Friday, February 3, 2012

Protect Yourself & the Company

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!!

We can all get all excited and say things we don't mean... as in I just "won" my MK car.. when Mary Kay always said, you "earned your use" of the Company car. Yes, for most it is understood, you didn't win it in a raffle but if someone wants to be techincal or nit picky, it is best not to misrepresnt anything about our business or the Company... here are a few "do's" versus "don't's" from our site.. Always good to know these things.

Don’t say this: >>>>>>>>>> When you mean this:

Win a free car
or company car ..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Earn the use of a Career Car

Go into
management ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....Move up the career path

Job ... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Mary Kay “business” or “opportunity”

Pay raises ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....Give yourself a raise

Training ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....Education

Paycheck ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Commission check

Salary ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Commissions

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but I happened to see that a bunch of the limited edition items for the upcoming catalogue (not this one) are on eBay. I thought we couldn't do that? Doesn't that hurt other consultants?


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