over again for being so naive in the beginning and letting my director talk me into a 'full wagon.'

    Any advice, comments, encouragement, or suggestions welcome and appreciated.

  3. Everything except the items with active ingredients in them (ie: sunscreens, blemish control toners, acne treatment gels) are probably still good.. One suggest however on the other stuff that has been hanging around since the beginning is if you have any clients on that particular item, tell them you are trying to move product before it starts getting old and replace with new product and offer them a fair discount on it. (what woman doesn't love a sale?) If you have no one of the item, perhaps do a small open house for your client base and do a discount on the items you want to move only.. I realize you won't be making much profit, however you can take that money and buy product that you can move and sell at retail. People will be more willing to try something that they may not try at full price.

    If you can't get many to your event, perhaps write up a sheet that list what you have and the "sale" price and send it to your clients with quantities limited and items will be first come first serve.

    I hope this helps a little bit!

  4. Thanks for the advice, mk4me!

    So basically the color is fine, and all the TW and supplements need to be tossed. Is that what I'm hearing?

    I will absolutely do that! Good ideas!

  5. No, only sunscreen items and items containing sunscreen (such as tintd moisturizer), blemish control toners, and acne treatment gels... they have ingredients that carry an expiration date. most everything else should be fine :)

  6. Really? So besides the three you said, the Day Solution is the only other thing I can think of. Oh, and the tinted lip balms.

    Thanks so much for your help! I feel so much better! What 'is' the expiration date for everything else then?

  7. You got it, and you are welcome, it varies but the Company says at least 3 years... most is usually good longer. (If kept in a climate controlled environment) of course, but let's sell that stuff and you won't have to worry about it :) right? :)
    I would def. pitch after 5 years.


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