Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Career Car Changes!!

Update: Mary Kay Career Car Program
Published 08.10.12

The Chevy Malibu, the car option currently offered to Grand Achiever qualifiers and requalifiers, has been redesigned for 2013, and with that redesign comes a significant price increase. So, effective October 2012, we’re changing the car reward option for Grand Achievers from the Chevy Malibu to the Chevy Cruze sedan. The cash compensation option remains the same, up to $375 per month. All other Grand Achiever requirements and guidelines remain the same, and there are no changes to Cadillac or Premier Club.

Although this transition means a smaller car, we’re excited to tell you that the Cruze comes with equipment upgrades you’ve never seen on a Grand Achiever car. Check out the specs and our list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for all of the details on!

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